Revolutionizing Hair – Wen By Chaz

Women put a lot of attention on their hair. From shampooing and conditioning to styling and ensuring it is healthy and vibrant. Many women look for help in the best way to keep naturally healthy hair. Today we will walk through some general guidelines for women’s hair care.

Over washing women’s hair is a typical issue. Washing your hair two or three times a week is plenty. Too much washing removes naturals oils which in turn makes your scalp produce more oils creating a greasy scalp. This issue of over washing is found with many women and usually creates the need to wash your hair daily because of the oils it creates. It’s a vicious cycle.

Women love hot showers but your hair does not. The hot water can create breakage due to stress and also leads to more tangles than necessary. While shampooing in the shower it is necessary to use the right amount based on the thickness of your hair. Ensure that the shampoo is reaching the scalp through a good massage which also increases blood flow leading to healthier hair.

Conditioning of the hair can be confusing. Many different methods are out there telling you how to get the most benefit out of your conditioner. One method is to towel dry your hair before adding the conditioner. Also different than shampoo the conditioner should target the ends of the hair and the scalp.

Wen products are revolutionizing the hair beauty industry. Looking at removing several steps with the shampooing and many different types of conditioning to create a one all around product that covers everything. The results have been superb leading to hair being moisturized more and a brighter shine. If you haven’t tried Wen by Chaz Dean, yet take a look. You won’t be disappointed.

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How Mike Baur is changing lives

Mike Baur is an experienced individual who have worked at the Swiss Banking Industry, Clariden Leu and UBS for more than twenty years. This has provided him with great insight on how banking and financial system works. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 at the age of thirty-nine together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. He was already involved in funding several startups in his homeland before he ventured into Swiss StartUp Factory.

Mike Baur is a diverse person and has served as the Chief Executive Officer of ScanSource Inc as well as being nominated as the Deputy Managing Director at the ICT in January this year. He has been involved as the judge of startup idea competitions all around the world. He was one of the jury members at the START Summit, a startup pitching competition at St. Gallen University. Mike Baur’s chief area of interest lies in Accounting and Finance and the interest only grew stronger as he grew up pursuing it with one of a kind passion.

Right after finishing his MBA at the university of Rochester and then his executive MBA from the University of Bern, it was clear to all his professors that he has destined for greater things in life. Mike Baur invests in ideas that are brought to him by passionate teams and individuals and provide them with what they would require to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavours. Swiss Startup Factory is one of the major privately funded information and communication technology accelerators in Zurich. This is to be contacted by people not only in and around Zurich but from elsewhere in the world.

Mike Baur is an active speaker at the world web forums Investor panel. After judging startup competitions, he goes further by mentoring them about the industry and how startup paraphernalia co-exist. He runs a three-month long accelerator program at the heart of Zurich during which he is involved in product polishing, market determination and expansion.

Since his early childhood, he has continually shown the zeal to help others achieve their dreams. He takes pride from aiding youths to develop into successful individuals. He has a platform where each and every person from any place in the world can send their idea and if it is viable enough, he will contact and help your business mature. He has been awarded several honours due to his kind personality.

Squaw Valley Addresses Water Concerns in New Statement

Holiday vacation plans may have been changed following reports that the water supply at Squaw Valley may contain traces of E. coli and coliform. The public was first alerted to the potential contamination from a report published by the Placer County Department of Environmental Health ban in early November.

Since these findings were made known to the guests and residents in the area Squaw Valley has taken steps to remedy the situation with their water supply, representatives state. According to those same sources, Squaw Valley is seeing steady results thanks to those efforts. Squaw Valley has stated that of the four wells that provide drinking water in the upper mountain region, only three have any lingering traces of E. coli and coliform. The low levels that were initially detected have been steadily lowered and continually decline as treatment continues, said the Director of the Placer County Department of Environmental Health, Wesley Nicks.

To date there haven’t been any reported incidents of guests tot he resort falling ill due to drinking water. However, Squaw Valley has taken steps to ensure that their guests are secure in the confidence that the resort is safe. As the water wells are continued to be treated, restaurants have been closed until the Department of Environmental Health gives the results to the resort, stating that the water is safe to drink. While the resort is restricted in its use of water, guests are still welcome to enjoy skiing without incident but are asked to provide their own drinking water.

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Following weeks of water treatment of the upper mountain region’s water supply, Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, released a statement to the public about the current state of the drinking water there. The statement itself can be read here.

Keeney also reports that the original contamination had been traced back to water systems in the upper mountain which were affected during heavy rainfall in October. The water systems in question had undergone upgrades at the time and were inundated during those storms, resulting in flooding at Squaw Valley High Camp and Gold Coast. These two points are where the contamination had originated, but Kenney insists that it never spread to other systems and at no point where guests in danger of drinking contaminated water.

As soon as Squaw Valley was made aware of the contamination, treatment of the affected water systems were underway. The contamination was revealed during routine testing, and Squaw Valley immediately made the results known to the Department of Environmental Health. With the proper authorities notified, the resort took steps to restrict water use and begin systematic treatment.

The resort has reassured the public that it remains committed to the continual treatment of water systems until they are determined to contain normal levels of all trace bacteria. Until such time, Gold Coast and High Camp have been restricted in their regular water use. When the conditions of the water supply change the public will be notified through public health officials.

Best Lung Stem Cell Treatment At The Lung Institute.

Lung Institute is dedicated to providing patients with chronic lung diseases with a lasting solution. We have gained world-wide recognition for the application of revolutionary and decent therapies for lung diseases. Vast knowledge and experience of the doctors enable them to guarantee an excellent patient experience, safety, and quality healthcare. Stem cell transplants utilize the autologous stem cells and the platelet-rich plasma to facilitate the healing of the damaged tissues. This stem transplant is aimed at improving the quality of life thus helping patients have a smooth and non-complicated breathing.

At the Lung Institute, patients undergo comprehensive screening and analysis of their health history and the current condition to enable our physicians to establish the best treatments unique to them. Applying the essential maintenance capabilities of stem cells, our doctors withdraw and separate the patient’s stem cell from their blood. When the stem cells are ultimately introduced into the body, they rest in the lungs where they bring about healing. The therapy aims at bringing about a natural healing and preventing inflammation. More about lung diseases and treatment can be found on the Lung Institute website.

The lung institute’s doctor, Jack Coleman, Jr., will present the advantages of the stem cell therapies and the recent trends in the application of the same. The third international congress event will be held to discuss the use of stem cells in today’s treatment and improvement for use in future. Doctor Jack Coleman affirmed that traditional processes of treatment are limiting and are not as effective as stem cell therapy. Stem cell technology is taking over the way things are done in the contemporary medical field.

At our facility, we do stem cell transplant by utilizing the patient’s stem cells and platelet-rich plasma to enhance healing of the damaged tissue. Treatment options available for outpatients involves procedures that improve the quality of life of the patients and help them breathe easily. The stem cells are withdrawn from the body, treated and re-introduced back to the body where they rest in the lungs hastening holistic healing and reduction of inflammation. There is plenty of treatment options available and if you want to know more about them, please contact our patient coordinators and schedule a free consultation.

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Fast Growing EOS balm

For a long time lip balm was just the typical cylindrical tubes with typical flavors. You could only find them in mint or cherry. There was nothing exciting about the typical lip balm. And about 7 years ago, the EOS sphere shaped lip balm started to appear, and before you knew it they were everywhere. They filled the shelves of Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. Even online merchants like Ulta and eBay started selling them too! They were selling these lip balms rapidly.

The founders haven’t spoken about their success until now. They wanted to make something with an emotional connection rather than the typical lip balm. They brought their idea to a buyer from Walgreens and she liked the idea. EOS lip balm was a success with walgreens and started to sell rapidly on the shelves, and then they started to sell at Walmart, and Target.

People everywhere fell in love with this product. Celebrities were even spotted pulling the sphere shaped lip balm balls out of their makeup bags. The pastel colored orbs were suddenly everywhere! Facebook bloggers and beauty editors from Cosmos and Allure were raving about the product, they fell in love with the unique flavors, such as grapefruit and honeydew.

EOS is now a $250 million company. They sell about a million products a week, but they are not stopping there. They now sell hand lotions and shaving cream, and in the future they plan on coming out with new products. They have great things to come! Visit for more info.

Adam Milstein Is a Leader And An Example

There are few people who achieve a high level of influence for others in their culture. However, there are quite a few people who have the dream of being the high level of influence in their culture. Among the people that have truly managed this level of influence is Adam Milstein. He is someone that has actually done a lot for the Jewish people.

He is also continuing to find other ways to bring them to greater levels of success. However, people who are looking to be influential have to wonder what it is about Adam Milstein that makes him so influential among other people.

One thing that doesn’t make a person influential is projecting some image of toughness or coolness. These people who try to influence through showing off are often not taken seriously. To make matters worse, they make themselves the laughing stock if they try too hard to look cool. Instead of influencing people.

They instead become the person who people roll their eyes at. Another thing that does not make people influential is bossiness. People do not gain respect by trying to push others around. Instead, they just gather resentment from people. There are better ways to be of good influence to people.

Adam Milstein is an influence to people because he is honest and real with them. He does not try to project an image. He instead takes the time to look at what is needed in the community and tries to provide to the needs of those in the community. He is one of the generous people in the community. This is one of the reasons that he is considered one of the most influential people in the Jewish community. He is also working towards a goal that is going to bring forth a lot of benefits to the Jewish people.

Norka Luque’s Hit Single Milagro Proves She is a Star

Good singers come and go in the music industry. Only the great singers survive the gurgling schedules and non-stop practice. The music business is a tough nut to crack. Many talented people have tried and failed. There is a certain element needed to become a star. Certainly, a great voice, experience, and the desire to success in spite of all the obstacles are important. But without help from insiders in the music world, many great singers never make it to the top. That’s not the case when people talk about Norka Luque, the 31-year-old Venezuelan beauty that has an unforgettable voice. Luque has all the qualifications, and she has a team of professional singer in her corner that want her to succeed.

Those professionals include Archie Pena, Luigi Giraldo, Hermanos Gaitán, and Emilio Estefan. Emilio is best known for introducing his wife, Gloria Estefan, to the world of Latin music. Gloria rise to the top of the American, European and the Latin charts was not a surprise to Emilio. Emilio feels the same way about Norka Luque. Estefan signed Luque to a record deal after hearing her sing in his Miami studio. In 2011, Luque was nominated for the Latin female vocalist of the year award. When Estefan worked on her second single, Milagro, he knew Norka was a star. Milagro hit the top of the charts in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Norka is one of those artists that has innate talent. That means she sings from her soul. Her records have a touch of soul mixed with a touch of reggae, Caribbean salsa, and an interesting Mediterranean vibe. Norka’s third single, Tomorrowland, shows her powerful range, and her ability to control each note as they flow effortlessly into the air.

When Norka started singing in Venezuela more than 20 years ago, the people that heard and watched her knew she would be a star. Norka knew she wanted to be another Shakira. When she met Shakira, Norka couldn’t believe it. Her childhood idol was standing in front of her, and she was encouraging her. That was the moment that Norka Luque knew she was finally part of the music industry she loved so much. Her message of love and hope was finally being heard by millions of people. Shakira, Emilio Estefan, Pena, Giraldo, Gaitán, Gloria Estefan, and others gave her the courage to express her talent without fear or regrets.

EOS Lip Balm Makes People Smile

There is something to be said for a product that can make you smile. That is what the EOS product seems to do for a lot of customers. These fruity flavors have been able to put a smile on the lips of a lot of people. It is one of the most interesting products on the market because it has the colorful sphere and the exciting flavors.

The market is filled with a lot of interesting lip balm products, but few have the ability to move up in the ranks the way that EOS lip chap has moved up in the ranks. Millions of units of the EOS lip balm are sold every week. This company is making major moves and people are going to get accustomed to seeing this product much more. A lot of this has to do with social media. The industry is changing, and there is a level of awareness for the EOS product that is on the market. People have come to appreciate this product line that EOS has produced because it is something different.

The market for lip balm products had been stagnant for so long. It was like people were unaware of new possibilities because there were not any chances in this product. It is would be important for people to see something that was different than what they were used to. That is what EOS may have been able to do better than any other company that was marketing lip balm. This became the company that was marketing to a new age of millennials, and there had to be something about the company that was unique. The color spheres proved to be the thing that did the trick. This would be the best thing for people wanted to experience lip balm variety. Check out their products on Lucky Vitamin and ULTA today!


InnovaCare, Inc. Adds Three Talented Experienced Executives

InnovaCare, Inc., an organization known for using Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans to provide patients in Puerto Rico with the highest quality healthcare-related services, recently enlarged its management team by adding three talented executives. Each of those executives brings a unique skill set and a rich background to the healthcare leader. Their addition will help InnovaCare, Inc. to be in a better position to succeed in today’s rapidly changing, increasingly complex healthcare landscape. The new executives are Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino.

Jonathan Meyers is now Innovacare Health Inc.’s Chief Actuary Officer. Meyers was New Jersey-based Horizon BCBS’ Director of Actuarial Services. He was also Chief Actuary for New York-based HealthCare Partners and served as managed care VP and CFO. Meyers has also provided unions and large employers with consulting services for employee benefits. This included providing strategic advice and insight to senior executives on how to position employee and retiree healthcare benefits.

InnovaCare, Inc.’s new Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides has worked in healthcare and managed care for over 20 years. Her specialty is government programs and creating and managing clinical programs, health care operations and processes which improve organizational infrastructure and inefficiencies. She was Centerlight Healthcare’s COO and executive vice president in charge of overall management on and the managed care division’s strategic direction. Kokkinides was also COO of Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice’s corporate VP of Care and Disease Management.

New InnovaCare Chief Accounting Officer Mike Sortino was the U.S. branch of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.’s Controller. Prior to that he served as HCC Specialty’s CFO for 5 years. Sortino has been involved in the insurance and reinsurance industries for more than two decades.

These new InnovaCare Health executives continue the tradition of bringing a high level of professional integrity, experience and expertise to the company. CEO Rick Shinto calls it a privilege to add them to the InnovaCare Health team. The company is known for its commitment to providing quality healthcare to its members through sustainable managed care models that are cost-effective, well-coordinated, innovative and integrates the latest and best technologies. InnovaCare Health provides broad benefit coverage for almost 200,000 patients through a network of over 7,500 providers. It provides the only NCQA-accredited health plans in Puerto Rico through the Government Health Plan.

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Securus Technologies, Inc. Accredited by Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for correctional, monitoring, investigation, and public safety. The million-dollar company has announced that it has received accreditation from the Better business Bureau (BBB) and received an A+ rating.


The Senior Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, said that he worked together with the Better business Bureau in Texas to receive the accreditation. Securus Technologies received the highest accreditation rating. However, the company receives a formal certification through their print and issue content. According to them, accreditation is a voluntary action. For this reason, the company has worked with Securus Technologies to meet the standards listed below:


  • Advertise Honestly – Adhere to establish their business selling and advertising standards
  • Build Trust – Maintain and Establish an active record of events in the market
  • Tell the truth – Honestly represent services and products. This includes the adequate disclosures of all material items.
  • Honor Premises – Abide by all verbal and written agreements and representations
  • Be Transparent – openly identify the location, nature, and business ownership. They also disclose guarantees, policies, and procedures that bear the customers buying decision.
  • Safeguard Privacy – Protect collected data against fraud and mishandling. They collect personal data when needed. They respect customer preferences regarding information use.
  • Be Responsive – Address the marketplace disputes professionally, quickly, and in good faith.
  • Embody Integrity – Approach all business dealings, commitments, and market transactions with integrity. Watch this video on Youtube.


While the company works towards enhancing customer experience, they continue to provide service to more than 25 million people. Securus has established more than 220 in-house call centers. This is the largest industry in the country. He calls centers will leverage the company in the region. They have made a promise to serve the inmates without fear or favor. They receive over 2.5 million calls every month. For every 11 seconds, they receive a call. BBB has accredited this dealing.