Talos Energy As A Top Workplace – The Experience

Talos Energy is a winner of the Top Workplace award for six consecutive years stating 2013 to 2018. It is an award given to employers that provide a conducive work environment for their workers where they feel appreciated, valued and offered good benefits for their high performance. Top workplaces are also where workers opinion is heard. Talos Energy dedication to growing a business that is dedicated to oil and natural gas exploration makes it focus on supporting and rewarding the workers who have been the key influencing factor of its success.

It is a company that considers its employees as valuable resources, therefore offering them the best possible treatment. The employees work in various positions such as corporate, engineering, drilling among other position that relates to the exploration of oil and natural gas. The workers operate from various locations of Talos Energy such as in its headquarters in Houston, or from the fields in Gulf of Mexico or in Louisiana.

Among the support workers receive from the company is access to state of the art equipment, technologies, and data that facilitates in enhancing levels of productivity. The workers’ safety and good health are also crucial to the company and these are also part or of its core values. Workers are required to follow the set safety procedures for the promotions of an accident-free environment.

The workers are a priority to the company, which is unlike other companies where making profits is the main issue of concern. The management of the company understands that the well being of the workers is directly related to performance. If workers are happy, then profits would be a non-issue. More so, the workers are offered competitive benefits to enhance their job satisfaction which also assists is keeping the rate of employees turnovers down.

Talos Energy is also a socially responsible company that supports environmental sustainability by practicing safe methods that protect the environment. The drilling methods do not cause harm to the ecosystem. Further, each employer is offered $500 annually to use in a non-profit initiative they see fit. It is a strategy that not only benefits the public but also the employees and the company

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