Brown Modeling Agency: Leading Talent Center in Texas

The Brown Modeling Agency is the largest and the leading modeling agency in the state of Texas. The Brown Modeling Agency is the result of the merging of two competing talent centers – Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. The two modeling agencies realized that by working together, they can become one of the best talent centers not just in their home state of Texas, but also in the United States, and they can even make it further to the world stage. The agreement to merge was signed in September 2015, and there were several proposals that both parties agreed upon. The current chief executive officer of the Brown Modeling Agency is Justin Brown, who also worked as a model when he was younger.


According to Justin Brown, his vision for the Brown Agency is for the agency to be popular worldwide. To do that, he would have to hire several talents that have the charisma to become an international model. Since its inception in 2015, the Brown Modeling Agency successfully trained several talents that are now doing well in their modeling careers, and they are being sent to Los Angeles or New York for their modeling stint. Justin Brown also shared how he worked inside the modeling industry when he was still in college. He stated that he would be paid $100 an hour wearing jeans and being photographed. He said that the pay was good, and that it helped him through college. Check out to see more.

Now that he is a chief executive officer of one of the most successful talent agencies, he stated that he is focusing on the responsibilities for the further expansion of the company. Today, the Brown Modeling Agency keeps on inviting potential talents and they are encouraging them to apply. There are two ways on how to become a model for the Brown Modeling Agency. First is through the traditional way of walking in, bringing along all the important documents and photos that will be shown to the screening panel. They are the ones who will be deciding if someone is fit to become a model. Next is through online application, and according to the management of Brown Modeling Agency, many people are applying online because it is much easier and it will save them time and money. Most of their models have been screened and chosen through online application. These people are from different places not just in Texas, but also in adjacent states. People are looking at modeling as one of the most viable jobs. Brown Modeling Agency is doing their best to promote the industry, and they wanted to see all of their talents succeed, because after all, the success of an individual in the world of modeling is a testament of how good the agency is.






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