San Diego’s Dr. Mark Mofid Gets Behind the Safety and Aesthetics of Beautiful Bottoms.

After decades of the thin, hollow, waifish look, women are finding joy in embracing and enhancing their curves and now women everywhere are able to enjoy and flaunt a pronounced and rounded bottom. For those not endowed with a gloriously pert backside there are many options available to create the perfect bum, including surgical implants and augmentation provided by experienced plastic surgeons like San Diego’s Dr. Mark Mofid.
Painstaking and highly detailed Dr. Mark Mofid will take the overall body profile into consideration when enhancing a derriere. His mathematical precision in body ratio ensures that a new bottom will not seem unnatural or look out of proportion. Keeping his eye upon the body changes that occur within the normal aging process and adjusting his techniques accordingly, Dr. Mark Mofid works to craft a curvy but natural looking behind, one that will continue to look great for years to come. Adding to his commitment to aesthetics the graduate of Harvard and John Hopkins Dr. Mark Mofid designed, with Implantech, a low profile round gluteal implant that offers the perfect shape, will provide a beautiful silhouette and attractive lift.
The safety and comfort of his patients is of the utmost importance. Dr. Mark Mofid and his staff provide comprehensive pre and post operative care for patients and Dr. Mark Mofid has actively addressed the rare complication of fat embolisms that have occured during gluteal augmentation surgeries, developing a task force and reaching out to other surgeons with his findings. Safety first has consistently been Dr. Mark Mofid’s philosophy, and as such, Dr. Mark Mofid will always consider and mitigate risks associated with surgery, providing his patients security and a comfortable experience.
Certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid also a faculty member of the University of California San Diego’s Division of Plastic Surgery. His dedication to the science of augmentation and reconstruction in addition to his commitment to patient safety has made San Diego’s Dr. Mark Mofid a wonderful asset to add to one’s beauty arsenal.


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