Enhanced Athlete Overcomes Nutrition Distributions Lawsuit And Comes Out Stronger

Enhanced Athlete has been taking some heat unfortunately due to the efforts of Nutrition Distribution to discredit them and the company’s CEO. In the court case with Nutrition Distribution, Enhanced Athlete was able to convince the judge of an override to Nutrition Distribution’s claims. According to Enhanced Athlete, Nutrition Distribution is actually making a business out of starting lawsuits that they can then settle outside of court. As of late, Nutrition Distribution has filed in excess of 70 different lawsuits against various companies that are similar to Enhanced Athlete in nature. EA has also stated that Nutrition Distribution personally sent them mail saying they would sue them due to losses in their overall sales because of false advertising by Enhanced Athlete.


Thanks to the evidence brought forth by Enhanced Athlete, the California District Judge denied Nutrition Distributions pleas. According to Scott Cavell, current Chief Executive Officer for Enhanced Athlete, the claims made by Nutrition Distribution are nothing more than a simple scheme that he would not allow EA to fall victim to, like many other companies, unfortunately, have over the years. During the trial, Nutrition brought virtually no evidence to the table that showed Enhanced Athlete diminished their sales in any way at all, therefore their false advertising claims against Enhanced Athlete or it’s sister companies also held no ground in court.


Enhanced Athlete is a parent company to Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching, all of which work together to help athletes reach the maximum of their potential. Whether it’s proper training programs or effective training gear, Enhanced has the tools to train every athlete. Specialized sports gear and individualized training to meet the needs of every client is what allows Enhanced Athlete to stand out from the competition. The ENhanced Logo is worn by all three companies. These companies offer programs for their clients ranging from athlete to bodybuilder, so there is likely a program to suit any athletes needs. Enhanced Athlete has their own dedicated websites for all their respective companies which allow users to check out their latest news and get signed up to start using their special programs and equipment.