Success Academy has Impacted the Field of Education

Eva Sarah Moskowitz is the creator of Success Academy. This charter school’s first building was opened in 2006 under the name of the Harlem Success Academy. Moskowitz worked closely within the field of education all of her life. During that time, she discovered the need to create a high-quality education institution that would teach disadvantaged children and help them to be successful in life.


In 2017, Success Academy has 34 buildings inside of the New York City area. They also have an online platform that is used to teach students as well. Moskowitz does not have any plans to expand outside of the city.


The teachers at Success Academy work hard to educate the students that attend this institution. They are closely monitored by the administrative staff and by test scores. If they can get their children to perform well; they will be promoted. If not, they will be demoted.


Traditionally, the test scores for students has been high for the students in attendance at this academy. Apparently, the teachers at Success have been doing a great job with instructing students. Overall, very few of them have been reprimanded for poor performance.


Success Academy ensures that elementary, middle school and high school students are achieving great things. They equip these students with the ting they need to stay competitive within the world education and that they are prepared for college. This school makes it a point to close the gap for minority students who are struggling within society.


Even if the students do not go on to college or continue their education career with Success Academy; they will be prepared. They will have the tools to finish the rest of their education at other schools and they will be ready to take on the job market as a worker with a high school diploma behind them.


The point is, that Success Academy prepares students to be the best they can be for where they are at in life. Success Academy schools are considered among the best charter schools in the U.S. Educators all over the country inquire about their achievements.

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