Eric Pulier Offers Technological Solutions To Ailing Ventures To Support Growth

Growth in business and entrepreneurship is a process that takes time and resources to accomplish. Every business that is today successful relied on the effort of the investors and managers to make the right decisions during the right time. Having a business that is built to overcome the various challenges that come along is not as easy as many would believe, but it is also possible if the right ideas are engaged. Eric Pulier, an expert in entrepreneurship and technology, is among those who have managed to handle the technicalities that come with running business in the highly competitive market.

As an entrepreneur, Eric Pulier has invested a lot in upcoming businesses, specifically seed level businesses, which later managed to get grip of the market. He has been in the world of entrepreneurship for over 20 years and the experience he has earned over the years has been a great addition to the development of his career.

Passion for technology

His passion for technology and business started when he was a young fourth grade boy. He used to admire the way technology would offer amazing solutions and in this spirit, he decided to also venture into a field that would allow him to explore the various technologies available across the world. Eric Pulier proceeded to the Teaneck High School with this passion at heart and he worked towards elevating his career and achieving his goals.

During his time at Teaneck, Eric founded a database company, an achievement that not only brought elation, but also allowed him to further get the motivation to build his career in entrepreneurship. From Teaneck, he proceeded to college and he enrolled at both the Harvard University and MIT College. At Harvard, he pursued American Literature and English while he took Computer Science at MIT.


As a champion of the development of businesses and entrepreneurship, Eric Pulier also published articles and books offering insight into the matters ailing businesses. One of his publications Understanding Enterprise SOA, offers an explanation on how technology and entrepreneurship relate with each other and why businesses should consider using modern technological methods to solve their problems.


Karl Heideck: Illustration of Litigation Career

How to become a litigator like Karl HeideckLitigation is one of the major paths taken by those who have a passion for law. It involves representing the plaintiff or defendant in court and every other procedure that leads to court trials. They are involved in investigations, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial and trial if things get to that. Litigators, like Karl Heideck, are often confused for trial lawyers. What many people don’t understand is that a litigator can undertake the role of a trial lawyer and the same goes for trial lawyers. However, you do not have to be both. You can actually choose one specialty and pursue it.

One of the reasons why litigation is a popular career choice is the fact that they are well-paid. But this is not just something that is achieved in a day. Actually, only those who have built a reputation for themselves, take home a great pay. So, do not be surprised if you have to begin at the courtroom’s gallery and writing a lot of court memos. And if you are lucky enough, you get to argue a case in the small courts. But with time and experience, you start building your clientele and that is where you really start to enjoy your career.

Being a great litigator is built on a good career background and great experience. First, you have to take an undergraduate degree or a pre-law course. Upon completing this, you sit for an LSAT which when passed successfully leads to your admission in law school.

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A good example of litigators in Philadelphia is Karl Heideck. His education and career life teaches you all the requirements for a litigation career. Karl Heideck studied at Swarthmore College where he was an English and Literature major. Upon graduating with his bachelors, he was admitted to James E. Beasley School of Law which is a branch of Temple University. A year after graduating law school, Conrad O’Brien took him under their wings to work as an associate. Since then Karl Heideck has been employed at Pepper Hamilton. This was before joining Grant & Eisenhofer in the year 2015. Want to learn more about Karl Heideck and the litigation process? View his Facebook profile for more.


George Soros Involvement in Business, Philanthropy, and Politics


George Soros is one of the most wealthy magnates in the world. He is also a philanthropist on He was born in Hungary while Nazis had the control over the country and spent his entire childhood with his family running away in search of peace. It is one of the factors that has contributed to his interest in engaging in philanthropic activities primarily to help refugees and immigrants. Soros attended London School of Economics where he pursued a degree and a master’s degree in philosophy. After school, George went to the United States for a job in Wall Street. He had a keen interest in financial markets industry where he ventured; a move turned out to be successful that he was able to get his parent from Hungary.

Today George Soros is ranked by Forbes as one of the richest men in the world. In fact, in the year 2010, he was ranked 35th on the list of the wealthiest people in the world. He has made investments in various industries and succeeded. In the year 1993, George Soros founded Open Society Foundation. The move was meant to help immigrants, refugees and help people to get justice. The foundation has grown, and today it is operating in over 37 countries where most of them are in Europe. The foundation has helped hundred thousands of peoples to get justice, grow their business and satisfy their personal needs.

About Open Society Foundation

The organization borrows its name from a book by Karl Popper titled ‘Open Society and its Enemies.’ Open Society foundations the second largest with a budget ranging from $800 million. It is second after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation whose budget ranges from $3.9 billion. The Open Society Foundation on Snopes recently allocated over $500 million to help in boosting business started by immigrants, especially in Europe. The move is expected to positively impact this business and assist them to excel in their fields.

Political Affiliations

George Soros also has an interest in politics. He has been a leading funder as well a member o Democratic Funders. In the recent presidential election of the United States, he was a principal funder of Hillary Clinton. In the year 2004, also Soros had supported John Kerry. Although both candidates that Soros supported failed, he said that the election for the year 2016 was rigged making Donald Trump the president of the United States. They have been making a meeting with fellow funders of the Democratic Party to discuss the issue on Soros has played a significant role in politics despite being behind the scenes.


Although George Soros involvement in politics has not been successful, he has not yet announced to quit his involvement in them. George Soros other projects away from politics have been excelling, and he has been able to touch lots of peoples’ lives by providing help in justice, food, loans to boost their businesses among other. All these are done through his organization Open Society Foundation. George Soros life and career has been full of achievements and successful.

Sharing Their Blessing: The DeVos Family

As a country, we can be so critical of those families and individuals supporting political parties or ideologies that are adverse from our own. The media and social outcry too often drown out or completely cover up the positives and strong philanthropic advances made by those same people that we may disagree with. It is essential to step back from the media led craze though and truly think for ourselves. It is time to recognize the good these individuals have done for our communities and country.

Dick DeVos is one of those outstanding men who has been criticized by many, but continues to quietly make a difference without expecting accolades or recognition. Mr. DeVos’ father was a co-founder of Amway, an American based company that produces and markets a variety of household products. He also was the owner of the basketball team Orlando Magic, as well as one of the creators of Alticor. DeVos then stepped in as president of The Windquest Group, a private investment firm. Each business venture Mr. DeVos took on examplified his integrity and determination to give back to his country and community.

Dick and the DeVos family have traditionally been generous supporters of the Republican party. Fortunately, as citizens of the United States of America we are able to openly express our views and opinions, and the donations to their political choice are almost invisible in comparision to their philanthropic giving. The DeVos family has taken a firm stance in improving the American education system. In 2015 alone they donated over three million dollars to scholastic causes. They share the foundational belief that each and every child should have the right to experience the American dream, and the DeVos are going above and beyond to make that dream a reality.

Their financial generosity does not stop with education and the arts, they are also actively seeking ways to improve the foundational lives of our children. Dick is determined to help support those seeking a cure for childhood cancer, assist religious organizations, and to give generously without expectation of recognition or favors. This ideology does not stop with Dick and Betsy, but has been passed on to their four children. The younger generation of DeVos continually challenge their family to do more and to share their blessings with others.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have the right to share with and support their chosen political party, but they are in no way required to give so generously to others. It is by choice, because of kind hearts and conscious minds that they have so freely given back to the communities of this country. Their philanthropic donations far outweigh any other financial contributions, and they should be recognized for their dedication and devotion to the foundation betterment of the lives of our countries children.


Cleveland Ohio Real Estate and Tammy Mazzocco The Broker

In 2016, Cleveland Ohio the real estate market has been good. The jobs situation has been very good as there has been a steady growth for workers and it remains strong. Interest rates for home mortgages have still been good too, as they remained low.

When people are working, and the prospects look good for job availability, the economy thrives and so does real estate. However around election time in 2016, in November to be exact, a shortage of houses occurred, although there were still plenty of people looking for homes.

Tammy Mazzocco, a leading Cleveland realtor, has been through plenty of up and down economies knows from experience that you don’t worry about things that you cannot control, and this is one of those times. With an interest rate hovering around 4% people are a bit reluctant to jump into buying a home as they were last year.

Mazzocco started her life in real estate as an administrative assistant for RE/MAX, then became a property manager herself. Once she got her real estate license, she decided that there was more money in selling real estate than in managing it. Her philosophy for success is to serve the people and work closely with their needs.

Initially, on the shy side, she had to work on that, and she did so by purposely starting the conversation when she met new prospects. She learned to ask questions to find out what people were looking for, and once into a dialogue, everything worked out fine.

Mazzocco also has some very good mentors who taught her how to get organized and set priorities. Armed with those skills and the willingness to put in the time and work hard are traits that set her apart from just being average. Mazzocco claims that the real estate market is always fluctuating, but you can make a difference with your work ethic and how you treat people each day. Visit her Facebook page for more info.

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