Why GoBuySide Takes a Different Approach For Recruiting Quality Talent

When it comes to hiring new candidates as an investment or financial management firm, you have to focus first and foremost on your profits and your revenue. An ideal employee is one who is going to bring you a lot more revenue and profit than the compensation they are provided. Thus, it pays to make sure that you are spending the necessary effort and time on hiring an ideal candidate. However, in the investment and finance industries, it seems as if there is a shortage of quality candidates. Many chief executive officers have expressed their low confidence in their ability to find candidates who are truly qualified for the job positions that they are trying to fill. Thus, it seems as if a different approach than the one that is generally being used by these firms is going to be warranted when it comes to moving forward in the future. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

GoBuySide takes a different approach than the one that has been taken by recruitment agencies in general. According to them, the best way to make sure that you are spending your time and effort in a way that is useful is by using a recruitment agency that specializes in the niche that you are interested in. The reason for that is you are going to have a better return on investment.

Remember that it requires time and money in order to do the research that is necessary in order to find a quality candidate. You want that time and money to be spent in a way that guarantees a great return on investment. Read this article at Accesswire.

With GoBuySide, you can be sure that you will find the best candidates in New York. They will use their advanced research methods in order to find you quality candidates in New York and elsewhere who will make a perfect fit for your company. Unlike general recruitment agencies that focus on many companies at once, GoBuySide is dedicated to the financial management industry, thus ensuring that they will find you someone who is better fitted for your specific needs.

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A Review of GreenSky Credit and Achievements

The chief executive officer co-founder of GreenSky Credit is one Mr. David Zalik. The forty-three-year-old owns more than half of the organization, positioning him into the billionaire level. He was born in Israel, where his parents later migrated to the United States of America, settling in Alabama. Zalik’s father later became a professor at Auburn. Mr. David Zalik entrepreneurialism came as a result of an aspiration to be able to date the older female students; he saw the need to purchase a car before he inquired a woman out.


GreenSky Credit is American’s third most valuable organization and has been nurturing in oblivion for the past decade. The chief executive officer secret flinches in the dimly lit labyrinth of cubicles, where employees pitch the company’s simple to handle mobile app to now renovating contractors. The consumer base is odd for a fintech unicorn, but Mr. David Zalik figured out that the contractors are the gatekeepers to one of the significant markets in America. Collecting money on time usually isn’t a problem though GreenSky Credit makes quick agreements, indiscreet loans, it tends to do so to debtors with traversable FICO scores, authorizing a slew of other online lenders the more marginal candidates


GreenSky Credit uses a model that transfers much risk and work done to other parties and profits from both ends of each deal. The contractors not only market the loans to household owners but also pay GreenSky Credit on average of about 6% of the total loan amount. Its depositors include Regions and Fifth Third and SunTrust which make the most recent equity investment in the company. The group is not on the hook for defaults, though its pay from the banks fluctuates, based on loan recital. Forbes estimates that the company will take in millions in revenue, with the profit margins exceeding previous years. The group operates as a third party service provider and program superintendent for federally insured, federal, and state commissioned banks that provide consumer loans. It also includes business card services that boost its revenue collection. Mr. David Zalik believes when one makes a fortune, there is no urge to buy a football or ping-pong table but the best way is to invest.