The mighty Real Estate Agent Tammy Mazzocco.

As a glamorous secretary at the commercial real estate firm, Tammy Mazzocco reincarnated her passion of becoming a real estate agent. She adopted the idea throughout the period she has worked with her manager at The Ewards Realty Company who also participated as a Real estate broker.

She went further and acquired a license in the year 1995. She cited during a Facebook live interview that; doing a lot of research and brainstorming activities helped her achieve a lot in her career planning. To stay healthy and steady every day, she begins her day by doing light exercise and meditations before opening her emails for chats.

However, the nature of her job as real estate agent impresses her most. Just by interacting with her clients face facing make her sales higher. Tammy Mazzocco also accepts the fact that her greatest challenge initially was how to communicate with the clients. She felt shy about this, but through determination and focus, she managed to overcome these constraints.

To achieve this, Tammy Mazzocco decided to set her goals and broke it according to the number of the period she intended to make them. Furthermore, she is a goal oriented entrepreneur who not only believes in making a lot of profits out of the sales but also is determined to offer quality service to her clients.

Just as any other business, she accepts that real estate agency is too sealed with various financial risks and challenges. However, she firmly believes that the formulation of proper mitigation strategies should be placed to avoid excessive losses. Some of the books she considers reading to motivate her, even more, include, “ life strategies” by Doctor Phil.

In her present career, Tammy Mozzocco is an active member of Judy Gang & Associate an organization based in central Ohio. Throughout her practice, Tammy Mozzocco has managed to score a higher mark on her marketing profile.

She is the only female agent considered to have scored a five-star rating and 100% positive reviews in Google from her clients regarding customer care service. It has by far boosted her sale, even more, leading to better profits. Recently, she managed to execute a mega sale of property worth $ 351,900 in three major counties.

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