Learning more about freedom checks

The idea of Freedom Checks is one that has raised different opinions in 2018. When Matt Badiali first introduced it in an advert, there were divergent opinions, some dismissing it right from, the onset while some developed interests to know what it was. The reason for controversy was the ease with which it was easy to make money from the program, at least from the advert. Many people deem anything that promises easy money as a scam, and this is what happened to Matt Badiali and his freedom checks program. However this was just the beginning, and as more people tried to find the truth about the program, they understood more important details about this investment opportunity. Right now, many people who took the initiative to study the program are making huge returns. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Initially, many people thought that it was a government program where people would be given free freedom checks. The check that was used to advertise was similar to what people get when they are looking for tax refunds. All this, unfortunately, was a misinterpretation from the people. At no point did Matt say that there was any connection between the opportunity and the government.

The idea of freedom checks was and is still legitimate, and only people who never did research about the opportunity were quick to dismiss it. This is an opportunity that was thoroughly researched by Matt who also owns the Real Wealth Strategist. He has a reputation of helping the average investor make the right investment decision by researching and sharing with them information that he finds. As a geologist, he is familiar with the mining industry. He generally researches about all natural resources and looks if there are good investment opportunities that he can share with the investors.

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Matt Badiali projects that there will be $34.6 billion which will be paid by the companies which qualify for the program. The companies which qualify are 568 in the whole of the United States and statute 26-F of the Internal Revenue qualifies them. These companies are required to generate 90 percent of their revenue from within the United States. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Stream Energy Launches “Stream Cares” Giving An Official Title To Philanthropic Efforts Conducted For Many Years

Stream Energy is one of the newer utility companies, having only been around since its inception in 2005, but that hasn’t stopped this company from making big waves in community assistance and outstanding acts of philanthropy. Stream Energy generates over $8 billion dollars in revenue between its energy, home and protective services, and wireless offerings.

The company prides itself on being an ethical employment opportunity with a business model that provides abundant options for those wanting to not just have a job, but work toward building a better life. Their Women of Power organization creates a special connection for female associates to grow, share, connect, and empower one another.

Stream recently made its charity foundation “Stream Cares” official after years of dedicated service. Corporate philanthropy is a theme that runs deeply with Stream Energy and it can be seen in the assistance they have given the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, as well as local non-profits such as Hope Supply Company which focuses on the needs of homeless children. Stream partnered with this company to give 1,000 families admission to a local water park and meals for the day. For many, this was an experience far from anything they had been a part of before.

It is easily seen in the way Stream leaped to the task of assisting those affected by Hurricane Harvey in the Texas area. Plummeting over 56 inches of rain on areas such as Houston, Hurricane Harvey was catastrophic in its destruction. The damage was astronomically costly with families losing loved ones, their homes and possessions, their vehicles, and their pets and livestock.

Stream Energy is not new to lending a helping hand. They diversified their altruistic efforts and began helping in the North Texas area right away following the series of tornadoes that wreaked havoc on the area the day after Christmas in 2016. They worked alongside the Salvation Army matching contributions and seeking donors.

The American Veteran is near and dear to the hearts of the Stream Energy family, as well. In a joint effort with Operation Once In A Lifetime, Stream Energy facilitated transportation for veterans and their families to a phenomenal Texas restaurant where they feasted upon ribs, burgers, steaks, and more. The following day was a ‘Girls Only’ event where 10 daughters of military members were selected to travel to the American Doll store where they chose their personalized doll and followed the experience with dining in the American Doll Café, all expenses paid by Stream.