The Lung Institute – Offering Advanced Stem Cell Treatment For Lung Diseases

Many different lung diseases can destroy harmony in your life and render you incapable of doing even the smallest of basic life tasks such as walking across the room and back or climbing the stairs. The lung capacity is substantially decreased in the patients suffering from problems such as the COPD or emphysema, and since its treatment hasn’t seen much change in the past few decades, the Lung Institute has come with a stem cell treatment that offers the patients an opportunity to renew their lung’s health. According to experts from the Baylor College of Medicine, the treatment provided by the Lung Institute is life-changing and ensures that the patients can breathe easier than before.

The Lung Institute first started its operations in Tampa, Florida, but gradually opened up across the country to ensure the patients across the country can benefit from the treatment provided. It is relatively a new treatment center and opened its door to the public in 2013, but in just a couple of years, it has successfully delivered treatment to over 3,000 patients, which is a remarkable feat. The Lung Institute extracts the stem cells from the bone marrow of the patients, and the sample separates the stem cells from other cells. The concentrate stem cells are then injected back into the body of the patients, and it is what helps with healing the patients over a period.

The results are seen because the stem cells have the ability to regenerate and form a tissue anywhere in the body. The stem cells are known for helping the body heal in an efficient manner. The damaged lung tissue starts to recover as soon as it comes in contact with the stem cells. As the stem cells are known to treat the lung conditions naturally, treating pulmonary disease is not an issue with stem cells.

Patients who are looking to get their lung disease treated through stem cell or are looking for a consultation about the stem cells therapy and its benefits can visit any of the Lung Institute’s Center or sign-up for a free consultation online. The Lung Institute after a thorough consultation and pre-treatment test would chart a treatment course that would be personalized and address the lung disease in an efficient manner for faster recovery.

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