New Investment Products From Capital Group’s Strategic Partnership

Timothy D. Armour was named the Chairman of Capital Group in July 2015. The former Chairman of the company Jim Rothenberg passed away, leaving Armour as the successor. It was an incredible loss to the company and Tim empathetically stepped into the position. He will take lead of Capital Group, which includes 7,600 associates and managers. The company looks forward to a successful future with Armour at the helm. Capital Group is responsible for managing $1.25 trillion. Founded in 1931, Capital Group primarily manages mutual funds for its clients. Armour takes pride in the company’s ability to get the longest return over time for its clients.

Timothy Armour’s 32 years of experience in the investment industry can be credited to Capital Group. Armour’s background includes being an equity investment analyst. He’s earned a bachelors degree in Economics from Middlebury College and went on to begin his career 1983. He joined Capital Group in the Associates Program as a participant. Armour later covered U.S. service companies and global telecommunications before taking his current position. Timothy Armour is now based in Los Angeles.

Armour is overseeing a strategic partnership being undertaken in Korea between Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management. The purpose of the plan is to develop investment strategies for retail and institutional investors in Korea. Products will be developed for asset allocation and retirement through the partnership. Samsung Asset Management will improve its investment capabilities by providing new insurance, retirement, and savings offers as a result of the partnership. Capital plans on distributing its products to Samsung markets. Armour is expecting China to become a more consumer led society rather than a closed one based upon investments.

The details of the new offers have yet to be worked out according to Tom Joyce, the head of global media at Capital Group. A model still needs to be developed to show how revenues will be shared and what the pricing structures will be. In an article posted to the Wall Street Journal, Timothy Armour encourages executives to pay attention to the finer details of companies rather than counting on future successes. He believes that this is the key to understanding why a company such as Blockbuster went bankrupt while Netflix soared into millions of dollars in revenue.

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