Rocketship Education, Building More Great Schools!

A new Rocketship Education elementary school is opening in DC and the community, parents, and administrators of Rocketship Education couldn’t have been more happier. About five years ago, Rocketship Education was granted permission for the district to have eight different locations open. This was very exciting for Rocketship Education and they have been building brand new schools for their future students to attend in the future. The school is not yet completed; however, everyone was been preparing ahead for the exciting opening of the facility. Rocketship Education has been around for a little over ten years. This school chain is dedicated to proving quality education in urban areas where quality education typical does not exist. This school chain has been every successful. They have an unique approach to giving education to children and it has been working for everyone.

With the new school opening, Rocketship Education has involved the parents in every way that they can so that they can have the best school possible. Rocketship Education is a school that has strong beliefs on keeping the parents heavily involved in their child’s education and with the teachers and administrators if the school. Parents are always invited to come it to the school and check on their kids when ever, have the teacher’s phone numbers and emails to communicate, and have one and ones with the teachers as well.

Since parents are so heavily involved with interacting with the teachers for their child’s education, Rocketship Education has allowed parents to interview possible teachers for the new school opening in DC. So far there are only two parents conducting the interviews for the school. These parents were very honored to volunteer themselves and do this. Parents are experts and knowing what children need. This interview technique will ensure that the school has the best teachers when the school does open. For these candidates , they will be required to pass interviews with the parents and with the school as well. If one interview is not passed, then the candidates will not be offered the job. This is great for the school, parents, and students!

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