Why Should You Take Heed To Paul Mampilly’s Money Market Investment And Forecast Advice?

Paul Mampilly is a native of India who followed his entrepreneurial father to Dubai in search for greener pastures before coming into the United States to attend college at 18 years of age. He would end up as a Wall Street trader and a portfolio manager before quitting after two decades and taking it to the main street. Today, Paul offers advice to the average American hoping to make a fortune in the money markets. But why should the average American trust his investment advice or react to his business forecasts about industry trends?

He has made a fortune from this trade

Paul Mampilly has over two decades of experience in stock markets within Wall Street and close to a decade in the main street. Apart from his business experience, he has amassed a fortune from the investments he has made public. It is estimated that he has made cumulative gains of 6,220 percent from investments in the technology and consumable industries. His investment strategies that he used in accosting these investments publicly available in online articles and journals he published at the time.

He called out major market turns

Paul Mampilly foresaw the last two market turns and made his revelations public. In 1999, he called out the technological craze as a bubble after seeing that several companies reported over 1000 percent increase in stock value. He would warn about this and even sell all his stocks moments before the bubble burst. Similarly, he expressed confidence in the market recovery in 2009 and even entered a stock competition hosted by Templeton Foundation where he emerged winner with a 76% gain and more than 30 million in returns in his financial investment.

Courageous and bold warnings

In 2017 when cryptocurrencies reported unprecedented growth with Ethereum reporting over 13,000% gains in less than 12 months, Paul Mampilly was among the first to call out the craze, terming it a bubble. He would, however, face harsh criticism from his peers. Most attributed his own opinions towards the fact that he didn’t buy these digital currencies early. This new market would, however, turn around and report trading lows that some of the digital currencies haven’t been able to recover from ever since.


David McDonald Runs an American Dream

Long before David McDonald joined OSI, the company was the American Dream for immigrant Otto Kolschowsky, who began the first iteration of it all the way back in 1909. Within two decades, business was booming and Otto Kolschowsky renamed it Otto & Sons, which it kept for a little while longer.

But in 1955, because Ray Kroc was about to open the very first McDonald’s, and he and the two Kolschowsky brothers had made an agreement that Otto & Sons would supply all the ground beef. Within a few years, Kroc bought out the restaurant and the name from the McDonald’s family, and McDonald’s as we know it shot off like a rocket. Otto & Sons hung on for dear life as supplying the needs of McDonald’s rapidly became their chief task. This would be the last time a McDonald individual was attached to the company even peripherally until 1987.

In the 1960s, scientific breakthroughs led to the discovery of flash freezing, and in 1973, Otto & Sons built its very first plant solely dedicated to supplying McDonald’s with its prerequisite hamburger meat. Two years later, Otto & Sons officially changed its name to OSI Industries, and by 1980, OSI had officially broken out of US borders, settling in Germany and Spain.

Finally, David McDonald joined OSI as a Project Manager in 1987, with the primary job of expanding OSI. In the next few decades, David McDonald had helped pave the way into several countries, all while bolstering the strength of the company inside its birthplace. In 2010, OSI reached into Japan, and finally it turned to look at Europe and Canada, buying the Dutch Baho Food in 2016, a move that excited both David McDonald and John Balvers, who pointed out that OSI had a excellent relationship with both customers and investors.

Even though David McDonald has attained the lofty title of President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI, none of that should be taken to think he doesn’t have a life outside it. He got married in 1991, has six great children, and loves his community.

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Edwin Miranda Of Biologics Knowledge

Edwin Miranda has expertise in quality assurance by his background in overseeing such a team. He had launched the New Drug Application (NDA) with an FDA approval for Keppra. His background also includes serving as Vice President of Quality Assurance or Director of Quality for Legacy Pharmaceutical, URL Mutual Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Piramal Critical Care, Inc.

Edwin Miranda has been excellent in these particular roles in his ability to oversee regulatory compliance functions, managing quality systems, and his expert knowledge to develop a remediation plan to work out 483 observations. This plan enabled an Establishment Inspection Report (EIR) that was in excellent standing.

Edwin Miranda has also been a veteran of the army. He is the proud earner of a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology which he received at the Angelo State University located in San Angelo, Texas.

With this type of prestigious background, Edwin Miranda is now the Vice President of Quality at Cytovance Biologics. This company is a full-service one that leads as a contract manufacturer of bio-pharmaceuticals for microbial and mammalian biologics. Edwin Miranda now is in complete charge of the function of Cytovance’s Quality.

Mr. Miranda was chosen for this important role at Cytovance Biologics due having more than 33 years of experience in industry. He can offer the company his depth of knowledge in encompassing liquid and solid oral dose, quality assurance, cosmetics and biologics. According to Dr. Jesse McCool, Sr. who is the Vice President of Research and Development at Cytovance, Miranda’s skills in leadership will also be an extreme benefit to the company.

Not only does Mr. Miranda quality in the field of biologics, has has also been a loan consultant at New American Funding which hs its meadquarters in Tustin, CA. This company is a national banker in the mortagage industry.

Matthew Fleeger

Combining his innate entrepreneurial skills with his business acumen, Matthew Fleeger became a stalwart in the oil and gas and waste management industries. However, before immersing himself in his trade, Fleeger first had to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of his field. While attending Southern Methodist University, Fleeger developed a deep-seated interest in finance and marketing. As a result, Fleeger went on to cultivate his prowess as a businessman. After earning a degree in business, Fleeger was equipped for the entrepreneurial realm. In the hopes of excelling in his industry, Fleeger vowed to spend eight years grasping the intricacies of his domain.

Transitioning from job to job, Fleeger earned ample experience before pursuing his own exploits. In 1993, Fleeger reached the pinnacle of his career when he founded MedSolutions, a company specializing in the disposal, treatment, and management of waste. As Matthew Fleeger shaped the company, his eminence blossomed. MedSolutions became such a standout in the waste management industry that the company came to be known as a regional leader in healthcare waste management. Over the next 14 years, Fleeger guided MedSolutions to industry success while creating a new pattern of excellence in his sphere.

Come 2007, Fleeger was met with a turning point in his career. Stericycle, a similar waste management company, approached Fleeger with a rosy offer. In exchange for ownership of MedSolutions, Stericycle would grant Fleeger $59 million. Fleeger accepted the offer, subsequently parting ways with MedSolutions after a successful track record. When Fleeger rejoined the business world, his options were endless. Fleeger ultimately decided that home was where his heart was, so he returned to his roots and accepted a position at his father’s company, Gulf Coast Western. No doubt a man of many successes, Matthew Fleeger demonstrates how hard work breeds enduring triumph.

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Talos Energy Teams Up With Stone Energy

The company Talos Energy will be changing their name because of the merger deal. They will now be called Talos Energy, Inc. The merger deal was finalized with Stone Energy Corporation. The deal was announced to be for $1.9 billion. The new combined company will have its headquarters in Huston Texas. They will have other offices in New Orleans and Lafayette.

The current chief executive officer of Talos Energy named Timothy Duncan will act as the Chief Executive Officer of the new company as well. After the completion of the merger, the new company, Talos Energy, Inc will have four board members from Stone Energy and six from Talos.

This newly formed combined company will develop an offshore focused production and exploration projects. These projects are already predicted to have huge potential. The executives from both firms met in 2017 and agreed on the merger in an all-stock transaction.

After the completion of the merger, the new company will start their trade in the New York Stock Exchange. They will use the symbol “TALO” for trading in the NYSE. Talos Energy will own the majority share in the new company.

Both the companies agreed to merge after taking advice from experts. The companies took outside consultation throughout the whole merging process. Stone Energy used Akin Gump Hauer for legal advice while Talos used Vinson & Elkins LLP.

The company, Talos Energy was founded back in 2012. It is an independent company that focuses on the production and exploration of oil and gas. They mostly do their operations in the Gulf of Mexico. The company’s expertise is based on acquiring, developing, exploring and exploiting Deepwater assets. Talos Energy also operates the famous Zama project.

Stone Energy Corp is also a company that produces and explores oil and gas. They do their operations in Lafayette, Louisiana. They have offices in Houston and Orleans. The merger will help Stone Energy greatly. The company went through bankruptcy recently, but the deal with a huge company such as Talos can help them get back up again.

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Paul Mampilly Talks the IoT

American investor and former Wall Street hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly, is the senior editor of Profits Unlimited – a research service provided by Banyan Hill Publishing, that is geared toward assisting the average investor in identifying prime stocks with tremendous growth potential. Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, Mr. Mampilly has amassed a significant audience, which now exceeds 130,000 subscribers. A native of India, Paul Mampilly working career as an investor began over 25 years ago, when he took a position with Bankers Trust, working as an account administrator.

He would ascend through the ranks in a relatively short period of time, working with company’s such as Deutsche Bank, ING, Sears, and the Royal Bank of Scotland, but it was his time with Kinetics Asset Management, where he worked as the company’s senior portfolio manager, that would signal his big break. At the time, Kinetics Asset Management was a hedge fund with assets totaling in $6 billion, but under his expert leadership, the fund was able to accrue 26 percent returns on average, annually, growing the assets to $25 billion. This feat garnered him significant recognition, and Kinetics Asset Management was named one of the top hedge funds in the world by Barron’s Financial and Investment News.

At the age of 42, Paul Mampilly, dissatisfied with the role that he played on Wall Street, decided to retire, focusing on new pursuits. While on Wall Street, he’d helped to make vast sums of money for the top one percent, but felt that helping Main Street investors, would be a more fulfilling experience. Although he doesn’t consider himself to be retired, as he still a very active investor, at Banyan Hill Publishing, about Paul Mampilly dedicates his time to locating stocks with the potential to rise exponentially. Recently, Paul Mampilly has placed increased emphasis on the Internet of Things, which he believes, will be one of the most lucrative investments for the future. In his estimation, the next fours years will be pivotal for investors, many of which can expect to see returns reaching 8000 percent.


Steve Ritchie : Creating a route to bring back Papa John’s

In the wake of an internal scandal that has put the pizza giant Papa John’s in a negative light so has the announcement that the company will now be under the leadership of newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie. Steve was formerly the president of Papa John’s before accepting his new role, however, his relationship with the company spans since the 1990s where Steve worked as an hourly wage worker answering customer service calls from a cubicle. Wanting to have a more direct role with the company, Steve would go on to own and operate his own Papa John’s franchise. However, his first few weeks as CEO were not met with celebration by Steve, but with the drive to bring respect and understanding back to the company in the form of an apology letter to employees and customers alike.

In the letter, Steve Ritchie is quick to state that there is no excuse for the offensive words spoken by a former employee of the company, but to place blame on all its staff and employees is not right. He reminds the public that the people working at these locations are our sisters, sons, and fathers. Although the issue surrounding the words that have hurt so many cannot and will not go unfixed. Therefore the company will be hiring experts to audit all their locations in order to bring a clear understanding of the company culture. In addition, Steve Ritchie along with his top senior management division will hit the road to visit as many locations as possible, interacting with both employees and customers to better formulate a plan moving forward. Lastly, Steve Ritchie promises that under his leadership, the company will attempt to be more transparent with their customers about internal issues. There is no doubt that this new leadership of action has brought some respect back to the Papa John’s brand.

Talos Energy As A Top Workplace – The Experience

Talos Energy is a winner of the Top Workplace award for six consecutive years stating 2013 to 2018. It is an award given to employers that provide a conducive work environment for their workers where they feel appreciated, valued and offered good benefits for their high performance. Top workplaces are also where workers opinion is heard. Talos Energy dedication to growing a business that is dedicated to oil and natural gas exploration makes it focus on supporting and rewarding the workers who have been the key influencing factor of its success.

It is a company that considers its employees as valuable resources, therefore offering them the best possible treatment. The employees work in various positions such as corporate, engineering, drilling among other position that relates to the exploration of oil and natural gas. The workers operate from various locations of Talos Energy such as in its headquarters in Houston, or from the fields in Gulf of Mexico or in Louisiana.

Among the support workers receive from the company is access to state of the art equipment, technologies, and data that facilitates in enhancing levels of productivity. The workers’ safety and good health are also crucial to the company and these are also part or of its core values. Workers are required to follow the set safety procedures for the promotions of an accident-free environment.

The workers are a priority to the company, which is unlike other companies where making profits is the main issue of concern. The management of the company understands that the well being of the workers is directly related to performance. If workers are happy, then profits would be a non-issue. More so, the workers are offered competitive benefits to enhance their job satisfaction which also assists is keeping the rate of employees turnovers down.

Talos Energy is also a socially responsible company that supports environmental sustainability by practicing safe methods that protect the environment. The drilling methods do not cause harm to the ecosystem. Further, each employer is offered $500 annually to use in a non-profit initiative they see fit. It is a strategy that not only benefits the public but also the employees and the company

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Nick Vertucci: The Ferocious Poker Player

Nick Vertucci is famous for his smart moves in the boardroom and on the poker table. Nick is a real estate investor who is winning big in poker games left, right and centre. He has played in the toughest of competitions around the world.

In 2004, Nick Vertucci recorded his most distinguishable poker triumph. It was the year he entered the a Texas Championship named No-Limit Hold’Em. The event was at the Commerce Casino (Commerce CA) and included top poker players from around the world. Nick made 251 entrants under his $ 1,500 buy-in. He achieved #8 in the competition, walking away with $7, 530. It was the best performance in a poker career consisting of several other high-level games.

Playing Against the Best

Nick Vertucci has competed against household names in the world of poker. He has played against the likes of Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari and Phil “the Poker Brat” Helmuth. Antonio is the magician come poker player who has won World Poker Tour championships twice. He also has three World Series of Poker bracelets.

On the other hand, Helmuth is famous for his occasional misjudgments and trash talk. Nevertheless, he has four World Series of Poker bracelets and has won one World Poker Tour championships. Another player Nick Vertucci has played against is Frenchman David Benyamine. Benyamine is a specialist at Pot-Limit Omaha and has a World Poker Player title.

Other than professionals (poker), Nick Vertucci also plays celebrities. His past celebrity competitors include Jennifer Tilly, an actress and a bracelet winner in a World Series of Poker Ladies Event. Others are Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, and James Wood.

Poker Benefits

In a recent interview, Nick stated that poker has made him a better investor. He has noticed significant improvements in his real estate decisions since he started spending time at the poker table. Nick’s achievements have enabled him to rank well on the All-Time Money List.

Sheldon Lavin Success Story

The OSI group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sheldon Lavin was lately acknowledged with an International Visionary Honor from India’s Vision World Academy. This prestigious award acknowledges visionaries in different fields who have made their dreams to become a reality by proving perseverance persistence in order to accomplish their goals.

After having a prosperous career in the finance industry, Mr. Lavin led the OSI Group Limited from less known domestic food firm to becoming an international multibillion-dollar food processing company, which operates more than 60 facilities in 16 countries. The OSI-Vista Food Processing plant is a branch of the OSI Group Company which became part of OSI since the year 1995. It operates 8 facilities throughout India, delivering custom processing of vegetables meat and fruit. This will be the fifth year the Academy will be honoring distinguished achievers such as Sheldon with this prestigious award to acknowledge their dedicated efforts to inspire the next generation so that they can follow in their footsteps.

Sheldon Lavin expressed his interest in the meat industry about forty-three years ago. Lavin has acted as both the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group limited and has been able to transform the company to become a worldwide processed food products’ supplier with several facilities in over sixteen countries around the world. Mr. Lavin was able to gain half of the voting control at the OSI Group in the year 1980s and gain 100% voting control after thirteen years later. Aged 81 years old, Lavin is determined to expand this company.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin has remained active in contributing to several charities around the globe. In this case, the most notable charities that have benefited from his philanthropic work include the Ronald McDonald House Charities, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Inner City Foundation of Chicago, United Negro College Fund, Girls and Boys Clubs of Chicago, The Jewish United Fund and several other Jewish charities among others. Lavin’s philanthropy work is proved by these charity organizations.

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has received several awards and has participated in several charitable activities. These include being a trustee of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Board member of the Goodman Theatre, President and Director of Sheba Foundation, Board member of Rush University Medical Center, and much more.

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