David McDonald Runs an American Dream

Long before David McDonald joined OSI, the company was the American Dream for immigrant Otto Kolschowsky, who began the first iteration of it all the way back in 1909. Within two decades, business was booming and Otto Kolschowsky renamed it Otto & Sons, which it kept for a little while longer.

But in 1955, because Ray Kroc was about to open the very first McDonald’s, and he and the two Kolschowsky brothers had made an agreement that Otto & Sons would supply all the ground beef. Within a few years, Kroc bought out the restaurant and the name from the McDonald’s family, and McDonald’s as we know it shot off like a rocket. Otto & Sons hung on for dear life as supplying the needs of McDonald’s rapidly became their chief task. This would be the last time a McDonald individual was attached to the company even peripherally until 1987.

In the 1960s, scientific breakthroughs led to the discovery of flash freezing, and in 1973, Otto & Sons built its very first plant solely dedicated to supplying McDonald’s with its prerequisite hamburger meat. Two years later, Otto & Sons officially changed its name to OSI Industries, and by 1980, OSI had officially broken out of US borders, settling in Germany and Spain.

Finally, David McDonald joined OSI as a Project Manager in 1987, with the primary job of expanding OSI. In the next few decades, David McDonald had helped pave the way into several countries, all while bolstering the strength of the company inside its birthplace. In 2010, OSI reached into Japan, and finally it turned to look at Europe and Canada, buying the Dutch Baho Food in 2016, a move that excited both David McDonald and John Balvers, who pointed out that OSI had a excellent relationship with both customers and investors.

Even though David McDonald has attained the lofty title of President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI, none of that should be taken to think he doesn’t have a life outside it. He got married in 1991, has six great children, and loves his community.

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