How Image Recognition Is Shaping The Future

The human brain has gained huge expertise at image recognition over the course of thousands of years of evolution. This allows people to identify other humans, tell apart objects and even read. But what seems rather simple and first-nature for people is actually incredibly difficult to achieve for a machine.

However, in the last few years science has made great progress in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which should not be taken lightly, as it will effectively change the way humans interact with their environment, their technology and even each other.

Image recognition in particular will have a huge impact in the way people use devices such as smart-phones and computers, and also the way companies communicate with potential costumers.

Image recognition technology is the process of detecting and identifying an object within a digital image. This is actually a complex process that’s composed of algorithms designed to perform specific tasks such as optical character recognition, face recognition and scene change detection.

This allows companies to use product recognition technology for all kinds of things, from surveillance to the automation of factories. Perhaps more importantly though, it allows consumers to interact directly with companies through the potentially valuable objects and images that surround them, such as logos and labels.

Through image recognition one can access information, services and additional content relative to the specific product or brand of their choosing and it’s helpful in visual search. Think about it: In a world where 1.8 billion images are uploaded every day to the internet, and brands are constantly trying to set themselves apart from competitors by appealing directly to consumers, this kind of technology has the potential to make a huge difference. Not only that, but it’s already starting to broaden the possibilities of interaction with consumers, content management, protection against brand misuse, and even market research.

Researchers have been steadily developing image recognition technology to a point where there are constant revolutionary advancements in the field, and companies all over the world are capitalizing on that fact. One of the lead implementers of this amazing technology is Slyce, whose Universal Scanner incorporates the best features of image recognition technology into a single product that allows consumers to scan barcodes, coupons and any real world image in order to find a match online seamlessly.