The Global Scope of FreedomPop Expands

FreedomPop is primed to become one of the hottest telecommunications startups in the world. The company was launched out of Los Angeles with a brilliant business strategy. The service would provide a minimum amount of free phone, text, and data to customers. This would give the company a huge edge over most budget phone providers. After recently raising $50 million in capital, the company is on its way to giving the major providers a lot of competition on a global scale.

The $50 million in funding is intended to support the development of a global hotspot. The hotspot will include 25 countries in Europe. Those who travel between these various countries can use Wi-Fi hotspot connections to avoid roaming charges and use their mobile devices. (And FreedomPop does sell a number of great mobile phones)

The roaming charges associated with the major service providers are massive. A lot of travelers opt not to even use their phones than pay the high costs. They simply cannot afford the fees. FreedomPop now presents an inexpensive alternative to the giant cellular providers.

FreedomPop was launched with startup funding, and the company’s growth has been quite spectacular. Over one million customers exist in the United States where FreedomPop delivers services through the Sprint network. The Three network of the U.K. allows FreedomPop to support the 250,000 customers who quickly signed up.

The cost for accessing the global hotspot is slated to be quite reasonable. $49.99 is the one-time access fee, and the necessary SIM card only costs $10. The card may be updated for free when new countries are added. The current number of 25 is going to increase.

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