Sheldon Lavin Success Story

The OSI group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sheldon Lavin was lately acknowledged with an International Visionary Honor from India’s Vision World Academy. This prestigious award acknowledges visionaries in different fields who have made their dreams to become a reality by proving perseverance persistence in order to accomplish their goals.

After having a prosperous career in the finance industry, Mr. Lavin led the OSI Group Limited from less known domestic food firm to becoming an international multibillion-dollar food processing company, which operates more than 60 facilities in 16 countries. The OSI-Vista Food Processing plant is a branch of the OSI Group Company which became part of OSI since the year 1995. It operates 8 facilities throughout India, delivering custom processing of vegetables meat and fruit. This will be the fifth year the Academy will be honoring distinguished achievers such as Sheldon with this prestigious award to acknowledge their dedicated efforts to inspire the next generation so that they can follow in their footsteps.

Sheldon Lavin expressed his interest in the meat industry about forty-three years ago. Lavin has acted as both the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group limited and has been able to transform the company to become a worldwide processed food products’ supplier with several facilities in over sixteen countries around the world. Mr. Lavin was able to gain half of the voting control at the OSI Group in the year 1980s and gain 100% voting control after thirteen years later. Aged 81 years old, Lavin is determined to expand this company.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin has remained active in contributing to several charities around the globe. In this case, the most notable charities that have benefited from his philanthropic work include the Ronald McDonald House Charities, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Inner City Foundation of Chicago, United Negro College Fund, Girls and Boys Clubs of Chicago, The Jewish United Fund and several other Jewish charities among others. Lavin’s philanthropy work is proved by these charity organizations.

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has received several awards and has participated in several charitable activities. These include being a trustee of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Board member of the Goodman Theatre, President and Director of Sheba Foundation, Board member of Rush University Medical Center, and much more.

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Sheldon Lavin Has Made Huge Improvements To OSI Group Over The Years

Sheldon Lavin has spent the majority of his career working with OSI Group, even before he managed to take over as the company CEO. This food processing company has been at the top of the industry for decades, especially in the meat department. Sheldon Lavin first joined the OSI Group team back in the 1970’s to act as a financial advisor to help the company expand into new locations. Sheldon’s had many years of experience before getting invited to the OSI team, but he managed to be a perfect fit for the company.

The original owners of OSI Group decided that Sheldon Lavin was an excellent financial and business advisor so they wanted him to stay with the company. Over the years, Sheldon not only helped the company expand but bought a controlling interest in the company’s stocks. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Sheldon was making his way to the top of the company as the original owners began to retire. This was when OSI Group officially took on the name it has today. For more than six decades, the company was officially known as Otto & Sons to represent the founder and his two sons that ran the company alongside him.

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer for OSI Group and he continues to oversee daily operations as well as the expansion of the company. OSI Group already has food distribution centers in 17 different countries, which are maintained by a huge number of employees, but there is much more to come according to Sheldon. OSI Group currently runs more than 60 different subsidiaries on top of maintaining a top position in the food industry. They provide high quality food products to dozens of different business and corporations around the world, including McDonald’s and Starbucks. As one of the most successful private corporations in the United States, OSI Group has been recognized in many popular news outlets, including Forbes Magazine.

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