Chain Smoking On Music By The Chainsmokers

“Moved to the city in a broke down car and four years, no calls” I hummed along while “Closer” played on the radio. Here I was poolside at a hotel, listening while enjoying the view of the beach down below. Just the right kind of song for the place I was at. It fit the mood and the ambiance.

The Chainsmokers are an electronic dance music (EDM) group. Behind the name, Drew Taggart (28 years old) and Alex Pall (33 years old) are the American duos behind the tune. Soaring in both earnings and charts, The Chainsmokers are one of the highest-paid DJs of 2018. In 2017, they earned $38 million and in 2018 earned $45.5 million with a three-year gig at Wynn Nightlife in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2016, they won their first Grammy for Best Dance Recording for “Don’t Let Me Down”. Songs like “Closer”, “Something Just Like This”, and “Paris” invoke a feeling of being carefree and just enjoying the moment while catching a view of the ocean somewhere. Chill music is what I like to call it. You can be driving to their tune one moment, the next, dancing to it. The Chainsmokers blur the lines between EDM and pop music collaborating with other big-name artists. Their upbeat rhythm yet light and endearing song lyrics contribute to their popularity, and to one of the longest-running top 10 hits in U.S. history. Also in a tremendous feat, Spotify’s one billion streams count was reached for each of the two of their most popular songs, “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down”.

On a different tone, The Chainsmokers released a new song called, “Sick Boy”. I launched YouTube and had a listen. It was certainly darker but potent in meaning. The lyrics are befitting of what American society have been or may have become. It’s almost as if “Closer” was an adolescent, and “Sick Boy” in their mid-life. A change from being care-free to contemplation through observation with tangible experiences. Regardless of the tone or the lyrics, The Chainsmokers continue their surge in fame.


The chain smokers made up of a DJ, Alex Pall, and Producer, Andrew Taggart was formed in 2012. Their breakthrough was in 2014 as their song. Selfie was among the single top twenty in various countries. In 2015, they released their first Extended Play, Bouquet and in it, another single by the duo, Roses, was top ten on Billboard Hot 100. In the leading head 5, was their song Don’t Let me Down which won the best Dance Recording in the 59th Grammy Awards and on the chart, Closer was the duo’s first number one. It even gets better as the Chainsmokers have won FIVE iHeartRadio Music Awards and 2 Awards from the American Music Awards. In November 2016, Collage, the second Extended Play was released by the Chainsmokers and finally an Album in 2017 April,” Memories…Do not open”.

This year, the Chainsmokers have done it bigger and better. In January, they released Sick Boy with Taggart singing and with more instrumentation that is live. With a new month came a new song. The duo blessed us with You Owe Me which was number 4 in the Hot 100 singles chart in Billboard Bubbling. March couldn’t be any better; the duo released yet another single, Everybody Hates Me. An audio track with a promising up-coming video.

During this year’s Billboard Music Awards at the Las Vegas’ Grand Garden Arena, the Chainsmokers received the Top Dance/Electronic Act Award and dedicated it to Avicii, a very known and loved Swedish Producer and DJ who died at 28 years on April 20th. According to Taggart, Avicii was their inspiration and made them believe that music is something they could do with their lives. They mentioned him also before awarding Luis Fonsi whose song Despacito had won Top Hot 100 songs of 2018 award saying he meant much to the Electronic Dance Music Community. Halsey added by saying people should support family and friends fighting mental illness and Kelly Clarkson, Billboard Music Awards’ host concluded by saying instead of moments of silence how about having moments of change.