Alex Hern Introduces Virtual Reality Startup With Innovative Idea

Virtual reality is changing the way we think about interactive entertainment. VR is a trending topic in the tech industry, but the scope of the conversation is limited. Alex Hern wants to create practical virtual reality, and his new startup Tsunami VR has the potential to make a difference. Tsunami VR is targeting professionals in need of business communication solutions. Hern wants to convince the business world that virtual reality can give them a better way to communicate. He understands how to make tech startups into giants, and he’s using that knowledge to stand out from the crowd.

Tsunami VR creates communication solutions for businesses around the world. The company continues to grow in both revenue and success, but its initial interest came from tech investors. Alex Hern knows how to identify quality, and he works with entrepreneurs until they succeed. Hern has a long history in the tech industry, and he uses that experience to guide projects. There are hundreds of new companies created every year, but the majority won’t last. The process that takes an idea from paper to reality is long. It takes some experience to understand how to overcome these hurdles, and Hern is in the right position for that.

This company has an ambitious vision, but Alex Hern understands how to execute his plan. He knows he needs to make swift decisions to make his company successful. Business professionals need to deliver their message with power. It’s easier to convince potential clients your business is going to help them in person. Virtual reality recreates that experience in an environment people can enter from anywhere in the world. We can emulate the way we talk to each other in a virtual space. Alex Hern wants to change how we communicate with each other. If he succeeds, we’re going to enter a new era of virtual reality.

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Guilherme Paulus-The Founder Of The Biggest Tour Company In Brazil

Running a business in Brazil is not easy. It is one of the countries that have so many challenges facing the business sector. Many times, you will find some businesses collapsing because of the hostile environment created mainly by government regulations. Is ranked as one of the hardest places on earth to start and run a business. Despite the challenges that are there in the industry, all is not lost. There are still brilliant businesses people who have managed to crack the market and are now doing well. One such person is Guilherme Paulus. He is one of the prominent billionaires from the Brazil who has made his wealth through entrepreneurship in the tourism and accommodation sectors.

Guilherme Paulus started business journey in 1972 when he was only 24 years old. He was working in the IT department at IBM. When he met a friend known as Carlos Vicente, life has never been the same again. Vicente had an idea of starting a tour company. He thought that it was a good idea that they implemented the idea together. Vicente provided the capital to start the business while Paulus agreed to oversee the daily operations of the tour company. Four years after, Vicente left the business leaving Paulus to run the business on his own.

Guilherme Paulus did not disappoint. He runs the business with great efficiency. He was ready to see his efforts bear fruits. He managed the CVC tour company so well that by the turn of the new millennium, it was the leading company in the country. He employed some unique marketing strategies. For instance, he would camp near theatres and sell his tour ideas to the people. He knew that people coming out of the theatres are influenced to live a happy life that involves tours and other things. This marketing strategy worked, and his business picked very fast.

Guilherme Paulus sold part of the company to Carlyle Group. His mission is to keep the company running effectively. The new partners have injected about $750 million to the company, and it is now expected to make to the highest level of the tour industry in the world. CVC is already the biggest in Latin America. In the deal, Guilherme Paulus pocketed $400 million. According to the Forbes, the Brazilian entrepreneur is worth over $1 billion. He is one of the legitimate billionaires to come out of the South American state.

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About The End Citizens United Movement.

Elections in the US, like in any other country, requires funds and transparency to run smoothly. Fundings can be gathered from individuals and organizations that support the agendas of the candidate as well as the party that the candidates are members. These findings have created a chance for individuals or groups to push their agendas and vested interests after the elections. It ensures that the candidates use their positions to benefit the few wealthy individuals rather than cater to society’s needs. This lead to the establishment of End Citizens United, a political action committee whose main purpose is to fight against large political fundings with ulterior motives.

It was founded in 2015 after the court ruling, in 2010’s Citizen United Vs Federal election commission, that allowed elections to be funded by wealthy individuals and organizations. End Citizens United is bent on driving out of elections independent individual fundings against or for a candidate, by gathering funds for candidates and running independent expenditures. End Citizens United participated in its first election in 2016 with a 25 million dollars funding where it funded Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren and Zephyr Teachout. Read this article at to know more.

End Citizens United’s campaign to end Citizens United has been met by a share of challenges. Though a majority of US citizens, especially in at the grassroots level, agree that excessive use of funds by the wealthy to “buy” election is a big challenge, there is still a large part especially the high end, that still believes in Citizen United. Since End Citizen United financed Democrats in 2016, supporters of the Republican Party and other critics are quick to point this out creating another challenge for the committee.

The End Citizens United supports and is ready to support any candidate from independent, Republicans and Democrats alike. It is committed to making fundings and election expenditure open for the public and making sure extreme independent or individual findings are put under control. In its cycle from 2016, the committee has raised over 30 million dollars and aims for more before the 2018 midterms. On its website, people can see the progress being made and what they do and pages on pre-reform candidates.



Wes Edens Introduces Train Services In South Florida

Wes Edens is the owner of Milwaukee Bucks and a private investor who has another option of commuting around South Florida. Through his Bright line train service that made its first trip on May 2018, Wes Edens reduced the time it took to travel from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. Initially, it took more than one hour due to gridlocks, but the train took just thirty minutes. The train is fitted with free Wi-fi, comfortable leather seats and food services are available. The train is cheaper than hiring a cab because one-way ticket costs $10 compared with $40 if someone hires a taxi. The speed train travels at an average speed of 80 mph compared to the road where cars mostly make 34-mph.

The train is a relief even to those commuters who do not like leaving their cars behind. Wes Eden says that currently the train reaches West Palm Beach but plans to extend the service to Orlando. Brightline is a solution to congested corridors like Atlanta and Charlotte, and Houston and Dallas among others. Fortress Investment Group that Wes Edens is a partner owns the rail system, and plans are underway to build a station and extend the service to Miami covering six blocks. Real estate developers are putting up food halls, residences, and shops and are warning that there would be a drastic rise in the price of the properties along the rail system. Edens is optimistic that the rail would extend beyond Florida to St. Louis and Chicago although the trip between Chicago to Milwaukee remains unclear.

Wes Edens is an Oregon State University graduate where he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in finance. He worked in an equity fund, BlackRock Asset Investors and as the Managing Director and partner of BlackRock Financial Management Inc. Eden worked at Lehman Brothers as the Managing Director, but in 1998, he collaborated with others to start Fortress Investment Group, a $ 72 billion Company. He is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company whose headquarters are located in New York. The company invests in real estate, financial services, infrastructure, media, transportation, and healthcare.

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Talos Energy, Merger And Acquisition.

Talos energy is an independent gas and oil company which was founded in 2012. The company has exponential expertise in exploring and producing offshore hydrocarbons in the United States Gulf of Mexico region and offshore Mexico. The company was formed in close partnership with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. This was for the sole purpose of acquiring assets in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico areas. Apart from that Talos takes part in business development activities that incorporate JV’s and farm-ins.

On 31st August 2018, Talos announced that it had gotten into and concluded a deal to acquire Whistler Energy II. Before the acquisition, Whistler had a gross production of roughly 1,900 barrels of oil daily. The buy-out price was set at $52 million. As a fragment of this acquisition, Talos was able to negotiate the release of $77 million of a surety that had safeguarded Whistler’s security bonds which the firm was not required to interchange. Due to this, Talos received $31 million which as the total cash collateral that was released. The seller on their part was titled to the remaining $46 million.

Besides the acquisition of Whistler Energy, Talos energy also made a merger. The merger involved another entity known as Stone Energy Corporation. This is after the Board of Directors of both corporations solidly agreed to the amalgamation of these companies in an all-stock transaction that brought about a leading offshore-focused production and Exploration Corporation. However, the merger maintained the name Talos Energy. Under the terms and conditions laid out in the deal, every outstanding share of Stone common stock was traded for one share of Talos energy, Inc. shared stock.

At the closing of the agreement, Talos stakeholders owned 63% of the joint firm with Stone shareholders holding the remainder which was 37%. This merger was a critical step towards the company’s objective of being the premier offshore production and exploration corporation. Also, the merger gave room for more financial flexibility which would ensure that the company could conduct business most effectively and ultimately making Talos Energy a leading offshore exploration and production company.

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Equities First Holdings Takes Care Of Those Seeking Loans

Al Christy, Jr. wants those people who are without loans and the cash that they need to live their lives to receive help. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Equities First Holdings, this man has been reaching out to different people who have been unsuccessful when trying to get loans and he has been helping them get the money that they need. Daily Forex Report has shared how Equities First Holdings is filling the gaps that are left by other banks. When a person is refused by one financial institution, it can be hard for them to reach out to another for the help that they need. It feels good when a person is able to get money through an organization like Equities First Holdings and do the things that they had planned to do but didn’t have the money for on their own.

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Acquisition Of Fortress Investment Group By Soft Bank

Softbank has acquired fortress Investment Group. SoftBank is a tech firm based in Japan that funds startup technology companies. Fortress Investment Group just announced that it had started funding that is aimed at helping the organization to expand more into the robust market. Fortress Group was the first privately owned company that had its shares traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. However, the company has been delisted after Soft Bank acquired it. Fortress investment looks forward to closing one of its funds while being ready to fund another one. Fortress Investment Group is attempting to exploit on the remarkably robust private-credit market. The company intends to be lending activities directed to mid-sized as well as small sized organization to generate gains. Fortress Group was founded in 1998 by Wes Eden and Randal Nardone.

SoftBank paid $3.3billion in acquiring fortress Investment Group. Fortress Group deals with alternative asset investment. According to many, the deal makes little sense as they wonder what brings these to companies that are operating in different industries together. The Fortress Group shareholders have approved the deal. With this acquisition, it shows that Soft Bank wants to venture into alternative asset investment and become the leading organization in industry in the United States. Soft Bank was founded by Masayoshi’s son as wholesale of PC software. At the moment, the company invests in tech services companies, telecommunication, broadband companies and others.

The management team from Fortress Group claim that the acquisition came at the right moment as the company wants to expand into other markets. The management argues that the deal will make the company achieve its goals. Moreover, the delisting from the New York Stock Exchange is one thing that the company is pleased with. Fortress Group is always ready to go an extra mile to have the competitive advantage in market. Thus, with the acquisition, the company looks forward to growing its base of investors and developing even more. Despite the acquisition, Fortress Investment group will be responsible for its management as well as retaining all its leaders, and the company is happy with the deal.

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How The CEO Of Talos Energy Completed A Critical Merger Under Trying Circumstances

Talos Energy LLC is a Houston, Texas-based company that was established in 2012. It explores for oil and natural gas in Gulf of Mexico, develops drilling platforms, and then produces these natural resources. It was founded by Timothy Duncan who serves as the chief executive officer. Their biggest discovery so far was in Mexico’s Zama-1 field which has been determined to have somewhere between 1.4 billion and 2 billion barrels of light crude oil in it.

Tim Duncan says that his family was forced out of their home by Hurricane Harvey right when he was working on a critical merger between Talos Energy and Stone Energy Company. After getting his family to Alabama he had to return to the Houston area in order to complete this deal he had already spent four months negotiating. He ended up using his parent’s home as his base because they had power and weren’t flooded out of their home.

This deal was critical because if it was completed Talos Energy would become a publically traded firm. While Talos Energy was privately held Stone Energy was publically held. One of the big issues was that Stone Energy was basically bankrupt although they did have some valuable assets. He was able to complete a merger between the two firms from his parent’s kitchen table which was worth $2.5 billion.

Tim Duncan says that he and the rest of the team at Talos Energy like to take risks and contrarian bets. He says that most of his competitors are off exploring areas like the Permian Basin which have been drilled for decades. They are applying new technology such as hydraulic fracturing in order to get at oil that hasn’t been recovered in the past.

Talos Energy, though, thinks about things differently. They would rather explore areas that haven’t received the attention of the crowds. Tim Duncan says that he would rather take a big swing and hit a home run when it comes to exploring for oil and natural gas rather than making safe swing and ending up on first base.

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A Review of GreenSky Credit and Achievements

The chief executive officer co-founder of GreenSky Credit is one Mr. David Zalik. The forty-three-year-old owns more than half of the organization, positioning him into the billionaire level. He was born in Israel, where his parents later migrated to the United States of America, settling in Alabama. Zalik’s father later became a professor at Auburn. Mr. David Zalik entrepreneurialism came as a result of an aspiration to be able to date the older female students; he saw the need to purchase a car before he inquired a woman out.


GreenSky Credit is American’s third most valuable organization and has been nurturing in oblivion for the past decade. The chief executive officer secret flinches in the dimly lit labyrinth of cubicles, where employees pitch the company’s simple to handle mobile app to now renovating contractors. The consumer base is odd for a fintech unicorn, but Mr. David Zalik figured out that the contractors are the gatekeepers to one of the significant markets in America. Collecting money on time usually isn’t a problem though GreenSky Credit makes quick agreements, indiscreet loans, it tends to do so to debtors with traversable FICO scores, authorizing a slew of other online lenders the more marginal candidates


GreenSky Credit uses a model that transfers much risk and work done to other parties and profits from both ends of each deal. The contractors not only market the loans to household owners but also pay GreenSky Credit on average of about 6% of the total loan amount. Its depositors include Regions and Fifth Third and SunTrust which make the most recent equity investment in the company. The group is not on the hook for defaults, though its pay from the banks fluctuates, based on loan recital. Forbes estimates that the company will take in millions in revenue, with the profit margins exceeding previous years. The group operates as a third party service provider and program superintendent for federally insured, federal, and state commissioned banks that provide consumer loans. It also includes business card services that boost its revenue collection. Mr. David Zalik believes when one makes a fortune, there is no urge to buy a football or ping-pong table but the best way is to invest.