Sightsavers Heading Into the Eye of the Storm

Runners, on your mark. Get set. Go!

People often cheer on the achievements of athletes and get inspired by them. The inspirations are based on athletes that are healthy, fit, and not disabled. Never once has people even gazed in the direction of the disabled. They work their heads off for what. For nothing of course, but Anwar Khan has not at any time let that affect him. Anwar lives in the marvelous city of Raipur located in central India. A spiritual place filled with souls of the past and lively people. The center of this city has a temple called the Dudhadhari Math temple, a sacred monument decorated with scenes from the epic poem “Ramayana” and dedicated to Lord Rama.

Image result for sightsaversHere, he wins 10,000 rupees, the currency of India, after running in a 5km race for runners that have disabilities.

Five years ago he lost his leg, where people at this point lose all hope and fall into a depression as deep as the sea he looks the other way. Instead of letting the obstacle block him off from life, he goes over it with astounding speed. He takes all that misery and sadness and turns it into the utmost motivation to keep living happily. Anwar has made it his goal as a participating member of Sightsavers an organization for disabled people and his swore duty to lift the spirits of other members of Sightsavers by getting them involved in daily activities and into looking forward to what the future has to offer.

When it comes to the right to vote in Cameroon, Nanny Powers wants other people with disabilities to know that their voice counts. Nanny founded the National Association of Persons with Short Stature, a disability organisation for people with restricted growth. She says, “The first time I tried to vote… the voting box was too high [for me to reach]! I was not aware, I didn’t know my rights. I didn’t know that disabled people have the right to vote, I didn’t know if it was for a certain class and a certain age. I’d reached the age to vote and I was battling for the rights of little people and a woman came and said, ‘You have the right to vote.’ That’s how I started.” Read her full story: 📷 Maria Fsadni #Sightsavers #InThePicture #MakeItCount #LeaveNoOneBehind #disability #inclusion #socialinclusion #humanrights #inclusiveeducation #education #educationiskey #educationforall #educationmatters #inclusionmatters #inclusionworks #equalrights #equality #womeninspire

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Thousands of athletes raced in The 5km ‘blade runner’ race. The race is open to anyone who wants to participate. Anwar was merely a smudge out of the other Sightsavers members after being persuaded by Anwar. On top of the 5km ‘blade runner’ race, there was the 5km tricycle race which is just another event from the main event which is the New Raipur Half Marathon event where runners compete around the Sendh Reservoir.

Least to say that Anwar is a magnificent man and an incredible asset of Sightsavers. The way that he thinks of life inspires people to think the same ways as he does. Without a doubt, he will live his life to the fullest with the help of Sightsavers and the people’s help. He made a statement saying about never letting his disability and the esteem of others to influence his attitude. That by running is not only a delight to him but also a factor of inspiration that he radiates to others. Putting the good in people is an achievement that should not only be awarded but to be proud of too.–7OzHMxzQFkwxwHXH3Ww

Reasons Lacey and Larkin Wouldn’t Lose Their Fight for Freedom

Michael Lacey and James Larkin are known to manage a Village Voice Media publication known as Phoenix. They have been the executives of this publication, and their work cannot be undermined. They disclosed vivid details on what the grand-jury investigation was all about. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

They expected Joe Arpaio would have received a different verdict from the one he received. The sheriff of the Maricopa County has proclaimed to be the toughest sheriff in America. His infamous misdoings were numerous. Together with his office, Arpaio had violated civil and human rights in a great way.

Most people from Arizona area had suffered the injustices Arpaio engaged. His office carried out some extra-legal operations aimed at eliminating his competitors and opponents. He didn’t want them to have any political freedom and space. When Lacey and Larkin saw the kind of intolerance people ensured, they came up with an idea of Frontera Fund.

They aimed at getting enough funds to bring Arpaio’s controversial movements to an end. The sheriff ordered Larkin and Lacey to be arrested on 18th October 2007 to prevent this. The two argued First Page Amendment was crucial in fighting racism the sheriff has propagated for a long time. They felt irked since people who ought to have protected human rights were the same violating them.

Lacey and Larkin have learned that the sheriff was always against anyone who opposed his ideas. He had no humane for the immigrants, and these two journalists could not sit back and watch as this menace continued. They were ready to go through any arrest and harassment as they pushed for the First Amendment.

They believed people had rights to enjoy freedom despite their color, race, culture, and religion. Their arrest made headlines, and the people stood up with them to the last minute. They knew they would win the battle although the cost to pay was high.

Another program, known as CAMP Scholars Project, is engaged in helping people in the migrant worker community to attain their dreams. CAMP Scholars Project is a program that is federally funded and founded in 1972. During the year 2016, the program was launched at Arizona State University and is currently the sole program in Arizona at a 4-year university.

During each year, more than 35 students are selected from Arizona’s migrant community to take part in the program while at their initial year at ASU. To be eligible for the application, you must be a citizen of the United States, or have a status of a permanent resident.

College Assistance Migrant Program, CAMP, has succeeded in being a ‘home’ to many students, most of which are moving from the rural area or small cities. The program provides students with the ability to pursue their studies and equips them with the necessary tools to graduate from ASU with a degree.

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Make the List of Civil Rights Protectors

The Fall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio After Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Controversy

Sheldon Lavin; leading OSI Group To Global Expansion

Without a doubt, good leadership plays a pivotal role in the success of a company. All that a business venture is today is as a result of the direction chosen in directing the course of business. Besides, a business short on capital is likely to survive on borrowed capital. But a business short on leadership will definitely fail. For OSI Group Sheldon Lavin has been an excellent leader, always guiding the path of the organization towards success.

Background Information

OSI Group started out as a local food provider during the immigrant’s era in America. At that moment, Otto Kolschowsky was a member of the German –immigrant community, a population that made a quarter of Chicago. He thriving city was also an entry point for the new immigrants who wanted to own farms on the plains. When Otto and his sons started the business, he did not expect to attract thousands of clients from the locality. With time, more consumers turned to his butcher for meat and animal protein. Seeing that the demand surpassed the supply, he decided to expand his business but needed the input of a finance executive who turned out to be Sheldon Lavin.

Becoming the CEO

Sheldon Lavin first became part of OSI Group in 1970 when he organized financing for the company. In 1975, he was more involved in the company as he helped to look at investments abroad. Therefore, he was appointed to serve as the head cheerleader where he oversaw the allocation of resources. Afterward, he purchased significant controlling shares and assumed the position of the CEO.

Lavin’s Contribution

Until today, Lavin has been helping OSI Group expand internationally. Having joined the industry more than twenty years ago following his successful career in banking, and consultation, he landed the role of the chairmanship. Until now, he has been leading this company in pursuing different projects including Flagship Europe, Tyson Food, and Baho Food. Lavin hopes that with his input, the company will continue to register progress regarding global expansion. In all these projects, Sheldon Lavin strives to make sure that clients receive quality food.


A Review of GreenSky Credit and Achievements

The chief executive officer co-founder of GreenSky Credit is one Mr. David Zalik. The forty-three-year-old owns more than half of the organization, positioning him into the billionaire level. He was born in Israel, where his parents later migrated to the United States of America, settling in Alabama. Zalik’s father later became a professor at Auburn. Mr. David Zalik entrepreneurialism came as a result of an aspiration to be able to date the older female students; he saw the need to purchase a car before he inquired a woman out.


GreenSky Credit is American’s third most valuable organization and has been nurturing in oblivion for the past decade. The chief executive officer secret flinches in the dimly lit labyrinth of cubicles, where employees pitch the company’s simple to handle mobile app to now renovating contractors. The consumer base is odd for a fintech unicorn, but Mr. David Zalik figured out that the contractors are the gatekeepers to one of the significant markets in America. Collecting money on time usually isn’t a problem though GreenSky Credit makes quick agreements, indiscreet loans, it tends to do so to debtors with traversable FICO scores, authorizing a slew of other online lenders the more marginal candidates


GreenSky Credit uses a model that transfers much risk and work done to other parties and profits from both ends of each deal. The contractors not only market the loans to household owners but also pay GreenSky Credit on average of about 6% of the total loan amount. Its depositors include Regions and Fifth Third and SunTrust which make the most recent equity investment in the company. The group is not on the hook for defaults, though its pay from the banks fluctuates, based on loan recital. Forbes estimates that the company will take in millions in revenue, with the profit margins exceeding previous years. The group operates as a third party service provider and program superintendent for federally insured, federal, and state commissioned banks that provide consumer loans. It also includes business card services that boost its revenue collection. Mr. David Zalik believes when one makes a fortune, there is no urge to buy a football or ping-pong table but the best way is to invest.

Paul Mampilly Helps “Main Street Americans” Build their Portfolios

Pemier Gazette Recently published Stephen Ray’s article titled, “Broadening the Tree of Wealth with Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing”. The article discusses how the Wall Street portfolio manager transitioned to publishing investment analysis and advice. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

After finishing his undergrad at Montclair State, Paul Mampilly immediately landed a job at the Bankers Trust Company where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager. He was later promoted to a full portfolio manager. Bankers Trust was acquired by Deutsche Bank while Mampilly worked there which allowed him to expand his role as a research assistant. He was able to learn how to do research on potential investments which helped him later on in his career. He transitioned to ING where he worked as a senior research analyst. He quickly became accountable for large investment accounts. He managed portfolios worth many millions of dolllars.

Paul Mampilly managed holdings for Kinetics Asset Managements, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears and other large institutions. He was able to grow the hedge fund at Kinetics Asset Management to more than $25 billion in assets. Many of his hedge funds averaged more than 43% returns which led Barron’s magazine to call him one of the world’s best funds. He was successful due to his key insight into companies like Whole Foods, Netflix, Facebook, and Google. He continued to manage portfolios throughout the crisis in 2008 when the market crashed and he was identified as one of the most knowledgeable portfolio managers.


In 2016, Paul Mampilly decided to leave Wall Street and he retired from being a portfolio manager. However, he wasn’t done impacting the financial world yet. He became a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, which would allow him to focus more on his family. He recognized that he wanted to help people who did not necessarily know as much about investing. His work has become accessible to the everyman, allowing him to provide his indispensable advice at a price his American audience loves.

Paul Mampilly provides advanced investment advice to the large audience. Though he no longer serves the 1% and helps the general public discover the latest investment opportunities, he feels the experience is more rewarding. He wanted to help “Main Street Americans” improve their portfolios. He offers advice to more than 400,000 daily readers. The website also provides detailed information on undervalued companies, growth investing, small cap stocks, and tech opportunities. He contributes to Banayan Hill’s other financial newsletters as well, including Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum, and Profits Unlimited. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Ingenuity, Passion & Excellence: LimeCrime Cosmetics

Popular, fascinating and exciting truly describes the beauty business! For those who don’t want to undergo invasive cosmetic procedures, makeup products can drastically update your appearance. This industry is all about making a statement. Cosmetics just so happen to be some of the best products for doing so because they’re so eclectic. The industry is full of very good brands, but it also has its bad apples. When it comes to producing great cosmetics, LimeCrime stands at the forefront, and it has helped to reshape this landscape in a variety of ways.

What makes this brand so great? Well, the answer to this question is very simple because LimeCrime is very innovative in its actions. The company is animal cruelty-free, and it’s certified vegan. How many other makeup companies can actually live up to these standards. Doe Deere, founder, is an animal lover through and through. None of this brand’s products are tested on animals and that is a fact. This brand is also recognized by PETA, and it is certified by The Leaping Bunny Program. The company is very strict on following its principles. It has even gone as far to removing beeswax from its Opaque Lipstick Collection. On top of that, by reformulating its waterproof eye-shadow helpers, the company is now 100 percent vegan. What more can you ever ask for and what else is there to say?

Products, products and more products. One of the best attributes from this brand is that is has a huge list of products to choose from. Glitter, lip toppers, nail polish, liquid-matte lipsticks, foundation, eyeliner and other products are being purchased on a daily basis. LimeCrime is the go-to brand of the 21st century because it has raised the bar higher, and it is currently changing the status quo.


The modern consumer loves to eat great food. If you want to capture the attention of the consumers in the global platform, then you must learn how to manufacture food products that are above the mark. There are many investors who wish to go for the investments in the food industry, but they have been discouraged by the tough competition which keeps going up every day. There are organizations that have worked in the global market for decades, and they have established their roots in the world. When going for shopping in any store of the world, you will be impressed by the number of clients who pick this food items. Many new investors are afraid that they can never be able to impress clients with excellent products.

OSI Industries is currently among the companies that command lots of respect in the food manufacturing field. This is a company that invested a lot of money so that the consumer can get the best services, and this explains why it has been a great competitor for years. OSI Industries, however, did not become a market leader in the easy way. The company has endured its good share of hardships, especially when it took the initiative of investing in the global market. It has been growing so much, and it has even managed to overtake some organizations that have very powerful and influential leaders. OSI Industries has managed to offer employment opportunities to over twenty thousand workers in different regions. These individuals have been giving customers excellent services because they are also compensated well.

The history of OSI is not known by many individuals. This company was invented by an immigrant who came to the United States for the search of greener pastures. Otto Kolschowsky wanted his family from Germany to have a great upbringing, and he felt that this was only going to be made possible in the US. OSI has grown from being a very simple meat store to one of the largest and respected companies in the whole world. OSI Industries has most of the products that are needed by the modern consumers, and this is why it has been growing despite the tough competition. OSI Industries has increased its presence in several countries of the world. According to a recent statistic, the company has stores in seventeen countries, and all of them are performing well and manufacturing products that meet the customer standards.

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The Different Areas of Healthcare and Dr. Walden’s Choice

When people think about healthcare, they tend to think only about the physical aspects of healthcare. However, there are many forms of healthcare. People who get into this industry tend to know about the different types of healthcare. One of the most talked about forms of healthcare is physical health care. This is the type of healthcare that deals with disease, fitness and other related conditions. Another form of healthcare that is highly talked about is mental healthcare. This is where people see counselors to deal with health conditions like depression. Then there is cosmetic healthcare where people go to get cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Walden is primarily involved in cosmetic healthcare. She makes sure that people get the best available cosmetic surgery procedure. She looks at every aspect of the procedure in order to see if there is any type of improvement to be made. She also talks about anything new that she has learned about plastic surgery with other experts. Her insights and demonstrations of cosmetic surgery have gained it some much needed respect among the fields of healthcare. Dr. Walden has put a lot of what she has learned to good use in the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital as well as her own practice in her hometown.

Dr. Walden does things for other forms of healthcare too. She provides funds to facilities that deal with cancer, heart, and other aspects of health. She also looks out for children that have been abused in order to make sure that they are getting the assistance they need. One thing that she wants to do even as a surgeon is help people live their lives to the fullest. For people that are undergoing hardships because of some aspect of their lives, it can be very hard. Dr. Walden does what she can to provide a solution for her patients.

The Brown Modeling Agency Moves Into Austin

Brown Modeling Agency has been around for many years and they have produced some of the top models in history. They are always looking for fresh, new faces to put into their clientele list and they have recently been looking at Austin, Texas for models. The company believes that there is a lot of talent, both in modeling and in fashion design, in Austin and have put on a fashion show to showcase this talent. The show was an instant hit and they have been able to feature some of the designs in other shows they have put together. The models they used in the show were all from the Austin area and the Brown Agency has signed a few of them on. Representatives of the company have stated that they believe that Austin is an up and coming area in the fashion industry.




The Brown Agency works with many designers all over the world and their models have been recognized as the best in the business. Their models work in fashion shows, commercials and print media. The company can also provide actors for television and stage. The recent move into the Austin, Texas area has expanded their base list of talent and they are looking to go even further. Many new models and actors have applied to their agency for representation in the hopes that the agency can use them and have their career go higher. The company employs many people who have been able to find the best in the business. You can visit their Instagram page.


OSI Food Solutions: The Story of McDonalds, Beef, and an Industry Leader

Here is a story of how a small meat butcher became on the most prominent forces in the food industry. OSI Food Solutions is currently a massive private company. Its net worth is around $6 billion and it is making consistent gains across markets. OSI Food Solutions wasn’t always so dominant, however, their humble beginnings serve as an example of how quality work can eventually explode you into a multinational industry leader.

OSI Food Solutions wasn’t always called OSI. It used to be called Otto & Sons and was a small butcher shop opened in 1909 by a German immigrant. The company existed this way for many years, emphasizing quality, and providing people and businesses across Chicago with quick, cheap, quality product. This gave it renown in Chicago.

Things changed for the small business when McDonald’s came along. When Ray Kroc opened his first McDonalds location in 1955 he made a handshake agreement with Otto & Sons that they would be his supplier of beef products. Of course, we all know the story post this. McDonald’s fantastic production line of foodservice exploded them into worldwide renown. Soon, 1,000s of franchises were opened, and Otto &Sons were still the primary supplier of beef products to the company.

So, Otto & Sons rebranded to OSI Food Solutions and grew along with McDonald’s. Today, they are having trouble keeping up with demand. They service Subway, Papa Johns, and McDonalds among many other fast food service businesses.

In order to keep up with demand OSI has been expanding, and expanding fast. The company recently opened a new facility in the Philippines. The massive 7,500 square foot plant has an annual capacity of 23,000 tons of beef, chicken, and fish products.

Speaking of volume, One of OSIs Spanish factories recently went under a little construction to bolster production capability. The factory used to produce 12,000 tons of chicken and now it produces over 24,000 tons of chicken products. It doesn’t stop there, the factory now produces a total of 40,000 plus tons of product once beef and pork are included.

OSI is growing with the foodservice industry. Food is a booming business. The world is consuming more and more meat each year and OSI is looking to match that growth with its overwhelming ambition and growth. OSIs growth strategy has worked for them so far. It seems only a matter of time before OSI continues its dominance across the globe.

About OSI Food Solutions: