Oncotarget Gives Oncologists a Place to Connect

Before Mikhail Blagosklonny started Oncotarget, there was nowhere that oncologists could connect with each other. Instead of having a publication where they could all learn about the things that were going on with cancer and cancer research, they had to rely on simply learning the information from other sources. It made things hard on them, and it could have hindered some of the information they were all learning about the cure for cancer. Mikhail Blagosklonny saw this as a travesty because patients were possibly suffering as a result of oncologists not being able to connect. He wanted to change it, and Oncotarget was the answer he had.

He would create the publication and allow oncologists to connect with each other over the things that were going on. He wanted to show them what they could get to make things better no matter what was going on in the industry. One of the things he did was gather a lot of oncologists and have them all put the research together. This was helpful because they only had generalized publications to do that with in the past. Now, they would be able to include different types of information they had never had a chance to study in the past. They would also have the opportunities they needed to show people they could get better with the options they had.

All of it made sense and made it easier for them to get the help they need no matter what was going on in the industry.As things changed direction for the people who were a part of Oncotarget, Mikhail Blagosklonny made the choice to add other specialists. He allows them to use Oncotarget, but only so they will publish information relating to cancer. In fact, he recently learned about using anti-aging treatments for cancer from the publication. Now, there are many people who are in the industry using the research to help themselves find the perfect treatment option they need for all the people who they are trying to treat. The research has opened new doors for doctors and patients all around the country.

Eric Lefkofsky Co-Founds Tempus to Create a Paradigm Shift in Cancer Treatment

Recently, ChicagoInno published an article by Jim Dalke called “Eric Lefkofsky’s Self-Funded Mission to Cure Cancer Through Data”. The article discusses Groupon Co-Founder, Eric Lefkofsky and his new venture called Tempus.

After his wife was diagnosed cancer Lefkofsky felt a need for a dynamic shift in the technology and data of treatment. As he and his wife went to a variety of specialists and doctors, he realized that there was not a lot of hard data for them to make decisions about Mrs. Lefkoksy’s treatment. Instead, he felt devastating confusion because of the lack of information and data to provide clear decisions.

Because of this, he founded the company Tempus. Despite not wanting to start any new companies at this stage in his career, he felt a solution to this overwhelming problem was necessary. He wanted to create a paradigm shift in the technology available physicians treating cancer patients. Tempus provides a library of molecular data and biological patient information along with an operating system. Using this information will allow doctors to learn from the treatment of previous patients and establish more accurate treatment plans based on similar molecular profiles for their current patients. The data will allow doctors to see into the body, perceiving any possible mutations and which options have been the most effective.

Tempus was a significant investment for Mr. Eric Lefkofsky. The company is self-funded which allows the company to have a distinct advantage over the competition who depend on outside funding. Because it felt so personal to him after his wife’s diagnosis, he was willing to invest millions of his own money into the company.

Eric Lefkosky is well known for being the co-founder of Groupon with a net worth of over $150 million according to Forbes. However, he is also the co-founder of a variety of other companies. Uptake is another analytics company that seeks to optimize performance in global companies. He also started a venture capital firm called Lightbank that specializes technology companies with an integrated role in helping them develop quickly. Mediabank is a media platform for advertising agencies that organizes the marketing process.

He was born in Michigan to a structural engineer and a teacher. He studied at the University of Michigan and graduated with honors. In 1993, he received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School.