Securus, Expanding The Company For The Better

Securus Technology has announced that they have recently purchased GovPayNet. This is a really exciting time for both companies. Together the company will now be able to bring into about 50 million different payments annually. For Securus, this means that they are now able to provide their customers with more quality services. Securus has accomplished one of their goals which is to continue to expand and provide their customers with a variety of quality services. Securus Technology has received an amazing rating from the BBB already. Securus has been able to maintain their amazing reputation because the company has core values in place that helps them be the best.


One of Securus’ core values is the promise to always tell the truth to their customers. Securus also promises to be transparent with all of their customers. Transparency helps the business go along way and it is positive for business practices. This way there won’t be any surprises about the business that is being conducted. The company also promises that they will build trust with each of their customers by providing them with nothing but the best services. Securus is a company that keeps all information that they receive confidential and private. Securus also always promises to advertise their services accurately and honest.


All of these standards is what has helped Securus maintain their big consumer base. Since Securus has purchased GovPayNet, there customer base is now just going to grow larger and larger. Securus is proud of all of the work that they have done throughout the years and they are also proud of everything that they have accomplished. Robert Pickens is the Chief Officer of Securus and he made an announcement to describe how happy he is about this achievement. He looks forward to everything this business opportunity has to bring.


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