Daniel Taub – Diplomat with Conviction

Daniel Taub recently ended his term as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. During his four years long tryst with the United Kingdom, trade has expanded dramatically between these two nations.

Cultural and literary links have also strengthened. Commerce related ties have significantly boosted the economy, and dual trading is at an all-time high of over 5 billion dollars. Daniel Tab currently directs planning for the Yad Hanadiv.

Daniel Taub’s birthplace was London, where he received his education at Oxford and Harvard Universities. He was to re-enter his city of birth almost over a decade later on his appointment as ambassador. He migrated to Israel where he served in the military, where his role was to provide medical and legal assistance.

His career as a diplomat began in 1991 when he joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He has been a part of peace negotiations in several situations, such as those between Israel and Palestine and Syria. His most important career appointment was as ambassador to the United Kingdom from the period of 2011 to 2015. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.alondon.net/index.php?action=art&id=7198&lang=he_IL and http://askreporter.com/2017/09/religion-should-have-a-place-at-the-negotiating-table-says-israeli-negotiator-daniel-taub/

A staunch Jewish, Daniel Taub chose to wear traditional clothes when he was presented to the Court of S. James. His meeting with the Queen began his journey as an ambassador of Israel. The Queen talked to him about his return to the United Kingdom after many years and to this Mr. Taub replied that he was honored to re-visit the country of his birth.

Daniel Taub acknowledged the crisis facing Israel from an international standpoint. He has worked to improve Israeli relations with the United Kingdom and other countries by fostering dialogue and communication. He visited the city of Bradford despite negative opinions expressed by its member of parliament, George Galloway, to smooth over its abrasive stance.

Daniel Taub frequently expresses his view via his writing and lectures on issues relevant to Israel. He is a featured author for foremost publications such as the Guardian, Huffington Post, the Times and the Daily Telegraph.

He is the celebrated author of Parasha Diplomatit, a book on Taub’s take on religious verses infused with wit. Daniel Taub has been the voice of Israel at several conferences.

Interestingly, he also holds an interest in screenplay writing and has scripted for the television series called HeChatzer. This series is about people of orthodox Jewish faith. Daniel Taub has always led with conviction in his beliefs about peace and constructive discourse.

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