Andrew Rolfe Facilitates The Ubuntu Fund’s Fundraising Activities

The success of the Ubuntu Education Fund is anchored on the visionary leadership of Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula and Jacob Lief, the founders of the institution. Banks and Jacob decided to establish the Fund with the objective of helping many suffering children in the society. Initially, they provided the children with education. However, the educational tools did not have much impact on the students. It is for this reason that the two executives undertook a comprehensive research for purposes of finding the reasons thereof. To their surprise, they found out that most of these children could hardly eat three meals in a day. In addition, some children were experiencing the effects of the HIV epidemic. To this end, Jacob and Banks decided to expand their offing to include home stability, nutrition and healthcare service.

In the recent past, Andrew Rolfe and the entire management of the Ubuntu Fund planned for a gala dinner in London. Andrew was mandated with the duty of ensuring that all the 300 guests are treated to good music and delicious meals. He undertook his duties diligently. They had expected to raise around $972,960. At the end of the event, the Ubuntu Fund had raised more than their set targets.

According to the management of the Fund, this money shall be used in augmenting the capacity of its pediatric clinic and school campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This situation will pave way for the increase in the number of needy students enrolled in the institution. Notably, the institution has been running a noble program. This cradle-to-career program entails the support of the needy children once they enroll at the school until they secure their first jobs and continue with their respective careers. To date, the Ubuntu Education Fund has helped more than 400,000 children from disadvantaged children in the society.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew has continued to offer his services to the Ubuntu Education Fund as the chairman of the board. He has played an instrumental role in enhancing the growth of the Fund. Rolfe has been championing the fundraising efforts of the institution.

As a graduate of the world-renowned Harvard University, Andrew has vast experience in management. He has worked for various revered corporations, including the Gap, Booker Foodservice, PepsiCo Restaurant International and Pret A. Manger.


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