How Does A Typical Day Look Like For Bridget Scarr?

Inspirational leaders surround us every day only if we open our eyes. One such influential person is Bridget Scarr who has let nothing deter her from greatness. Some people have the notion that successful women leaders may not have put in hard work. However, on the contrary, that is not true. Bridget Scarr who is an Executive Producer at Colibri Studios has been working to climb up the ladder.

Colibri Studios is a company that is all rounded and offers creative content, TV production such as animation and digital production. Bridget has a son and a partner who she holds dearly. Since she leaves not far off from her workstation, she sees them often.

Her day starts off with some meditation. This is one of her success factors. The wonders meditation does to her has encouraged her to include it in her morning schedule every day. Meditation is beneficial as it helps you gather your thoughts and be able to be at peace with your mind.

Once she’s completes her meditation, she has breakfast with her family before leaving for work. On her way to work, Bridget plans her day and what she expects to accomplish at the end of the day. Upon arrival to the office, her day is divided into subsections. The morning hours are her concentration time as that’s when she gets to come up with creative content and research about it.

At around noon, she heads back home for her main meal with her family. For her, a family is essential in her life hence the need to spend more time with them. Her afternoon is a bit relaxed as she follows up emails of potential clients and possible business partners.

The evening also is one that she spends with family as her and her partner; take their son for an evening walk in the park. Family bonding time is recommended as it strengthens the family. When she has time, she watches one of the latest TV series to find more inspiration.

Bridget’s success secret comes from her family. Time with them helps her be at peace and get new ideas. At Colibri, she has the freedom to execute her unique ideas. Bridget understands that for a project to be successful, the people on board have to share the same vision. Once she gets an idea, she runs it through her team of experts as they find ways on improving and actualizing it.


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