The AIA’s Robert Ivy Lays Out The Reasons To Join A Professional Organization

Robert Ivy of Washington D.C. based American Institute of Architects recently shared the myriad reasons a professional should join an organization such as his. His professional is, of course, for architects and related professions. Just about all professions have an organization attached to it, though. Between trade and professional associations, there are over 92,000 of them just in the United States alone. Trade associations are for businesses while professional ones are for individual people to join. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

He says that the best reason to join a professional association like the AIA is that there are many opportunities to further your education in your line of work. Robert Ivy says that between their websites and newsletter there is a wealth of information to uncover, all of it specifically tailored to meet the needs of the association’s members.

Another great reason to join an association of this sort is that they provide numerous opportunities to network. Most hold annual conferences which are attended by hundreds if not thousands of people. You can engage in formal activities such as attending a workshop, where you will meet people, and also use informal activities like a happy hour to get to know others.

Professional Associations also make it much easier to find a new job, Robert Ivy says. On top of maintaining online jobs boards, many will provide other career assistance as well. Some even have career centers that will help job seekers find a position.


Finally, he says that professional societies contact policymakers and try to get them to do things that will benefit its members. By belonging to one of these societies you are providing it with the resources it needs to lobby legislation that benefits you.

He has led the AIA as its executive vice president and chief executive officer since 2011. Prior to that, Robert Ivy was in charge of Architectural Record for 15 years. Under his leadership, this publication became the most globally influential architectural magazine around. He was also a founding principal at the architectural firm Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy for 15 years, from 1981 until 1996. Learn more about Robert Ivy at