George Soros and Constant Philanthropy

George Soros is an individual who honestly doesn’t have a lot of free time available. That’s what conspiracy theorists who are part of the right wing think. They believe that he’s given money to both Antifa and Black Lives Matter throughout the course of the past 12 months or so. They also believe that he’s given money to the notorious Charlottesville, Virginia rally that took place. People have linked Soros to all kinds of situations. A couple examples are the Women’s March and even the NFL (National Football League) protest by Colin Kaepernick. These scenarios are only where things start, too. Some people even indicate that Soros offered money to women to encourage them to say that Roy Moore sexually harassed them. Moore is a politician who is running for a position in the Alabama Senate.

This is all par for the course for Soros, however. People have been examining him carefully for years and years at this point. He secured a cool $1 billion back in the early nineties. This is after he shorted the United Kingdom’s pound. That was the start of something big for him. People started taking notice of his unparalleled financial market abilities. Soros was among the Democratic Party’s biggest supporters when the beginning of the 2000s rolled around. He said at one time that he’d give every penny he had if he could stop President George W. Bush from getting elected again.

There have been many diverse factors that have encouraged people to think about Soros. These things have made people come up with all types of conspiracies. People who devise theories about Soros regularly concentrate on his devotion to philanthropy, fascinatingly enough. They focus on his zeal for philanthropy more than even on all of his political donations. Soros has a history of giving money to United States progressive efforts of all varieties. He regularly makes donations to groups that aim to advance democracy as a concept. It seems like his donations to these causes are only going to become bigger as time goes on, too. Soros revealed in October that he’s given roughly $18 billion to a number of philanthropic organizations.

It can be hard for a person like George Soros to steer clear of conspiracies. He’s a person who cares about progressivism, capitalism and globalism. He’s at the helm of Open Society Foundations. This group has donated roughly $14 billion throughout the course of 30 years or so. It’s donated this amount of money to all categories of issues that revolve around human rights, democracy and social justice. This group functions in 100 plus nations all over the vast globe. Soros gave money back in the late seventies. The aim behind this was to set up scholarships that could aid young black students located in South Africa.

Soros has never been the kind of person who has avoided big concepts. People have had so many things to say about his philanthropic work. His dedication to philanthropy, however, is 100 percent unwavering.

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