How Sussex Healthcare Continuously Grows To Meet The Needs Of Their Senior Residents

As an organization that has a focus on helping senior adults improve the overall quality of their lives, Sussex Healthcare is always looking for new ways to meet the needs of their residents. They recently opened a full-service gymnasium. This allows them to better address both the physical and neurological needs their residents might have. Equipped with an array of treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and free weights, this gym is able to help senior adults maintain better flexibility, while also helping to increase their range of motion.

To further benefit the development of healthy joints and muscles the team at Sussex Healthcare included a full size swimming pool as well as a hot tub in their new gymnasium. Studies have shown the health benefits relaxing in a hot tub can bring about. These include the release of chemical compounds such as endorphins, which help soothe sore muscles. Additional studies have also shown a link between exercise and increased memory. Senior adults residing at any of the residential care facilities from Sussex Healthcare could enroll in water classes designed to improve the strength and endurance of their muscles.

As an organization that has been servicing the needs of senior adults since 1985, Sussex Healthcare has grown to where it now operates over 15 living facilities throughout the region of Sussex. Some of their main residential homes are staffed with professionals capable of caring for individuals with specific needs. Their Clemsfold House is a quaint country home nestled in West Sussex. Offering residential living with both private and shared rooms this facility caters to senior adults in need of general care or who have dementia.

Horncastle House is another residential facility within the Sussex Healthcare network. This residential home lies close to East Grinstead and is equipped with areas designed to help senior adults who are handicapped. As with the majority of their main facilities, the staff at Horncastle are skilled in working with seniors who have cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. This living facility also caters to the needs of young people with neurological disorders or multiple learning disabilities.