Norman Pattiz: Revolutionizing Marketing Through Podcasting

In a brand lift studies conducted by Edison Research in two phases, it was established that podcast advertisement through PodcastOne network significantly improved brand awareness of the national brands included in the survey the results of the survey were announced jointly by PodcastOne executive chairman and founder Norman Pattiz and Edison Research’s vice president.

The results of the survey vindicated Norman Pattiz’s long held belief that podcast marketing is next marketing frontier. It is an ideology that informed the founding of PodcastOne and has continued to guide its operations to date.

The survey was aimed at gauging the efficacy of podcasting as a marketing too especially when it comes to creating brand awareness. The two phases involved testing the brand awareness of the selected national brands before and after their advertisement campaigns had ran on PodcastOne.

The results showed that podcast marketing significantly lifted the brand awareness of the brands. While the brand lift varied across industries, the post-campaign data showed that some brands experienced a brand lift of up to 76 percent. Customers showed a greater interest in the brands while more of them were willing to purchase the brands after post-campaign.

Diplomatic Career

Norman Pattiz had a stellar career as a career diplomatic and one of the few appointees to work under two different presidents. Following the election of Bill Clinton as president of the United States, he was appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

He retained his position on the board during the presidency of George Bush. During his tenure as a member of the BBG, Norman played an instrumental role in the establishment of nonmilitary American radio and television stations around the world with special interest in the Middle East. The programs at these satellite television and radio stations were ran in the local languages including Arabic.

Hall of Fame Management and Entrepreneurship

The induction of Norman Pattiz into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 was a befitting honor for an industry veteran who stamped his presence in the American radio industry especially with his entrepreneurial endeavors. In 1974, he founded Westwood One Inc. and guided the radio network into a success entity.

He transformed it into America’s number one radio network. Westwood One won lucrative contracts and deals to air important sporting events such as the Olympics and Super Bowl. He had broadcasting contracts with other established media houses such as CNN to air their radio programs focusing on a wide variety of topics. Norman Pattiz is also a serial entrepreneur with a strong passion for podcasting.

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