A Newswatch TV App Review Helps New Company Achieve Success

NewsWatch TV is an award-winning, American television series that airs on several U.S. networks. Original episodes reach an average of 95 million households and nearly every U.S. market. Startups, as well as Fortune 500 companies, have all hired NewsWatch TV for promotional use and their professional product reviews. Music Pairings, a mobile app company, hired the NewsWatch production team to produce a video segment to help promote their new app. The company shared that after NewsWatch’s segment had aired, its new app received rapid downloads. In fact, the app became so popular that they had to temporarily pull it out of the app store and tweak it, just to handle all of the ongoing traffic.

For over 25 years, NewsWatch TV has become the nation’s trusted source for breaking news, technology, consumer-related reviews, entertainment, travel, medical, finance and many more. The award-winning American television program’s first airdate began in March 1990. The initial format exclusively featured news segments that discussed financial issues in the U.S. and other related topics. NewsWatch TV changed its original format later on, during the same year it had launched. They started airing their highly anticipated consumer electronic reviews during the late 2000s. NewsWatch currently airs original episodes twice a month on the popular U.S. networks, AMC and ION Television.

NewsWatch TV is hosted by executive producer, Andrew Tropeano. Tropeano is joined by his fellow castmates Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges, Amanda Forstrom and Eric Forrest, who introduce special reports and other segments throughout the show. Tropeano has interviewed many American celebrities and entertainers including Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence, Julie Bowen, Chris Noth and many others. In May 2012, the show began a new review segment called “AppWatch.” The segment revealed brand new mobile apps that had yet to be released and also reviewed new apps for consumer-related purposes.


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