Investment Guru, Paul Mampilly

The Profits Unlimited Newsletter is a subscription service that provides everyday investors with advice on how to grow their money. Paul Mampilly, a successful American investor who has worked in Wall Street for over 20 years, writes the newsletter, which is a publication of Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul left Wall Street after he was tired of “making money for only the top 1%.” He believed that aspiring investors and novices could use his expertise and experience. Every month, he gives an investment recommendation in his 8-page newsletter, which at present has over 60,000 subscribers. He tells investors why the recommended stocks have better chances than the rest. Individuals who have used the newsletter report back the improved performance of their portfolios.

Prove Advice

People who may not afford to pay for the Profits Unlimited subscription can still benefit from the investment wisdom of Paul Mampilly on various platforms. His Facebook page is one place to look because he has an active presence with posts and videos that give pointers on different matters regarding investing. He also dissects trending topics like new energy, Apple’s latest performance, and the cryptocurrency market. Paul responds to private messages on Facebook, which means investors with concerns can get direct answers.

Who is Paul Mampilly

Currently, Paul Mampililly serves a senior editor for three investment subscription newsletters; Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes. Mampilly got his MBA from Fordham University in 1996, but his career in Wall Street began in 1991. He started off at Deutsche Bank as a research assistant and rose the ranks from there. He went on to hold several top positions at ING and Bankers Trust, dealing with stocks worth millions of dollars. His investment prowess saw him earn a spot in the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition where he was given $50 million to grow. In two years, he managed to make 76% in returns, which was during the financial recession of 2008/2009. He later won the prestigious investment competition.

Paul’s’ Take on 2018 Stocks and Bitcoin

Mampilly believes that financial technology, new energy, and fintech are the markets to watch in 2018. Paul’s advice is that despite the gains that stocks made in 2017, they are still the best investments to pick in 2018, even though most people may be wary. Mobile payments and artificial intelligence are two sectors that the investment guru believes will do well in 2018 and the coming years.

With the current cryptocurrency bubble, investors are understandably curious about what to expect. Drawing from his 25 years of investment experience, Paul Mampilly is sure that the bitcoin market is going to burst, although he is not sure when. True to prediction, cryptocurrency, which saw record highs of more than $19,000 a unit is steadily tumbling in performance. Mampilly’s advice during a bubble is to cash out when prices spike to avoid losing money. Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly, 10,000% Marijuana Stock

Are you having a Hard Time Managing Mental Health Conditions? TMS Health Solutions is the Ultimate Solution.

TMS Health Solutions consists of a team of experienced clinical experts. It is a renowned outpatient psychiatry group that aims at relieving patients from mental discomforts. The group is passionate in carrying out research, education, and treatment of people who are mentally unfit. Mostly, they deal with clinical depression and therapies in treating other mental health conditions.
The team seeks to offer quality and patient-oriented treatment experience to help in managing patients’ mental health conditions. Since the TMS therapy is under coverage of most health insurance policies, it is easy for patients to access medication and the TMS therapy freely. Some of the insurance companies committed to plans for the treatment include Cigna, Blue Shield of California, United Health Care and Anthem Blue Cross among others. The organization also helps patients to successfully secure financial aid to undergo the therapy in cases where the patient is not on any insurance cover.
Clinical depression is a severe disorder associated with an individual’s moods. It brings about adverse symptoms such as anxiety, feeling valueless and always considering death as the best option. Most cases of clinical depression are resistant to treatment. Besides, the condition requires extensive treatment to relieve patients of the pain. TMS Health Solutions offers excellent psychiatric services. Also, it effectively prescribes and monitors therapy for patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder. The TSM therapy has dramatically transformed the outpatient mental health care with the innovative, evidence-based treatment solutions.

Antidepressants alone are not reliable in the treatment of clinical depressions. TMS Health Solutions heavily relies on the FDA-cleared, non-invasive Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy. The TMS therapy is a practical and secure option for treating clinically depressed persons. Moreover, the TMS therapy is the best choice for efficiently managing the resistant type of depression.
Nevertheless, once the TMS therapy administration for treatment is successful, there is a Patient Coverage Team that dedicates its expertise to accessing coverage as well as providing patients with the various financing options. For those insured, a thorough benefits analysis to acquire pre-authorization for services. Additionally, they also handle complex issues of securing approval for TMS. The organization also hands in and process claims for all TSM therapies. Moreover, they offer substantial support for any coverage and issues as well as questions that may come up.
Notably, TSM Health Solutions runs a series of clinics IN Sacramento, San Francisco and also in Oakland. Besides, they have plans to expand the organization to about 25 locations across northern California.

How Groupon Is Making Neurocore’s Amazing Services More Accessible To All

As we age, the ability for our brain to remain focused on a task or even interprets new information and store it properly begins to slow down. This is most evident whenever doing a repetitive task, the muscle memory kicks in and the brain begins to drift off and stop focusing on the immediate task.

Over the course of the past two decades we have learned more about the human brain and how it works than we have learned throughout the entirety of recorded medical and scientific history. Neurocore is one example of a company that is utilizing this information and helping the human brain work optimally.

Neurocore is working with Groupon to make their assessment services more accessible to any and all who want to improve their brain function. The first option costs $99 and allows you to set up your assessment without any scheduling restrictions, normally $250.
The second option costs $49 and is almost exactly the same as the first option but with a slight difference in that you must schedule your assessment on a weekday, Monday through Friday before 4:00 p.m. See more information about Neurocore at

The assessment begins with a simple exam called a qEEG, Quantitative Electroencephalogram which involves a small cap with diodes that are attached to your scalp with conductive gel. This allows the activity of your brain to be monitored and measured with amazing accuracy.

The qEEG allows for a 19-point measurement of your brain, enabling precise mapping of your brain’s unique functionality. Analyzing both brain speed as well as connectivity allows neurocore’s clinical specialists to have an accurate picture of what is causing your challenges or unwanted symptoms.

The second portion of the assessment if called the HRV, Heart Rate Variability and this test measures your respiratory system and cardiovascular system to determine their functionality and whether or not they are working effectively together.

The final portion of the assessment is the IVA, Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test which is specially designed to determine the presence of any attention disorders. It measures your brain’s attention, sensory processing as well as impulsivity and gives clinicians a special insight into how your brain works.

See Neurocores work in action, here.

TMS Health Solutions Brings Holistic Mental Health Treatment Options

Good mental health is highly important in achieving the goals of life and making the life happier. But, a large number of mental health issues are often neglected by people and put the affected individuals in danger. This situation is high when it comes to depression as a large number of people are not being treated on-time to cure their conditions. Depression also keeps people isolated as they face significant challenges in keeping their social life active, and many times, the condition takes the life of the affected individuals. Due to that, the on-time, expert treatment for the condition is compulsory for every affected individual.

When it comes to San Francisco, TMS Health Solutions is providing scientific and proven treatment solutions to various mental health conditions. The highly experienced and expert specialists of TMS Health Solutions ensure that all of its patients are fully recovering from their conditions, irrespective of it is chronic or occasional. The general depression condition, which is clinically known as Major Depressive Disorder or MDD, is experienced by nearly 15% of the people in the United States during their adulthood. TMS has devised treatment plans based on medication, talk therapy, or other types of treatment options. The network considers various aspects of the patient, including their background, age, causes of the conditions, and more, and make a personalized approach to get quick and efficient results.

The clinic network offers personalized care and classifies different types of depressions to give the accurate treatment fitting to the needs of the patients. For instance, Treatment-Resistant Depression or TRD is a specific condition of depression that cannot be cured by normal treatment solutions and need specific solutions. For such unique situations, the clinic network has developed a proven treatment method called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS. With thousands of recovered patient data, the TMS therapy can be defined as highly effective and proven.

Interestingly, the clinic network is a premier provider of TMS therapy services in Northern California for people struggling with TRD. While coming to the therapy, it offers two times better results compared to the antidepressant medications. The medical practitioners suggest a combination of medications and TMS for MDD conditions and make the patients returned to their active life. If that does not work, the practitioners offer the advanced version of the therapy like Electroconvulsive therapy. During the ECT treatment, minor impulses of electric current are made to pass through the brain of the patient and create the relief.

Tony Petrello Services to the Community

People who have invested in the oil and gas department, especially in the United States are currently among the wealthiest in the world. Nabors Industries is a company that has ventured into this profitable business, and it is led by one of the top and most respected figures in the American corporate world. Tony Petrello is the force that has been taking Nabors to greater heights over the years. The businessman, however, has remained an honest and respected leader, unlike most of the people holding similar positions in the country. While the tycoons are making headlines in television and radio, Tony Petrello has remained silent. Although he has been doing so well in the complicated market, Tony Petrello is one of the people who are introducing changes in the country and impacting lives without a lot of publication.

While most people in this industry are bragging and using their cash in unworthy activities, Tony Petrello has been busy with other important activities in the country. The businessman takes his time to interact with the needy communities living in the country, and he has been offering his help whenever it is necessary. This noble nature has made people from all over the world to respect the businessman because of what he is doing to the society. Tony is the perfect example of an individual who is successful. This nature, however, came after the birth of her young daughter.

Several years ago, Tony and his wife were expecting their child. Unfortunately, due to health problems, the child was born prematurely. Doctors saved her life, but she developed some complications that affect premature babies. Due to the condition she has been dealing with, the child has achieved most of her milestones at a late age. Her parents have been using their wealth to conduct research and help their child live the life she has always wanted. Tony Petrello has spent a lot of money on research, and he has earned the respect of so many people in the society. Tony and his company have also been keen on helping needy people who are struck by disasters. Just recently, the businessman assisted people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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