A Good Online Reputation Must Sometimes Be Defended

These are the days of constant access to the web and the ease of sharing absolutely any information over the Internet for the whole world to see. A bad photo, drunkenly shared, can completely ruin an individual’s career or even a end a whole business. Ask Anthony Weiner, the notorious former Congressman who lost his political career to his mistake of sharing a private picture online of his “privates.” It can happen to anyone, not just high-profile leaders and celebrities.
Most of us have done something, perhaps not quite that severe, but still something that would embarrass any of us if it was made public. The problem with our modern times of living the online life is that anyone can attack us for any reason. A malicious troll can smear us with a completely unfounded accusation that is actually and really life ending, in many ways. Read the particulars of Weiner’s Political demise.

If an online troll or one of your in-real-life enemies targets you, what can you do about it? The answer is: plenty! The very first step to take may seem simple, but it is so important: Do Not Panic. Professional Reputation Defender Review and management experts have developed tried and true processes to successfully recover a person’s or institution’s damaged reputation. Almost always, their process starts with an honest and complete analysis of just how bad the situation is. They then will develop a customized plan of attack to take the actions necessary to do damage control and then they apply online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to cause the offending content to no longer be seen in any of the top search results.

The end game played to great effect by Reputation Management firms involves invoking the new Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This law empowers them to force any network system administrator to remove offending content. Of course, they first know how to diplomatically deal with admins in a very effective way. However, they will bring the law into play when needed. Of course, gaining access to the particular system admins in question is one of the key services these reputation recovery people are expert in providing.