Whitney Wolfe Is Empowering Women

Whitney Wolfe, the chief executive officer and founder of Bumble, did not bother pulling punches on stage at the annual Founders Fair that Vanity Fair held for the second time. The event took place at the New York-based Spring Studios. Wolfe stated in a conversation with Radhika Jones, who is the editor in chief at Vanity Fair and California Baby, who is the CEO and founder of Vanity Fair, that she thinks traditionally, power is regarded as something belonging to men, and it’s an excuse of behaving in a disempowered way.

Whitney Wolfe thinks they have been conditioned to believe that there is only a single seat at the table; she loves that more women are saying that they will build more seats. Wolfe, a Tinder co-founder, knows very well as everyone about the obstacles women are facing. She was involved in a lawsuit related to discrimination and harassment after leaving Tinder to start her matchmaking company. Then, Match Group (owns Tinder), sued Wolfe’s company for violating its trademarks and patents. Bumble was fast to fire back and published an open letter to the company Match Group. Read more :Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit

Wolfe Joins Imagine Entertainment Board

Chairmen Ron Howard and Brian Grazer added Whitney Wolfe Herd as a non-voting board of directors member of Imagine Entertainment. She joins Richard Rosenblatt, Michael Lynton, Jeff Sagansky, and Tom Freston on the board. Grazer said that he deeply admires Wolf as a visionary and original thinker. She’s a brilliant, young businesswoman who created a magnificent global company and an empowered, strong community.

As they are continuing to evolve and grow Imagine Entertainment, they wanted to add another person to the board who is going to bring a fresh, original perspective. They wanted someone who has a completely different thinking than them but understands the human connection value and storytelling. He continued saying that Wolfe brings a fresh perspective and relevance to their business. They were honored that Whitney Wolfe agreed to join their board.

Whitney Wolfe created Bumble app as the only location-based dating application where women make the first connection. Bumble launched Bumble BFF in 2016 as a feature for finding friends and in 2017, they launched Bumble Bizz, which is designed for professional networking.

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Susan McGalla’s Untouchable Work Ethic

Susan McGalla is a very inspirational woman who through hard work and dedication was able to work her way to the top of a company that was filled with male leaders. No one expected McGalla to dominate in the corporate office, but she proved everyone who did not believe in her wrong. The American Eagle Outfitters executive office had long been comprised of an all-male board. The officers were male, and the brand was geared towards males, so some thought that a woman would not be able to contribute anything of good use. Susan McGalla was not just any ordinary woman.

Susan McGalla’s father as a coach and she had two brothers. She didn’t receive royal treatment because she was a girl. At a young age, she was taught that she had to work just as hard as anybody else regardless of any hand ups she felt that she should have had. McGalla, an Ohio girl, knew that she had to do equal or more work than her peers. When McGalla began working at American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, she was determined to work her way up. She made sure that she was known for being punctual and having excellent marketing skills. She used the knowledge that she acquired from her father and brothers to benefit her in the boardroom.

Eventually, Susan McGalla became the Chief Merchandising Officer and the President of American Outfitters. McGalla’s refusal to make excuses for herself is what pushed her to the top. She demanded an equal level of respect in every room that she entered. She was determined to show that all women weren’t eager to be excused for being a woman. Some women are so hungry for success and change that they will work to excel above their male peers.

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