Eric Pulier Offers Technological Solutions To Ailing Ventures To Support Growth

Growth in business and entrepreneurship is a process that takes time and resources to accomplish. Every business that is today successful relied on the effort of the investors and managers to make the right decisions during the right time. Having a business that is built to overcome the various challenges that come along is not as easy as many would believe, but it is also possible if the right ideas are engaged. Eric Pulier, an expert in entrepreneurship and technology, is among those who have managed to handle the technicalities that come with running business in the highly competitive market.

As an entrepreneur, Eric Pulier has invested a lot in upcoming businesses, specifically seed level businesses, which later managed to get grip of the market. He has been in the world of entrepreneurship for over 20 years and the experience he has earned over the years has been a great addition to the development of his career.

Passion for technology

His passion for technology and business started when he was a young fourth grade boy. He used to admire the way technology would offer amazing solutions and in this spirit, he decided to also venture into a field that would allow him to explore the various technologies available across the world. Eric Pulier proceeded to the Teaneck High School with this passion at heart and he worked towards elevating his career and achieving his goals.

During his time at Teaneck, Eric founded a database company, an achievement that not only brought elation, but also allowed him to further get the motivation to build his career in entrepreneurship. From Teaneck, he proceeded to college and he enrolled at both the Harvard University and MIT College. At Harvard, he pursued American Literature and English while he took Computer Science at MIT.


As a champion of the development of businesses and entrepreneurship, Eric Pulier also published articles and books offering insight into the matters ailing businesses. One of his publications Understanding Enterprise SOA, offers an explanation on how technology and entrepreneurship relate with each other and why businesses should consider using modern technological methods to solve their problems.