The Career of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the current chief executive officer of a company called CP+B Global which is a top marketing and advertising firm. At this firm she manages and coordinates its nine international offices. Since joining the firm in the year 2015, Lori has been vital to the firm’s growth and prosperity. She has also made a very positive impact on both the firm’s culture by encouraging everyone to set and achieve the same goals. With her philosophy, CP+B Global has been able to develop into a marketing firm that emphasizes inventiveness, agility and being very collaborative. With her leadership, the firm has been able to achieve its many goals on a consistent basis. It has also been in position to remain as one of the very best marketing firms in the entire world.

Before Lori became the chief executive officer of CP+B Global, she was the president and CEO of MDC Partner Network. At this company, she was responsible for forming the strategy and vision for the agency. She was also in charge of developing growth and collaboration for the company as well. Prior to becoming the CEO and president of MDC, Lori worked as the Chairman and CEO of kbs+. When she was running this company, she helped it grow from a 250 employee domestic company to one with a strong worldwide presence with 900 employees. During her career in marketing, Lori has also been the president of McCann Erickson and also the Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann Worldgroup as well. In terms of her educational background, Lori attended McGill University and completed a bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Finance.

Prior to becoming a marketing professional, Lori had an upbringing that conditioned her to find ways to stand out. Lori would often look to develop strong leadership skills as well as a strong work ethic. As part of her attempt to stand out, Lori would also look to emphasize innovation and inventiveness in order to achieve success. As a result of this philosophy, Lori has been able to make a strong impact on the companies that she has worked for in the successful marketing industry. In order to stay healthy and maintain her success, Lori exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet.

Whitney Wolfe Turns The Tables On Dating Apps

Online dating apps like Bumble, offer access to many different people for a possible match. You will be able to consider many people that you may not have the time or opportunity to meet in your day-to-day activities Having access to a larger group of potential dates, increases the chances you will find someone who meets your criteria.

The app gives the upper hand to women, since Women make the first moves on the site. Men have to wait to be contacted by a woman before they can communicate. It is sort of the reverse of how dating typically works.

A dating app like Bumble will match you with people who have the important characteristics you want. You may prefer someone of a specific religious background, that matches yours. You can find these people by stipulating this in the search. You may be a night owl, so you would want to be matched with someone who is also a night owl.

By using a dating app, you can communicate with the other person for a period of time, before actually meeting them. This will give you time to get a feel for what they are like and see whether you ‘click’ or not.

At 26 years old, Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble. It has been in business now for just over a year. Prior to starting Bumble, Whitney Wolfe worked at Tinder, a similar app where she felt the atmosphere was toxic to women. That is why Bumble empowers the women more.

Based in Austin, Texas the company has 13 employees. Twelve of them are women. So far, the company has had over 80 million matches. The company has an Apple app as well as an Android app. Whitney is working hard to make the company profitable, and hopes to one day go public with the firm.

The mighty Real Estate Agent Tammy Mazzocco.

As a glamorous secretary at the commercial real estate firm, Tammy Mazzocco reincarnated her passion of becoming a real estate agent. She adopted the idea throughout the period she has worked with her manager at The Ewards Realty Company who also participated as a Real estate broker.

She went further and acquired a license in the year 1995. She cited during a Facebook live interview that; doing a lot of research and brainstorming activities helped her achieve a lot in her career planning. To stay healthy and steady every day, she begins her day by doing light exercise and meditations before opening her emails for chats.

However, the nature of her job as real estate agent impresses her most. Just by interacting with her clients face facing make her sales higher. Tammy Mazzocco also accepts the fact that her greatest challenge initially was how to communicate with the clients. She felt shy about this, but through determination and focus, she managed to overcome these constraints.

To achieve this, Tammy Mazzocco decided to set her goals and broke it according to the number of the period she intended to make them. Furthermore, she is a goal oriented entrepreneur who not only believes in making a lot of profits out of the sales but also is determined to offer quality service to her clients.

Just as any other business, she accepts that real estate agency is too sealed with various financial risks and challenges. However, she firmly believes that the formulation of proper mitigation strategies should be placed to avoid excessive losses. Some of the books she considers reading to motivate her, even more, include, “ life strategies” by Doctor Phil.

In her present career, Tammy Mozzocco is an active member of Judy Gang & Associate an organization based in central Ohio. Throughout her practice, Tammy Mozzocco has managed to score a higher mark on her marketing profile.

She is the only female agent considered to have scored a five-star rating and 100% positive reviews in Google from her clients regarding customer care service. It has by far boosted her sale, even more, leading to better profits. Recently, she managed to execute a mega sale of property worth $ 351,900 in three major counties.

The Lung Institute – Offering Advanced Stem Cell Treatment For Lung Diseases

Many different lung diseases can destroy harmony in your life and render you incapable of doing even the smallest of basic life tasks such as walking across the room and back or climbing the stairs. The lung capacity is substantially decreased in the patients suffering from problems such as the COPD or emphysema, and since its treatment hasn’t seen much change in the past few decades, the Lung Institute has come with a stem cell treatment that offers the patients an opportunity to renew their lung’s health. According to experts from the Baylor College of Medicine, the treatment provided by the Lung Institute is life-changing and ensures that the patients can breathe easier than before.

The Lung Institute first started its operations in Tampa, Florida, but gradually opened up across the country to ensure the patients across the country can benefit from the treatment provided. It is relatively a new treatment center and opened its door to the public in 2013, but in just a couple of years, it has successfully delivered treatment to over 3,000 patients, which is a remarkable feat. The Lung Institute extracts the stem cells from the bone marrow of the patients, and the sample separates the stem cells from other cells. The concentrate stem cells are then injected back into the body of the patients, and it is what helps with healing the patients over a period.

The results are seen because the stem cells have the ability to regenerate and form a tissue anywhere in the body. The stem cells are known for helping the body heal in an efficient manner. The damaged lung tissue starts to recover as soon as it comes in contact with the stem cells. As the stem cells are known to treat the lung conditions naturally, treating pulmonary disease is not an issue with stem cells.

Patients who are looking to get their lung disease treated through stem cell or are looking for a consultation about the stem cells therapy and its benefits can visit any of the Lung Institute’s Center or sign-up for a free consultation online. The Lung Institute after a thorough consultation and pre-treatment test would chart a treatment course that would be personalized and address the lung disease in an efficient manner for faster recovery.

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Bernardo Chua Believes In Direct Selling Business Model

Starting and running a business, as a going concern, is a major worry for any entrepreneur. However, one person has succeeded in his endeavors to market ganoderma products around the world. Bernardo Chua is an authority in direct selling.

Over the years, the successful entrepreneur has managed to create a broad network of distributors and employees around the globe. Chua started using multi-level marketing while he was still in Philippines.

He started by working for Gano Excel. The company marketed ganoderma using this network-based model. Before long, the company had expanded its operations to Canada, the United States and Hong Kong.

Bernardo was appointed to work in the USA as the company’s president. He played an instrumental role in marketing the product in the Western World.

In 2008, he devised a plan to market the product around the world. To this end, he incorporated Organo Gold. The Canada-based Corporation developed different products, including beverages, personal care, brewing cups and body management items.

Through his transformative leadership, the company has been able to market ganoderma products around the globe. He has been able to succeed in selling the products in the western world because of undertaking extensive educational campaigns. Bernardo has been educating consumers and distributors about the importance of ganoderma.

In Asia, the polypore mushroom has been used for decades. He was able to understand the benefits of the herbs owing to his Chinese heritage. Because of his immense success, Bernardo Chua has been recognized and awarded accordingly. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

In 2014, People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards presented him with the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. Moreover, his company was named the top direct selling company in the food supplement category. Notably, Chua has, in five different occasions, been awarded with the “Direct Sales Company Of The Year” award.

As part of refining his business, Chua has been working closely with some of the leading organic ganoderma producers in the globe. This way, he is able to provide consumers with high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Over the years, the executive has been funding ganoderma-related research. To this end, Organo Gold has a competitive edge as they capitalize on new breakthroughs. Chua has Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Keeps Outselling Amazon

Valued at over $250 million, actress Kate Hudson’s athletic apparel brand Fabletics has managed to outsell Amazon in the workout gear department thanks to highly creative strategies and quality products. Hudson, who has continued to act as CEO of the brand since its launch in 2013, has recently unveiled her unique take on physical stores, inspiring online business owners worldwide.

The Fabletics Brand

Hudson launched the brand after establishing herself on social media as a fitness guru. With millions of Instagram followers, Hudson has used the platform to focus less on her acting career and more on her workout routines and wellness tips. Having earned the respect of fitness enthusiasts around the world, she launched her own brand of athletic apparel in the form of an online business.

The Fabletics business model was innovative from the start. The website functions as every other online retail business, allowing customers to add pieces to an online shopping cart and check out. The addition of the subscription service model, however, is what set Fabletics apart from the rest early on.

Fabletics customers are heavily encouraged to join the VIP membership program. Offering an incredible value, this program is hard to resist. First, customers sign up and fill out a lifestyle quiz, giving Fabletics an idea of what types of workout clothes the customer likes best. Then, for a monthly fee of $49.95, the customer receives a full workout outfit in the mail each month.

When Teri Hutcheon from became a VIP member, she was excited to take a step back and let Fabletics select an outfit for her based on the answers she provided in her lifestyle quiz. She was also enticed by the special deal that gives new subscribers their first outfit for only $24.95.

Teri knew she had made the right decision by signing up when her first outfit arrived in the mail. Observing the quality of Fabletics clothing, Teri noticed that the clothes are made of superior materials. Even after several washes, Fabletics clothing continues to hold up and withstand tough workouts.

Fabletics Stores

In response to the enormous success of the Fabletics brand, Hudson decided to open up a small handful of physical stores nationwide. Instead of viewing these stores as an additional source of revenue, Hudson uses them as a way to get more VIP members online. Customers who have visited the Fabletics website can visit a store and try on pieces that they like before committing to the VIP membership program. Once they see for themselves that Fabletics clothing is made of high-quality materials and offers a superior fit, they’re hooked. About one quarter of customers who visit a Fabletics store walk out as VIP members.


This strategy of drawing customers to the online store is known as the reverse showroom technique. In an age when physical stores are losing out to online companies like Amazon, Hudson has managed to redefine the purpose of brick-and-mortar retail.


It’s safe to say that Hudson knows what she’s doing. The company continues to grow and Hudson plans to launch more stores around the world in the coming years. If you’re a fan of Hudson’s unique approach to athletic gear, visit the Fabletics website and fill out the lifestyle quiz.