Barbara Stokes: A Star at Green Structure Homes of Alabama

Barbara Stokes together with her husband founded the renowned company that is based in the heart of Huntsville, Green Structure Homes of Alabama. Together with their dedicated team, they have been teamed up with both FEMA and the private sector to provide residents and commercial users both temporary and permanent housing solutions. The company has highly-qualified staff that instills their expertise that is coupled with state-of-the-art design techniques to create and develop structures that are exceptional and worthwhile. Some of their developments include residential structures, school campus housing, and military projects among others. Read this article at


Barbara Stokes reveals that they work hand in hand with their team members to ensure that all their ideas turn into a success. Barbara Stokes enrolled at the reputable Mercer University where she majored in Biomedical engineering & physics. She also studied manufacturing & management, structures & properties of materials, as well as thermodynamics. She has worked in various companies such as Boeing and Pisces Corporation before deciding to start Green Structure Homes of Alabama. Apart from being entangled in her busy schedules in her line of work, Barbara Stokes is a proud mother of three children. Interesting to note, the company was awarded a $28 million contract by the federal government in September 2017 after the post Hurricane in Texas. They are expected to put up buildings that will come in handy, and the project is expected to complete in March 2018.


During an interview with Ideamensch, Barbara Stokes reveals that the idea for medical valuations stemmed from her passion for combining all her skills which are both business and technical-related. Armed with her skills, she was able to apply her expertise at Green Structure Homes of Alabama which has paid off. At the same time, Barbara Stokes has always had a soft spot for helping and touching the lives of other people in need which has been made possible by medical valuations projects. A typical day for Barbara comprises of waking up quite early and retiring to bed late. However, she always finds ample time to spend with her loved ones and doing what she loved! Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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