TMS Health Solutions Brings Holistic Mental Health Treatment Options

Good mental health is highly important in achieving the goals of life and making the life happier. But, a large number of mental health issues are often neglected by people and put the affected individuals in danger. This situation is high when it comes to depression as a large number of people are not being treated on-time to cure their conditions. Depression also keeps people isolated as they face significant challenges in keeping their social life active, and many times, the condition takes the life of the affected individuals. Due to that, the on-time, expert treatment for the condition is compulsory for every affected individual.

When it comes to San Francisco, TMS Health Solutions is providing scientific and proven treatment solutions to various mental health conditions. The highly experienced and expert specialists of TMS Health Solutions ensure that all of its patients are fully recovering from their conditions, irrespective of it is chronic or occasional. The general depression condition, which is clinically known as Major Depressive Disorder or MDD, is experienced by nearly 15% of the people in the United States during their adulthood. TMS has devised treatment plans based on medication, talk therapy, or other types of treatment options. The network considers various aspects of the patient, including their background, age, causes of the conditions, and more, and make a personalized approach to get quick and efficient results.

The clinic network offers personalized care and classifies different types of depressions to give the accurate treatment fitting to the needs of the patients. For instance, Treatment-Resistant Depression or TRD is a specific condition of depression that cannot be cured by normal treatment solutions and need specific solutions. For such unique situations, the clinic network has developed a proven treatment method called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS. With thousands of recovered patient data, the TMS therapy can be defined as highly effective and proven.

Interestingly, the clinic network is a premier provider of TMS therapy services in Northern California for people struggling with TRD. While coming to the therapy, it offers two times better results compared to the antidepressant medications. The medical practitioners suggest a combination of medications and TMS for MDD conditions and make the patients returned to their active life. If that does not work, the practitioners offer the advanced version of the therapy like Electroconvulsive therapy. During the ECT treatment, minor impulses of electric current are made to pass through the brain of the patient and create the relief.

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