The Brown Modeling Agency Moves Into Austin

Brown Modeling Agency has been around for many years and they have produced some of the top models in history. They are always looking for fresh, new faces to put into their clientele list and they have recently been looking at Austin, Texas for models. The company believes that there is a lot of talent, both in modeling and in fashion design, in Austin and have put on a fashion show to showcase this talent. The show was an instant hit and they have been able to feature some of the designs in other shows they have put together. The models they used in the show were all from the Austin area and the Brown Agency has signed a few of them on. Representatives of the company have stated that they believe that Austin is an up and coming area in the fashion industry.




The Brown Agency works with many designers all over the world and their models have been recognized as the best in the business. Their models work in fashion shows, commercials and print media. The company can also provide actors for television and stage. The recent move into the Austin, Texas area has expanded their base list of talent and they are looking to go even further. Many new models and actors have applied to their agency for representation in the hopes that the agency can use them and have their career go higher. The company employs many people who have been able to find the best in the business. You can visit their Instagram page.


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