Dick DeVos: Making Changes For Grand Rapids

Life is good when you are the CEO of your family’s corporation and thus a billionaire in your own right. That is the kind of life that Dick DeVos has lived. Before you jump to conclusions about the man and assume that he has hoarded all of that money and greedily kept it to himself, you ought to know what he and his wife Betsy DeVos have done for their hometown.


The first venture into political and charitable activism for the couple dates back to 1991 when the city council in Grand Rapids, Michigan proposed constructing a multi-sports complex in the city. Now, Betsy and Dick DeVos have been long time residents of Grand Rapids, and they only want what is best for the city. Thus, they felt the need to immediately go out and campaign against the construction of this facility. This might sound odd in a sense because it seems like such a facility would be a positive thing. However, that is not necessarily always the case.


Dick DeVos knew that similar facilities had been built in other cities, and he didn’t want the fate that those cities had suffered through to come to his town. He saw how much those facilities had cost other cities without the return on investment that those cities had hoped for. Thus, Dick didn’t want Grand Rapids to make the same foolish mistakes. He insisted that the people of his city should vote against it.


The campaign to defeat the sports facility was a success, and this propelled Dick DeVos to greater heights politically than he had been to before. He saw that his work really could make a difference, and this encouraged him to continue to fight for the things that he believes in.


Although the family kept the sports facility from becoming a reality, they were not about to leave Grand Rapids without some kind of charitable donation that could help make the place a little bit better. They donated a lot of money to open up new museums, an art center, and many other facilities around town that could help the city to attract more people in earnest to Grand Rapids. They felt that their donations to these projects were actually a lot more helpful to the growth and expansion of Grand Rapids than what the city council had proposed. In this case, it was just a matter of private interests versus public interests, and the private interests knew better in this circumstance.


You had better believe that Dick and Betsy DeVos are highly respected in Grand Rapids for what they have done. It almost doesn’t matter if you agree with Dick politically on virtually anything else, you have to admit that he did something important for Grand Rapids.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Helping in the Formation of a Better and More Just Society

The world is facing a major humanitarian crisis in different parts and thanks to the NGOs, charity organizations, and hundreds of human rights organizations, people suffering from human rights abuse can get the support they need.

The human rights abuse is reported not only from the poor and underdeveloped countries, but highly developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and others also report such crimes. Many organizations are working on the international, national, and regional level to help support the victims of the human rights abuse and violations.

Some of these organizations are Protection International, Global Rights, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal, EarthJustice, and more. These organizations work on various levels to help build a better, just, and equal society.

The United States is amongst the most developed countries in the world, but when it comes to the social situation in the country, many unresolved issues continue to put the negative limelight on the nation in world forums.

One of the societal problems that the United States has been facing for last many years is the racial disparity. Not only are the native Black African-American society has been facing racial inequality, but a similar situation is that of the immigrants in the country as well, particularly in the interior regions of the country.

Cases of human rights violations against the minorities in the United States have been on the rise and the atrocities and bias conducted by the U.S. Police, and Homeland Security has been making the national and international news.

Recently, two of the human rights activists in the United States, Jim Larkin, and Michael Lacey, was arrested in Arizona for reporting the mismanagement in the Sheriff Department and the crimes committed by the police against the Hispanic Community in the state.

Jim Larnkin and Michael Lacey are the co-owners of two of the most popular independent newspapers in the state of Arizoa, Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

They were arrested wrongfully by the Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa in the late hours of the night from their home but were released due to the national outcry for their arrest within 24 hours. However, Larkin and Lacey filed a lawsuit against the state and won the case decisively after a long and gruesome legal battle. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Along with getting acquitted from the false case, they were also given the settlement amount of $3.75 million through which they created the Frontera Fund, which is used to help support the Hispanic Community in Arizona and provide for the legal expenses of the many migrants who are jailed wrongfully.

The Frontera Fund also supports many well-known organizations that support freedom of expression, right to justice, migrant rights, and more. Some of these organizations are Arizona Justice Project, Aliento, Fundacion Mexico, Promise Arizona, Arizona Dream Act Coalition, 1070, Arizona Justice Project, and more.

Frontera Fund hopes to change the lives of the migrants for good and provide them with the hope of a better life for which they came to the United States.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Adam Milstein: A Man of Faith and Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a member of the Jewish faith and is an active philanthropist for that particular cause. He is the managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties. This particular company is a privately held commercial real estate firm.

He began his career in real estate after coming to the United States in 1981. He earned a Master’s Degree from USC. Two years later, his career started and he has remained active in the worlds of real estate and issues concerning his home country of Isreal.

He is also the founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This organization is at the heart of what he believes. The organization gives opportunities to young Isreali students to have a better future and to also connect with the faith of their past. He believes that it is very important for young people to have an intimate connection with their faith. He does this by sponsoring classes in Isreal that teach Hebrew to their students as well as learning how to read the ancient language.

In an interview with Ideamensch, he lays out what his life has been like and the reasons for some of the choices he has made. He stresses that if a person is in the real estate business, one must follow up with every consumer possible. This is a great way for a new business to establish itself for the future. He also emphasizes the importance of having a family life as well. Making time for your family is key to having a full, successful and meaningful life. When it comes to setbacks or problems, he says for a person to dive into the problem themselves instead of leaning on other people. In this manner, a person can really find out what the real problem is and figure out the best way to solve it.

He is a man who has left his mark not only in the United States but in Isreal as well. It is an indelible impression that not only links Isreali students to their past but also gives students a chance at a better life too.


Sharing Their Blessing: The DeVos Family

As a country, we can be so critical of those families and individuals supporting political parties or ideologies that are adverse from our own. The media and social outcry too often drown out or completely cover up the positives and strong philanthropic advances made by those same people that we may disagree with. It is essential to step back from the media led craze though and truly think for ourselves. It is time to recognize the good these individuals have done for our communities and country.

Dick DeVos is one of those outstanding men who has been criticized by many, but continues to quietly make a difference without expecting accolades or recognition. Mr. DeVos’ father was a co-founder of Amway, an American based company that produces and markets a variety of household products. He also was the owner of the basketball team Orlando Magic, as well as one of the creators of Alticor. DeVos then stepped in as president of The Windquest Group, a private investment firm. Each business venture Mr. DeVos took on examplified his integrity and determination to give back to his country and community.

Dick and the DeVos family have traditionally been generous supporters of the Republican party. Fortunately, as citizens of the United States of America we are able to openly express our views and opinions, and the donations to their political choice are almost invisible in comparision to their philanthropic giving. The DeVos family has taken a firm stance in improving the American education system. In 2015 alone they donated over three million dollars to scholastic causes. They share the foundational belief that each and every child should have the right to experience the American dream, and the DeVos are going above and beyond to make that dream a reality.

Their financial generosity does not stop with education and the arts, they are also actively seeking ways to improve the foundational lives of our children. Dick is determined to help support those seeking a cure for childhood cancer, assist religious organizations, and to give generously without expectation of recognition or favors. This ideology does not stop with Dick and Betsy, but has been passed on to their four children. The younger generation of DeVos continually challenge their family to do more and to share their blessings with others.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have the right to share with and support their chosen political party, but they are in no way required to give so generously to others. It is by choice, because of kind hearts and conscious minds that they have so freely given back to the communities of this country. Their philanthropic donations far outweigh any other financial contributions, and they should be recognized for their dedication and devotion to the foundation betterment of the lives of our countries children.


Adam Milstein Is a Leader And An Example

There are few people who achieve a high level of influence for others in their culture. However, there are quite a few people who have the dream of being the high level of influence in their culture. Among the people that have truly managed this level of influence is Adam Milstein. He is someone that has actually done a lot for the Jewish people.

He is also continuing to find other ways to bring them to greater levels of success. However, people who are looking to be influential have to wonder what it is about Adam Milstein that makes him so influential among other people.

One thing that doesn’t make a person influential is projecting some image of toughness or coolness. These people who try to influence through showing off are often not taken seriously. To make matters worse, they make themselves the laughing stock if they try too hard to look cool. Instead of influencing people.

They instead become the person who people roll their eyes at. Another thing that does not make people influential is bossiness. People do not gain respect by trying to push others around. Instead, they just gather resentment from people. There are better ways to be of good influence to people.

Adam Milstein is an influence to people because he is honest and real with them. He does not try to project an image. He instead takes the time to look at what is needed in the community and tries to provide to the needs of those in the community. He is one of the generous people in the community. This is one of the reasons that he is considered one of the most influential people in the Jewish community. He is also working towards a goal that is going to bring forth a lot of benefits to the Jewish people.

Dick DeVos Said to Make Play in Liquor Industry

It seems that Dick DeVos and family, from Grand Rapids Michigan, are making their way into the liquor business. If true, their first acquisition is the Coppercraft Distillery from the Holland Township. The reason for this assumption is that Windquest Group, Inc. is DeVos’s holding company owned by himself and his wife Betsy DeVos. And this holding company recently became the registered agent of Coppercraft Distillery, LLC (as reported by the LARA (Michigan Department Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs).

The company originated in 2015, on the 15th of October, as CC Acquisitions, LLC. It was then promptly changed to the name of Coppercraft Distillery, LLC just one day later. The distillery was founded in 2013 by Walter Catton. It was changed to WDC Holdings, LLC later that November.

The businesses serves many drink options. It acts as a small distiller of spirits, micro brewery, winemaker, and vendor. Its licenses for these activities are under the holding of Circus Processions, LLC. They are due to be transferred to Windquest, although the Michigan LCC (Liquor Control Commission) says this could take up to six months.

About Dick DeVos

He has given over $1 billion to great causes in his life. In 2013, he and his family donated a whopping $90 million to educational, health, religious, artistic, and community organizations. In the realm of education, the DeVos education also helped reduce the amount of kids skipping school by about 30% as part of their drive to help teachers be better leaders in the classroom.

Through the religious organization giving he has assisted people in a variety of ways with basic needs. This includes getting access to special social programs, getting a driver’s license, getting a job, and at times a place to sleep and food to eat. One of the people who benefited from this is Mel Trotter, who was formerly homeless but had a job after 40 days of entering the program.

Along with his wife Betsy, Dick has been a co-chair of the Education Freedom Fund going back to 1993. Scholarships for students in Michigan are the ones who benefit from this program, and it lets them attend the schools they could previously only dream about. In order to match donations to the Children’s Scholarship Fund, DeVos donated around $7.5 million.

But their contribution to the community and society doesn’t stop there. They also chaired “Kids First” together. This is a program that helps people use tax credits to put their kids in special chartered schools. And with Children First America, Choices for Children, and American Education Reform Council, they have helped to nurture students’ minds while they are still young and able to learn valuable lessons they can take on.

As the president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, he helps students get MS, MA, and MBA degrees. They also have formed a scholarship for entrepreneurs. And Grand Action is an initiative to help revitalize downtown Detroit thanks to the help of DeVos and company.

Kennedy Center Construction Backed By Dick DeVos

The Kennedy Center for the Arts has always attracted a large number of donors who are willing to provide support for the upkeep and expansion of the popular arts provider. In 2013, officials at the Kennedy Center unveiled a new area of construction that would see a pavilion on the river front developed with a new building, a range of rehearsal spaces and a pedestrian bridge linking the main campus to the pavilion area. The main of construction and development has been the $125 million pavilion that has already been approved at federal level, and has been the main area of fund raising over the years; in early 2016 it was announced the Kennedy Center has already received over $130 million in donations and allowed its donation drive to be expanded to allow a further $50 million to be requested from donors including Dick DeVos who I noticed had already donated $1 million to the initial project.

Dick DeVos has been a business person I have followed for a number of years after he took control of the family business, AmWay. Dick DeVos is a business person I have admired for a number of years after I watched him lead the company to greater levels of success than it had ever enjoyed, particularly in foreign markets that he led the company into when first joining the family business. Despite his impressive business pedigree Dick DeVos has spent a large amount of his time looking to have a positive effect on the people of the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and the U.S. as a whole. Dick DeVos and wife Betsy do much to impress me, including embarking on the backing of arts based programs designed to put the Grand Rapids region on the map for arts based educational programs and festivals.