How Peter Briger Came to be a Highly Regarded Money Manager

Peter Briger is considered to be one of the top leaders in the financial industry and in business in general. He started his career in 1987 when he joined the investment powerhouse Goldman Sachs. He has a unique skill when it comes to determining whether a distressed debt will be profitable or not. He is also highly skilled when it comes to making money from real estate. It was at Princeton University that he earned his bachelor’s degree. He is also a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

At Goldman Sachs, he specialized in Asian debt and real estate. He developed many connections to business leaders throughout Asia and a deep understanding of its financial sector. His experience in this area led to him earning membership on two influential committees within Goldman Sachs. These were the Asian Management, Global Control, and Compliance Committee and the Japan Executive committee.

He has worked as an executive at Fortress Investment Group since 2002. He is currently one of three principals of this alternative assets management firm. Peter Briger is in charge of the Fortress Credit division which manages its real estate and credit investments. He also has a seat on the board of directors and has been its co-chairman since November 2006.

For many years Peter Briger has been deeply involved with the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. He mentors students and alumni of this educational institution and helps them start their own businesses, including providing funding. Another way he reaches out and helps others is by serving on the Investment Committee for US Soccer as its chairman. He serves on the board of directors for Caliber Schools which is a charter school organization that provides an education to students that will prepare them to excel at four-year colleges.

Peter Briger is presently based in Fortress Investment Group’s San Francisco offices. Since moving there from New York City he joined the board of Tipping Point. This is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to lift low-income families out of poverty and has supported countless families.

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Wesley Edens the Milwaukee co-owner and co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Edens is also referred to as Wes Edens. He was born in 1961 October 30th. He owns a sports club. Additionally, he the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. The firm is the most prominent financial and asset management organization in the world. Its headquarters is located in New York, United States.

Edens resides in New York together with his family. He is married to one wife, Lynn Edens. Together, they have four beautiful kids, Mallory Edens, Madison Edens, and two others.

Wes joined the famous University of Oregon. He has an appealing education background. At Oregon University, he pursued a bachelor’s degree of Science in Finance and business administration. Edens was a smart student back on campus. He graduated in 1984. During Eden’s teenage days, he was involved in what many other kids enjoyed doing. However, he was a very competitive skier.

Edens is the co-owner of the Milwaukee basketball club that is located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Edens co-owns the team businessman Marc Lasry. The duo purchased the sports club from businessman Herb Kohl. The two businessmen paid $550 million to own the club.

Wes Edens and Marc changed the ownership of the club back in 2014. The two entrepreneurs promised the Wisconsin fans that they would not alter the geographical location.

Subsequently, they pledged to build a new Arena for the club. This meant that they were to demolish the BMO Harris Bradley Center. The message was received jovially. The fans were excited about the upcoming transformations.

Wes Edens never made a quick dive into his career. He decided to take a break of three years. In 1987, Wes Edens got a working position at the Lehman Brothers firm.

He served the organization for seven years. He worked as a managing director and a partner. Eden later decided to quit and do something different. Wes felt like venturing into something more challenging and complex. He joined Blackrock’s company but later resigned after working there for three years. His stay there was short-lived.

Today, Wes Edens is an expert in the Financial Industry. He runs the most projecting financial investment organization on planet Earth.


Talos Energy, Merger And Acquisition.

Talos energy is an independent gas and oil company which was founded in 2012. The company has exponential expertise in exploring and producing offshore hydrocarbons in the United States Gulf of Mexico region and offshore Mexico. The company was formed in close partnership with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. This was for the sole purpose of acquiring assets in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico areas. Apart from that Talos takes part in business development activities that incorporate JV’s and farm-ins.

On 31st August 2018, Talos announced that it had gotten into and concluded a deal to acquire Whistler Energy II. Before the acquisition, Whistler had a gross production of roughly 1,900 barrels of oil daily. The buy-out price was set at $52 million. As a fragment of this acquisition, Talos was able to negotiate the release of $77 million of a surety that had safeguarded Whistler’s security bonds which the firm was not required to interchange. Due to this, Talos received $31 million which as the total cash collateral that was released. The seller on their part was titled to the remaining $46 million.

Besides the acquisition of Whistler Energy, Talos energy also made a merger. The merger involved another entity known as Stone Energy Corporation. This is after the Board of Directors of both corporations solidly agreed to the amalgamation of these companies in an all-stock transaction that brought about a leading offshore-focused production and Exploration Corporation. However, the merger maintained the name Talos Energy. Under the terms and conditions laid out in the deal, every outstanding share of Stone common stock was traded for one share of Talos energy, Inc. shared stock.

At the closing of the agreement, Talos stakeholders owned 63% of the joint firm with Stone shareholders holding the remainder which was 37%. This merger was a critical step towards the company’s objective of being the premier offshore production and exploration corporation. Also, the merger gave room for more financial flexibility which would ensure that the company could conduct business most effectively and ultimately making Talos Energy a leading offshore exploration and production company.

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GoBuyside A Strategic Partner For Their Clients Success

In the financial and investment management sector, it has become difficult for the companies to find the right talent for the job. The job market has become so huge and expansive that one cannot focus on one particular market to search for the right talent. It has become essential for the companies to look beyond the common horizon and go global. It is what most of the investment management financial companies are doing these days. If you want assistance with your recruitment and staffing solution, then you can trust GoBuyside to handle it efficiently on your behalf.

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As a leading global recruitment platform that is far from being conventional but is efficient, innovative, and result oriented. The fact that GoBuyside is focused on the management and financial sector has helped them refine the talent they search for globally and provide the right people for the job. It has provided the desired results to the clients and helped enhance their overall performance, revenue, and productivity. Recruiting specialized talent has become essential for the investment management and hedge fund companies to get the results. As the competition continues to increase in the financial sector, there is a huge demand for the specialized talent in the investment management sector. However, the shortage of skilled talent has become a major concern that GoBuyside is trying to eliminate through their result-oriented search process.

Since the recruitment process can be quite a tedious and a long one, companies should use recruitment services by GoBuySide who can help fill any job vacancy at the quickest with the right person who has the necessary skills. For financial companies, it can get difficult for them to find people with new skills knowledge that are the need of the hour and to keep their competitors behind. GoBuySide helps their clients fill this gap so that they do not suffer.

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Marc Beer is Raising Capital Funds to Diagnose and Treat Pelvic Disorders

There are a significant number of medical technology organizations that are developing various products, which are meant for diagnosing diseases affecting individuals around the world. Renovia Inc. is a Boston-based medical technology organization that is raising funds so that it can have the capacity to deal with some of the disorders affecting the United States population and other women in other parts of the world. The company wants to enhance its capacity in diagnosing and developing products that can help in treating pelvic floor disorders such as urinary inconsistency among others. Researchers estimate that urinary inconsistency is affecting more than 250 million women around the world.

However, it is common knowledge that a significant number of the medical technology companies are experiencing financial difficulties, which has a negative impact on their operations. This is the same for Renovia Inc., but the company co-founder, Marc Beer, has raised $42 million, $10 million through debt and other $32 million, to help the organization build capacity. It is expected that these funds will assist in building capacity while at the same time enabling the organization to move ahead with its ambitious plan of developing drugs that will help in dealing with floor disorders.

There are a significant number of organizations that have played a key role in contributing funds for the expansion of the medical technology company in recent times, especially when raising the $32 million. Some of these institutions include the Longwood Fund, Missouri-based Ascension Ventures, and New York-based Perceptive Advisors. This proportion of the funds is expected to build capacity in conducting further tests to other diagnostic products while at the same time playing a pivotal role in helping with the mass production of Leva, a drug that is already FDA approved.

Speaking after announcing the amount of funds received from organizations which share the vision of the company, Marc highlighted how he was thrilled to find out that there are organizations that are committing their funds to see that millions of people in the United States and other parts of the world have better lives. According to Marc, Renovia Inc. is combining innovative methods to develop digital health platforms that will offer patients additional information and new treatment options for pelvic floor disorders.

Among other experienced faces at Renovia Inc., Marc Beer is expected to be a person who will bring much insight, knowledge, and experience in the management and progress of the new venture. He has more than 25 years’ experience in development and commercialization of biological products, diagnostic products, and pharmaceutical devices. The company intends to tap this knowledge of the co-founder to emerge victorious in these initial stages, which can only be mitigated through assistance by a person with the caliber of Marc. Learn more :

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Dick DeVos: Making Changes For Grand Rapids

Life is good when you are the CEO of your family’s corporation and thus a billionaire in your own right. That is the kind of life that Dick DeVos has lived. Before you jump to conclusions about the man and assume that he has hoarded all of that money and greedily kept it to himself, you ought to know what he and his wife Betsy DeVos have done for their hometown.


The first venture into political and charitable activism for the couple dates back to 1991 when the city council in Grand Rapids, Michigan proposed constructing a multi-sports complex in the city. Now, Betsy and Dick DeVos have been long time residents of Grand Rapids, and they only want what is best for the city. Thus, they felt the need to immediately go out and campaign against the construction of this facility. This might sound odd in a sense because it seems like such a facility would be a positive thing. However, that is not necessarily always the case.


Dick DeVos knew that similar facilities had been built in other cities, and he didn’t want the fate that those cities had suffered through to come to his town. He saw how much those facilities had cost other cities without the return on investment that those cities had hoped for. Thus, Dick didn’t want Grand Rapids to make the same foolish mistakes. He insisted that the people of his city should vote against it.


The campaign to defeat the sports facility was a success, and this propelled Dick DeVos to greater heights politically than he had been to before. He saw that his work really could make a difference, and this encouraged him to continue to fight for the things that he believes in.


Although the family kept the sports facility from becoming a reality, they were not about to leave Grand Rapids without some kind of charitable donation that could help make the place a little bit better. They donated a lot of money to open up new museums, an art center, and many other facilities around town that could help the city to attract more people in earnest to Grand Rapids. They felt that their donations to these projects were actually a lot more helpful to the growth and expansion of Grand Rapids than what the city council had proposed. In this case, it was just a matter of private interests versus public interests, and the private interests knew better in this circumstance.


You had better believe that Dick and Betsy DeVos are highly respected in Grand Rapids for what they have done. It almost doesn’t matter if you agree with Dick politically on virtually anything else, you have to admit that he did something important for Grand Rapids.


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Global Perspective From A Global Mind: Mr. Gareth Henry

Of the many institutional investors spanning the globe, all but a few stand out as examples of global vision and skill. Gareth Henry is one such individual that has made his presence known across the globe for his methods of investing organization. What are some of the key aspects of this man, and how has this made him the exception rather than the rule?

For starters, Gareth Henry began his education at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He was a member of the 2000 graduating class. From there he went to an investment firm to work. His eventual arrival in the United States would come in 2007. He started working with Fortress Investment Group. Today, he is a managing director for the same firm. Being placed as the overseer for the marketing of the company in the United States as well as in Europe and the Middle East. Gareth Henry has a mind for global opportunities and this has made him a highly sought-after investor.

In 2014, Gareth Henry has stated that the country of Brazil is the biggest opportunity for traders that year. With many factors that were decisive in him making such a bold prediction, many followed suit in accordance with his vision. Knowing the global markets has been one of Gareth Henry’s abilities as a leader. Fortress Investment Group made him the head of their marketing division for United States, the Middle East, and Europe for these reasons. Being the head over the wealth and pension funds for Fortress Investment Group is no small task. This task is handled by Gareth Henry with dedication and persistence.

With his education comes a few more techniques that he uses to keep his balance in his life at a normal level. From starting his day with meditation to taking his daily jog, Gareth knows how to get the day started. His patterns are how he has been able to keep up his high energy and high work production. The world of global investing has someone to look to for visionary insights into the market trends around the world as they take shape.

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