Fast Growing EOS balm

For a long time lip balm was just the typical cylindrical tubes with typical flavors. You could only find them in mint or cherry. There was nothing exciting about the typical lip balm. And about 7 years ago, the EOS sphere shaped lip balm started to appear, and before you knew it they were everywhere. They filled the shelves of Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. Even online merchants like Ulta and eBay started selling them too! They were selling these lip balms rapidly.

They brought their idea to a buyer from Walgreens and she liked the idea. EOS lip balm was a success with walgreens and started to sell rapidly on the shelves, and then they started to sell at Walmart, and Target.

Celebrities were even spotted pulling the sphere shaped lip balm balls out of their makeup bags. The pastel colored orbs were suddenly everywhere! Facebook bloggers and beauty editors from Cosmos and Allure were raving about the product, they fell in love with the unique flavors, such as grapefruit and honeydew.

EOS is now a $250 million company. They sell about a million products a week, but they are not stopping there. They now sell hand lotions and shaving cream, and in the future they plan on coming out with new products. They have great things to come! Visit for more info.