Kevin Seawright Talks About How Entrepreneurs Can Change The World

Words such as influential or impactful can barely describe the character of entrepreneur Kevin Seawright. The professional accountant boasts of a successful career in the financial services industry. For over 14 years, Kevin has steered enterprises in the sectors of banking and financial services. In the corporate circles, Seawright is considered one of the most accomplished business leaders.

Apart from his success in the business world, Kevin Seawright has also had a significant impact on the welfare of various communities. The entrepreneur has always strived to ensure that his enterprises are involved in charitable initiatives that impact and strengthen communities.

Kevin has a history of working with the Baltimore Department of Housing for one year. During his tenure, the entrepreneur came up with great ideas on how to construct low-cost housing for the low-income earners in Baltimore.

Most of his work in the construction industry has always focused on affordable housing that gives an opportunity to most families to own homes. From the year 2003 up until 2005, Seawright held an executive position at Baltimore’s Directorate of recreation.

According to PR Newswire, Kevin has also held plum positions in the education sector. For five years starting from 2005, Seawright deputized the chief of operations for Baltimore Public Schools. The business leader was tasked with the responsibility of managing an education sector with more than 8,000 students.

At the moment, Kevin has built strategic partnerships with other players in the construction industry to develop affordable housing for the Baltimore communities. Most households across the United States share the dream of owning homes but are unable to because of the prohibitive costs of mortgages.

Kevin has come up with technologies that enable contractors to reduce the cost of building or revamping structures so that they can remain affordable to most people.

Seawright believes that the responsibility of developing communities lies with everyone. If everybody can take an active role in trying to make their society better, a lot of problems can be eradicated.

Crunchbase revealed that Kevin’s contribution to the growth of communities in the Baltimore region can never be understated. The entrepreneur hopes to help as many families as he can to secure affordable housing.

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