Marc Beer is Raising Capital Funds to Diagnose and Treat Pelvic Disorders

There are a significant number of medical technology organizations that are developing various products, which are meant for diagnosing diseases affecting individuals around the world. Renovia Inc. is a Boston-based medical technology organization that is raising funds so that it can have the capacity to deal with some of the disorders affecting the United States population and other women in other parts of the world. The company wants to enhance its capacity in diagnosing and developing products that can help in treating pelvic floor disorders such as urinary inconsistency among others. Researchers estimate that urinary inconsistency is affecting more than 250 million women around the world.

However, it is common knowledge that a significant number of the medical technology companies are experiencing financial difficulties, which has a negative impact on their operations. This is the same for Renovia Inc., but the company co-founder, Marc Beer, has raised $42 million, $10 million through debt and other $32 million, to help the organization build capacity. It is expected that these funds will assist in building capacity while at the same time enabling the organization to move ahead with its ambitious plan of developing drugs that will help in dealing with floor disorders.

There are a significant number of organizations that have played a key role in contributing funds for the expansion of the medical technology company in recent times, especially when raising the $32 million. Some of these institutions include the Longwood Fund, Missouri-based Ascension Ventures, and New York-based Perceptive Advisors. This proportion of the funds is expected to build capacity in conducting further tests to other diagnostic products while at the same time playing a pivotal role in helping with the mass production of Leva, a drug that is already FDA approved.

Speaking after announcing the amount of funds received from organizations which share the vision of the company, Marc highlighted how he was thrilled to find out that there are organizations that are committing their funds to see that millions of people in the United States and other parts of the world have better lives. According to Marc, Renovia Inc. is combining innovative methods to develop digital health platforms that will offer patients additional information and new treatment options for pelvic floor disorders.

Among other experienced faces at Renovia Inc., Marc Beer is expected to be a person who will bring much insight, knowledge, and experience in the management and progress of the new venture. He has more than 25 years’ experience in development and commercialization of biological products, diagnostic products, and pharmaceutical devices. The company intends to tap this knowledge of the co-founder to emerge victorious in these initial stages, which can only be mitigated through assistance by a person with the caliber of Marc. Learn more :

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Clayton Hutson’s Different Hats

Being a live sound engineer means combining technological skills with art. There is the art of deciphering notes and pitch, which is the basis of music theory. There is also the technical skill of understanding the engineering tools needed to deliver pristine sound. Clay Hutson skillfully combines the two and straddles the line often, not just as a sound engineer but as a show producer, tour manager, and events manager.


Clay Hutson’s advice on the best sound equipment comes from years of experience, after working with legends like Marilyn Manson and Grammy-award winner Maxwell. His experience over the years also means he has perfected his technique. Working with different musicians means different instruments and different voices. Working different venues means having to adapt to venue inconsistencies and still produce high-quality sound.


As an audio survivalist who consistently delivers quality sound at live shows, Hutson relies on DiGiCo’s console system. From small shows to larger venues, Hutson wants to give 100% and needs console systems that deliver. On Maxwell’s tour, Hutson went with DiGiCo’s SD7 console. It’s the console Eminem, Jay-Z, and Rihanna favor.


When DiGiCo’s SD11 console came out, Hutson wanted to debut it on frontman Aaron Lewis’ tour. Clay Hutson used the SD11 to match Aaron Lewis’ acoustic instruments. He had no hesitations about what the console would deliver as he was already familiar with the SD7 and SD8 consoles, also from DiGiCo. The console, Hutson says, allows him to deliver impeccable sound engineering no matter the varying details in voices or instruments. What’s also handy about the console, Hutson adds, is its size: it can be checked as baggage on flights and it can efficiently be tucked away on a tour bus.


Clay Hutson continues to wear different hats. He has worked with musicians Guns N’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Maxwell, Marilyn Manson, and OneRepublic, working in departments such as sound design, sound engineering, tour manager, and music producer. On a complicated technical show by OneRepublic, Hutson served as an automation operator. The “automation is crucial,” Hutson says, “in revealing the sponsor LED wall in between sets.” From rigging to booking shows to engineering, Hutson has done it all.
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