Robert Ivy Is A Leading Architect And President Of The AIA

When it comes to the professional world, networking is a must if anyone truly wants to become a success. There is no faster way to get noticed and start working up the ladder than becoming acquainted with other successful professionals or organizations. There are many great organizations to get involved with that can help people get their careers moving on the right path with a load of benefits, such as educational recourses and credential building.

The American Institute of Architects provides their members with great benefits that not only help them get started on their careers but improve them at any level. Many industry professionals come through the AIA and the company is currently led by a top figure in the architecture industry, Robert Ivy. The architect, Robert Ivy is always looking out for people at his organizations and trying to spare his own expertise and strategies for becoming successful. The AIA has improved as an organization with Robert Ivy in leadership without question, and there are many more people from around the world looking into the company and getting involved.

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Robert Ivy has spent his entire career in the architect industry, contributing in pretty much all ways that are possible, including writing. Robert Ivy regularly writes on architecture and even worked at the architectural record for years as an editor for their journal. Today, Robert writes on a variety of other subjects as well, especially business. Many individuals that come through the AIA are looking to find success in their fields, but they do not look to depend on others and make contacts. More than skills alone, building professional relationships is one of the most important aspects of a successful individual. There is no one out there that can say all of their success came from themselves without any outside help, in any field.

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Robert Ivy: A Career Of Passion And Great Success

Robert Ivy has been honored with the Noel Polka Lifetime Achievement Award. This award comes in recognition of the outstanding work that Ivy has done in the world of architecture and its influence in Mississippi, his hometown. The recognition is quite a milestone as it is the first time that an architect has been a recipient. Previous recipients have been individuals that have demonstrated exemplary performance and a great influence in the advancement of the arts within Mississippi such as Morgan Freeman in 2007.

Robert Ivy’s influence has been both as a designer and creator of architecture and as a writer that has been very vocal in bringing architecture to the community through great editorial work and publishing. The American Institute of Architects recognizes him as “a worthy ambassador” of the work the institute is set to do. The accolade is both a personal and professional achievement for Ivy who has been passionate in all matters related to architecture. Previously, he has received other accolades such as the Master Architect award by the national architecture organization, Alpha Rho Chi. He also received the 2017 Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Joy School of Architecture.

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Before Robert Ivy joined the AIA, he worked as the editor-in-chief of the McGraw-Hill Architectural Record. His vision and passion contributed to the growth of Architectural Record to become the most widely disseminated architectural journal across the world. The Journal won various awards including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. His leadership saw the expansion of McGraw-Hill’s department of design and construction to open a Mandarin version of Architectural Record in China and the Middle East. Within the AIA, Ivy has been an exemplary leader as CEO. He has seen the membership grow to its highest since the inception of the institution 160 years ago. Due to exposure and partnerships, now more American Architects than ever before are working around the globe.

Among Ivy’s other great accomplishments includes the publishing of a biography in 2001 entitled Fay Jones: Architect. This work is now in its third edition and has been recognized for upholding the highest standards in design, production and scholarship.

Before Robert Ivy joined the world of architecture, he was in the U.S Navy as an officer. He studied BA in English at the Sewanee: The University of the South before proceeding to Tulane University where he completed his Masters education in Architecture. He will receive the Lifetime Award on June 2 at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

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Robert Ivy Awarded For Lifetime Achievements

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) claim that Robert Ivy who is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer will be awarded Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The award will be done by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). The grant to Robert Ivy is a mark to architectures since he is the first award to him by the Polk Award. Mr. Ivy had a great record in the architecture industry, and that contributed towards the achievements that he has in the industry.

The award event will encourage lots of other architectures out there that are ambitious towards the architectural industry. He has been an ambassador and a role model to other staff in the AIA and instilled a lot of input for the success of the firm. The remarks that were given by the president Carl Elefante is an indication that Robert Ivy deserved the award since the hard work that he has made him emerge victorious in his responsibilities as a native Mississippi.

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He joined the AIA in 2011 but before that Robert Ivy was the editor in chief for Architectural Record. While he was serving in that position was able to get lots of rewards such as national magazine award. Since he joined AIA, he has made the firm to record a drastic growth globally. Other achievements of the Robert Ivy comprises of the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of architecture. More so, he has the main author of the Fay Jones, and from there you can be able to get great works of Mr. Ivy.

Moreover, CEO Robert Ivy has made it possible for the general public to access the architecture as remarked by the president of MIAL Nancy LaForge during the press release. Therefore, the works and success that have been achieved by the Robert Ivy in the industry make him to rightfully fit for the award of the Noel Polk Award that is usually honored to great achievers. From the list of those people that have been awarded by the Noel, Polk Award is a clear indication that achievement is granted and all those that are aspiring to one day have that award to follow the direction of Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy makes it possible that those that seek the advice and tips for success from him can get because it is his passion to see all people prospering in their lives and more so in their career life.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a membership organization of architects and designers. They have a mission to promote and support architects and the field of architecture. AIA now has more than 90,000 members throughout the U.S. The AIA is committed to building structures that create safe neighborhoods, but it is also deeply involved in the broader global community. The AIA has as one of its goals to reimagine the role of architects and designers and to lead AIA in that effort is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy.

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