Randal Nardone: A Visionary Spearheading The Growth Of Fortress Investment Group

One of the trios that spearheaded the inception of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is a great force when it comes to matters relating to managing investments. Currently, he serves as the Director and Principal of Fortress Investment Group. Randal started laying the foundations for his career at the University of Connecticut from where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and Biology. He also holds a Juris Doctor from Boston University’s School of Law.

Mr. Nardone’s career began at a law firm known as Thacher Proffitt & Wood. After working there for a while, he became an executive member and a partner. After working in the law industry, Randal turned to the corporate world and joined Blackrock Financial Management. He worked there until 1997 where he left and joined UBS. It was in 1998 that he, Wesley Edens and Rob Kauffman came together to form Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone is now the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Director, and Principal.

Randal Nardone has played a key role in facilitating the growth and expansion of Fortress Investment Group ever since its inception 20 years ago. Randal and his team have made numerous moves to ensure the company gets to the next level each day. One such move was the merging agreement SoftBank Group Corporation and Fortress Investment Group entered in 2017. SoftBank is a holding company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

The firm specializes in telecommunications, internet services and other aspects in the technology world. In essence, SoftBank acquired Fortress for $3.3 billion.Fortress Investment Group is a leading firm in the investment management industry. The company was started in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Wesley Edens, and Rob Kauffman.

Fortress specializes in managing credit funds, traditional assets, hedge funds, railroads, and private equity. In 2007, it made huge steps in the industry, by being the first large private equity company in the United States of America to be traded publicly. The company also operates through its numerous subsidiaries. Railroad Acquisition Holdings, New Media Investment Group, and Nationstar Mortgage are some of these subsidiaries. By June 2016, Fortress Investment Group had managed over $70 billion worth of assets in credit funds, private equity, and even liquid hedge funds.

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Global Perspective From A Global Mind: Mr. Gareth Henry

Of the many institutional investors spanning the globe, all but a few stand out as examples of global vision and skill. Gareth Henry is one such individual that has made his presence known across the globe for his methods of investing organization. What are some of the key aspects of this man, and how has this made him the exception rather than the rule?

For starters, Gareth Henry began his education at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He was a member of the 2000 graduating class. From there he went to an investment firm to work. His eventual arrival in the United States would come in 2007. He started working with Fortress Investment Group. Today, he is a managing director for the same firm. Being placed as the overseer for the marketing of the company in the United States as well as in Europe and the Middle East. Gareth Henry has a mind for global opportunities and this has made him a highly sought-after investor.

In 2014, Gareth Henry has stated that the country of Brazil is the biggest opportunity for traders that year. With many factors that were decisive in him making such a bold prediction, many followed suit in accordance with his vision. Knowing the global markets has been one of Gareth Henry’s abilities as a leader. Fortress Investment Group made him the head of their marketing division for United States, the Middle East, and Europe for these reasons. Being the head over the wealth and pension funds for Fortress Investment Group is no small task. This task is handled by Gareth Henry with dedication and persistence.

With his education comes a few more techniques that he uses to keep his balance in his life at a normal level. From starting his day with meditation to taking his daily jog, Gareth knows how to get the day started. His patterns are how he has been able to keep up his high energy and high work production. The world of global investing has someone to look to for visionary insights into the market trends around the world as they take shape.

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Paul Mampilly And Making Investment Decisions On Research And Facts

Separating Emotional Appeal From Facts

Paul Mampilly says the media has many people riled up and worried because of the predictions of the stock market plunging 50% or more. Paul Mampilly says that these kinds of headlines can be found in the mainstream media daily, but they are often driven by inaccuracies that cannot be validated. Usually, there are huge discrepancies between what is reported to be the case and what careful and diligent research shows. He uses one example that causes most people to worry, and that is the current debt accumulated, but thorough research shows that debt is actually at an all-time low now for several years. Going further, he explains that the economy is strong due to people’s income being also at a high. For these many reasons, Paul Mampilly predicts that people are experiencing strong economy leading them to invest. He is confident there will be a surge of growth leading to new highs in the financial markets in the second half of the year. Paul Mampilly used several charts covering debt, income and the housing market to show that often perceptions are not led by string research.

Grounding Investments On Facts

In short, Paul Mampilly summarized his findings by showing that the persons who follow the negative media coverage, which is not based on real research of the facts, are setting themselves up for a loss. The facts show that homeownership is at a low, personal income is at a high and getting better; lastly, private debt is lower than it has been in years. He showed that all of the things that negative media says are not according to what solid research indicates in the facts. It is essential for investors, to not allowed to be carried away by over-emotional reactions of investors who do not have a grasp of the facts. When investments are backed by solid research of the events and not on emotional guesses or opinions, it sets the ground for seeing clearly into the market and making right choices. On the other hand, if we allow emotion to blur solid research and reading it can lead to an unfortunate outcome in our investment decisions, tainted by fears and opinions.

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Stream Energy Launches “Stream Cares” Giving An Official Title To Philanthropic Efforts Conducted For Many Years

Stream Energy is one of the newer utility companies, having only been around since its inception in 2005, but that hasn’t stopped this company from making big waves in community assistance and outstanding acts of philanthropy. Stream Energy generates over $8 billion dollars in revenue between its energy, home and protective services, and wireless offerings.

The company prides itself on being an ethical employment opportunity with a business model that provides abundant options for those wanting to not just have a job, but work toward building a better life. Their Women of Power organization creates a special connection for female associates to grow, share, connect, and empower one another.

Stream recently made its charity foundation “Stream Cares” official after years of dedicated service. Corporate philanthropy is a theme that runs deeply with Stream Energy and it can be seen in the assistance they have given the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, as well as local non-profits such as Hope Supply Company which focuses on the needs of homeless children. Stream partnered with this company to give 1,000 families admission to a local water park and meals for the day. For many, this was an experience far from anything they had been a part of before.

It is easily seen in the way Stream leaped to the task of assisting those affected by Hurricane Harvey in the Texas area. Plummeting over 56 inches of rain on areas such as Houston, Hurricane Harvey was catastrophic in its destruction. The damage was astronomically costly with families losing loved ones, their homes and possessions, their vehicles, and their pets and livestock.

Stream Energy is not new to lending a helping hand. They diversified their altruistic efforts and began helping in the North Texas area right away following the series of tornadoes that wreaked havoc on the area the day after Christmas in 2016. They worked alongside the Salvation Army matching contributions and seeking donors.

The American Veteran is near and dear to the hearts of the Stream Energy family, as well. In a joint effort with Operation Once In A Lifetime, Stream Energy facilitated transportation for veterans and their families to a phenomenal Texas restaurant where they feasted upon ribs, burgers, steaks, and more. The following day was a ‘Girls Only’ event where 10 daughters of military members were selected to travel to the American Doll store where they chose their personalized doll and followed the experience with dining in the American Doll Café, all expenses paid by Stream.

Ted Bauman and Wealth Protection

The last thing on the minds of American investors is wealth preservation. With the markets at all-time highs, the good times for the stock market seem as though they will go on forever. Many individuals forget what a bear market even looks like and the last recession seems like a dream. Investors like Ted Bauman believes that it is possible the current bull market may continue for some time. However, he also believes that the market could tank and investors who are so used to this bull market need to at least protect their assets. Ted Bauman advises people to take a self-protective investment approach rather than trying to achieve massive short-term gains.

Ted Bauman preaches that investors should have stocks and bonds as part of investment portfolio. Bonds provide a cushion for an investors portfolio when stocks are in a bear market. When stocks enter a bull market and investor can greatly increase gains by adding to their stock positions. Bonds are not the most popular investment. The bond market and dividend investing are complete mysteries, as most individuals today are seeking the next growth story in the equity space. It also does not help that the federal reserve has kept interest rates so low that many would-be bond investors who seek yield have no other alternative but equities. Bonds are typically safer than stocks, which is why it is typically advised that an investor has a proper balance of stocks and bonds.

Ted Bauman graduated from the University of Cape Town with degrees in Economics and History. During his years in South Africa, he held positions as fund manager for low-cost housing projects. In 2013 he joined Banyan Hill Publishing and is the editor of the Bauman Letter. Asset Protection is one of the areas he specializes in. With the stock market at record high valuations, it may be time to take the advice of those like Ted Bauman and focus on protecting one’s wealth.

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