Evolution of Smooth (EOS) Creates a Market Share in an Established Market

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a lip balm product. Like the well known Chapstick product, it is used to protect lips from the damages of cold weather. EOS lip balm is a great example of the new marketing taking place in our Internet dependent, socially connected world. EOS was developed by the efforts of a focused committee; it was researched against other products whose identities controlled a large share of the market and were seemingly insulated from the effect of competition. In the case of EOS lip balm, the product was designed to make the most of a colorful product image, offering a multitude of flavor choices that were not being offered by Chapstick or other manufacturers. The products are available on eBay.com and Ulta(http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245). The packaging was different; it was not the typical cylinder. The advertising relied on a more sensual image, and its users were identified with the socially active generation that was taking control of the styles and fashions of young women in the United States of America.


This committee effort not only targeted women but sought to capture a share of the urban, hip, segment of society that is enchanted with the life of society mavens and celebrities. It is a new social and business world, and EOS has boldly entered that world with its marketing, design, and managerial efforts. Visit evolutionofsmooth.com for more information.

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The Success Story of OSI Group

OSI Group is a privately owned company in America. It processes meat that services both the food and retail service industries. The company has its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group was started by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant. He began by opening a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois in 1909. He later went on to expand the business into a wholesale meat trade after which he relocated his business to Maywood in 1917. The company gained the name Otto & Sons in 1928. The company acquired a reputation for delivering meat that was of high quality over some decades.

Otto & Sons was chosen to become the supplier of ground beef patties after McDonald’s opened its first store that was located in Des Plaines, Illinois. The heirs of McDonald’s and Otto & Sons formed a strong working relationship over the years that followed. Otto & Sons became the leading suppliers of beef to the growing McDonald’s restaurants.

Otto & Sons launched its first high-volume meat plant in 1973 in West Chicago. This meat plant had liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and patty-forming machines. It was at the same time that it created a separate unit known as GlenMark. These were small-scale local projects that supplied specialty meat and processed meat to local restaurants and area supermarkets. Otto & Sons changed their name to OSI Industries in 1975. OSI Group went into a licensing agreement in 1999 with Best Chicago Meat Co. LLC for the GlenMark brand. Best Chicago Meat fully acquired the GlenMark brand in December 2011.

Forbes listed OSI Group as 136th largest private company in America in 2011. This was based on the OSI’s annual revenues of 3 billion dollars. OSI Group also ranked 58th on the Forbes list of the largest private companies in America in 2016. OSI Group produces many private label brand foods and has over 65 facilities in 17 nations all over the world. They are situated in the Asia-Pacific, Western and Eastern Europe, and North America. OSI Group is also involved in co-packing big brand name items for its different Retail and Foodservice customers.

Some of the products produced by OSI include fish, hot dogs, vegetable, dough products, pork, bacon, poultry, and meat patties. OSI Group also supplies meat products to Western fast food chains in China like Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, and Subway. OSI Group has received several awards over the years including the award for Management of Health and Safety Risks and Environmental Management.

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Michael Zomber and The Ability to Connect With the Audience

There is a lot that goes into creative writing. One of the aspects of creativity is being able to connect with the audience. While it is really good to be creative and original, one does not want to do it to the point that the audience can’t recognize anything about the story that they can relate to.

Instead, it is important to create an anchor for the story. The anchor could be a universal story about a universal need. It could be a philosophical question. It could also be a historical topic. According to IMDB, Michael Zomber has used a historical topic as his anchor.

One thing about Michael is that he has written quite a few stories that have gained a lot of recognition. Another thing is that these stories are based on something that occurred at a historical point. Therefore, people have some kind of anchor in the story that will help them relate to the story. That way, the story will be successful among critics and the general audience.

One of the best things that a writer can do is explore different themes. Among the themes they could explore is betrayal, heartbreak, and plenty of other heavy themes. Not all stories have to be happy go lucky in order to be successful.

As a matter of fact, many of the successful stories deal with reality in some sort of way and reflects reality in which not everything that the characters want or even the audience wants is going to get it. Michael Zomber has done that with his stories that have taken place in ancient Japan.

Michael Zomber’s love of history is what has granted him a spot in a documentary on The History Channel. Michael Zomber has collected a lot of antiques that have been discovered and associated with his favorite culture.

Embracing Investment Banking

Investment banking has a particular process so that it can be a success. The bank has obviously different panels, among these panels they deal with investment banking. It is using the required capital to finance in other organizations to create a good business portfolio. Investment banking is complete when there is expertise, strategic effort and professional advice before taking on that journey.

Reconstructing, purchasing and uniting organizations and investors is part of investment banking. It requires the attendance of the investor and the company. An expert in banking is an important person to consider when you want to venture into investment banking. The job of such professionals is to look at the market and see where it stands before embarking on their main role. Their task is giving advice and taking clients in every step of investment banking.

Martin Lustgarten is a professional in banking and has been in the industry for many years. He is from Venezuela as well as Austria. Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm is a company he found and he is also the CEO. International banking investment has always motivated him and through that he has delivered his fortune all over the globe due to investment. Although he has an eye on international investment he also spends his time on local companies.

Being able to spot new trends in the market is one of his strengths thus making him ready to get hold of an opportunity in investing. He is also a role model to upcoming investors and his clients. Big organizations, financial sponsors, potential investors and entrepreneurs are the customers he attends to. People looking up to him, has motivated him to do even better.

His role is to provide important guidance and thoughts to all clients that he serves. Martin Lustgarten is well-known to manage the most challenging transactions in investment banking. He handles them in an orderly manner and therefore boosts his relationship with his clients. Training and guiding his staff at his company is also part of his duty so that they can have the skills needed. Martin Lustgarten has made a difference in the lives of many people.

Reliable Traffic Solutions from Transit Experts

Discussions on how to solve the transport challenges in Williamson County in the suburban regions have taken shape. The discussion emerged during the Williamson County Growth Summit, which was graced by the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) Mike Heiligenstein and Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign. The summit also included Joseph Kopser who is the founder of RideScout LLC and Leandre Johns who is the Director of External Affairs in Texas for Uber Technologies Inc. The discussion of the leaders was on how the transport landscape is changing every day due to the change in technology especially in Austin.



Transforming Transportation



Heiligestein noted the need for Austin region to invest heavily in the transport infrastructure, which includes roads, which are smarter and modern. He also indicated that the technology of driverless cars and applications such as ridesharing could soon transform the transport industry. The transformation according to Heiligestein is necessary because the population of the people who need to travel every day in suburbs is growing rapidly.



Heiligestein also appreciated the fact that Austin region had tried to make improvements in the transport infrastructure in the last 15 years. However, he added that due to the increased population of the people who keep streaming into the region there was need for the roads to be enhanced. This would enable the region to handle the future transport needs. Ficklin also said that even though the region was embracing the autonomous vehicles, it was prudent for the land-use codes to always be kept flexible.



Mike Heiligenstein Honors



Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He is the first executive director of CTRMA and brings in a high level of experience and skill into the mobility authority. Before joining the mobility authority, he was serving as a public official at Central Texas in Williamson County and Round Rock City. In his leadership, he was able to oversee projects, which are $500 million worth.



In 2000, Mike Heiligenstein was in the forefront of changing the transport dynamics in Central Texas after spearheading a transport initiative, which was valued at $350 million. Throughout his career, he has been influential in other public projects on infrastructure and environmental issues. Mike Heiligenstein who attended University of Texas, Austin has been the Executive Director of CTRMA since 2003. Previously, he was a county commissioner at Williamson County for 14 years. He has also been a city councilman at Round Rock city for 7 years.


Adam Milstein’s Entrepreneurship Journey in the United States

Adam Milstein is a worldwide renowned philanthropist who believes that it is vital for one to be actively involved in the solution-seeking process of a problem, to gain full scope of the matter. Adam is an Israeli native who specializes in the real estate investment business and the wellbeing of the Israeli community. He joined the IDF as a mandatory rule by the then government, to fight in the Yom Kippur war. In 1978, Adam graduated from Technion and relocated to live in the United States in 1981. After earning his master’s degree in business administration from USC, he joined the Commercial Real Estate firm in 1993. Currently, Adam heads the privately owned commercial real estate investment company, Hager Pacific Properties, as a managing partner.

Adam began Hager Pacific Properties after concluding that most recruiting companies that sought for new employees in USC did not appreciate his knowledge and life experiences. He worked as a real estate commercial broker for three years before venturing into real estate investment. In an interview with IdeaMensch, Adam revealed that he is a great fan of the Constant Contact app that aids him in managing his very many contacts. Milstein advises prospective entrepreneurs to diligently follow up all of their business contacts and remain persistent and passionate in the investment process. Adam revealed that he eases his working days with active involvement in various philanthropic movements in the society.

Milstein set up Israeli-American Council in partnership with other like-minded Israeli natives. Currently, he runs the firm as its national chairman and chair of its national growth and expansion. Adam established Sifriyat Pijama B’America in partnership with his wife, Gila. Sifriyat Pijama provides more than 15,000 Jewish-Israeli-American families with free monthly books that educate on different subjects, in Hebrew, and Jewish. Adam serves on the board of various organizations such as StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, and Hasbara Fellowships. Adam stated that his biggest role model is his business partner David Hager, who applies smart psychological strategies to stay ahead of the market’s moves and achieve his goals in the economic forum and the world.


Will making land reports accessible eradicate title defects?

The real estate market, over the last few years, has become increasingly concerned with the problems caused by title defects. Such problems include wrongful foreclosures, and stagnation of asset transition in the secondary market. To achieve clear title conveyance, NTC is moving to revise property records, since it believes that this could minimize this menace.
The service provider for financial and mortgage industries has revamped its website. The updated version allows property owners to access documents that NTC considers crucial during title conveyance. They include:
– Current Owner Report
– Tax Status Report
– Assignment Verification Report Services
– Tax Status (Plus) Report
The reports listed above have been made available so that owners can verify whether they can be legitimately viable during title conveyance. The owners have the responsibility to check for the following requirements in the documents:
– Do the wordings comply with standards set by the area that the real estate is in?
– Have all signatures that are important for title conveyance, such as your spouse’s signature, been appended on the reports?
– Were the correct filing and recording procedures followed as the reports were being recorded?
– Have the errors that had previously been noted removed?
Such are the things that could cause title defects. NTC hopes that, by making the reports available, property owners will make connections wherever needed.
The CEO of NTC, John Hillman, states that this is another move to improve the firm’s service delivery. Hillman emphasizes that their property report can be accessed by any residential property in the country. This will bring them closer to their goal, which has been to make the process of securing the reports fast and simple.
NTC is known to produce accurately processed documents, as the information they get from their research, mostly from the counties, are reliable.

About Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.
NTC is a post-closing service provider that has ventured into the residential mortgage industry to offer professional document processing services. With over 80% of renowned property owners under the company, it is the biggest firm of its kind in the country. Its CEO, John Hillman, attributes NTC’s success to its accurate research services, and advanced document processing that meets client requirements.
The company, through its CEO, recently opened another branch in Dallas, the first ever establishment apart from the main facility in Florida. Based in Dallas, Texas, the new facility will serve as a disaster recovery center, with full infrastructure that supports data backup. Hillman stressed the importance of the Dallas establishment, mentioning that it was important for their customers to believe in them, even in the case that anything disrupts regular flow of services in the main offices.

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New Investment Products From Capital Group’s Strategic Partnership

Timothy D. Armour was named the Chairman of Capital Group in July 2015. The former Chairman of the company Jim Rothenberg passed away, leaving Armour as the successor. It was an incredible loss to the company and Tim empathetically stepped into the position. He will take lead of Capital Group, which includes 7,600 associates and managers. The company looks forward to a successful future with Armour at the helm. Capital Group is responsible for managing $1.25 trillion. Founded in 1931, Capital Group primarily manages mutual funds for its clients. Armour takes pride in the company’s ability to get the longest return over time for its clients.

Timothy Armour’s 32 years of experience in the investment industry can be credited to Capital Group. Armour’s background includes being an equity investment analyst. He’s earned a bachelors degree in Economics from Middlebury College and went on to begin his career 1983. He joined Capital Group in the Associates Program as a participant. Armour later covered U.S. service companies and global telecommunications before taking his current position. Timothy Armour is now based in Los Angeles.

Armour is overseeing a strategic partnership being undertaken in Korea between Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management. The purpose of the plan is to develop investment strategies for retail and institutional investors in Korea. Products will be developed for asset allocation and retirement through the partnership. Samsung Asset Management will improve its investment capabilities by providing new insurance, retirement, and savings offers as a result of the partnership. Capital plans on distributing its products to Samsung markets. Armour is expecting China to become a more consumer led society rather than a closed one based upon investments.

The details of the new offers have yet to be worked out according to Tom Joyce, the head of global media at Capital Group. A model still needs to be developed to show how revenues will be shared and what the pricing structures will be. In an article posted to the Wall Street Journal, Timothy Armour encourages executives to pay attention to the finer details of companies rather than counting on future successes. He believes that this is the key to understanding why a company such as Blockbuster went bankrupt while Netflix soared into millions of dollars in revenue.

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Revolutionizing Hair – Wen By Chaz

Women put a lot of attention on their hair. From shampooing and conditioning to styling and ensuring it is healthy and vibrant. Many women look for help in the best way to keep naturally healthy hair. Today we will walk through some general guidelines for women’s hair care.

Over washing women’s hair is a typical issue. Washing your hair two or three times a week is plenty. Too much washing removes naturals oils which in turn makes your scalp produce more oils creating a greasy scalp. This issue of over washing is found with many women and usually creates the need to wash your hair daily because of the oils it creates. It’s a vicious cycle.

Women love hot showers but your hair does not. The hot water can create breakage due to stress and also leads to more tangles than necessary. While shampooing in the shower it is necessary to use the right amount based on the thickness of your hair. Ensure that the shampoo is reaching the scalp through a good massage which also increases blood flow leading to healthier hair.

Conditioning of the hair can be confusing. Many different methods are out there telling you how to get the most benefit out of your conditioner. One method is to towel dry your hair before adding the conditioner. Also different than shampoo the conditioner should target the ends of the hair and the scalp.

Wen products are revolutionizing the hair beauty industry. Looking at removing several steps with the shampooing and many different types of conditioning to create a one all around product that covers everything. The results have been superb leading to hair being moisturized more and a brighter shine. If you haven’t tried Wen by Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/store.aspx yet take a look. You won’t be disappointed.

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How Mike Baur is changing lives

Mike Baur is an experienced individual who have worked at the Swiss Banking Industry, Clariden Leu and UBS for more than twenty years. This has provided him with great insight on how banking and financial system works. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 at the age of thirty-nine together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. He was already involved in funding several startups in his homeland before he ventured into Swiss StartUp Factory.

Mike Baur is a diverse person and has served as the Chief Executive Officer of ScanSource Inc as well as being nominated as the Deputy Managing Director at the ICT in January this year. He has been involved as the judge of startup idea competitions all around the world. He was one of the jury members at the START Summit, a startup pitching competition at St. Gallen University. Mike Baur’s chief area of interest lies in Accounting and Finance and the interest only grew stronger as he grew up pursuing it with one of a kind passion.

Right after finishing his MBA at the university of Rochester and then his executive MBA from the University of Bern, it was clear to all his professors that he has destined for greater things in life. Mike Baur invests in ideas that are brought to him by passionate teams and individuals and provide them with what they would require to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavours. Swiss Startup Factory is one of the major privately funded information and communication technology accelerators in Zurich. This is to be contacted by people not only in and around Zurich but from elsewhere in the world.

Mike Baur is an active speaker at the world web forums Investor panel. After judging startup competitions, he goes further by mentoring them about the industry and how startup paraphernalia co-exist. He runs a three-month long accelerator program at the heart of Zurich during which he is involved in product polishing, market determination and expansion.

Since his early childhood, he has continually shown the zeal to help others achieve their dreams. He takes pride from aiding youths to develop into successful individuals. He has a platform where each and every person from any place in the world can send their idea and if it is viable enough, he will contact and help your business mature. He has been awarded several honours due to his kind personality.