George Soros Hedging Against Economic Slowdown

Despite lackluster gold prices, prominent investors such as Soros are holding their bet that gold and gold stock will rise again. In the face of increased money printing by Federal Reserve, Gold has dropped significantly and inflated the stock markets. George Soros is hedging against an economic slowdown by going long on Barrick Gold Corporation.

In financial markets, Soros is renowned as a mythical figure. After spending his early years escaping the Nazi Germany, he landed in London where he studied philosophy. After he completed his Ph.D. thesis at London School of Economics, he could not find work. Eventfully, George Soros paved his into financial markets and created a legendary investment career.

In 1970, Soros set up his own fund where he built reputable relationships with investors and made for them tons of money. In 1992, he took $10 billion bet against single currency, George Soros turned out to be right and made $1 billion profit from a single day trade and by the end of the transaction, and he had made more than $2 billion profit. Since then his notoriety grew exponentially and earned him the title “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”.

Since peaking in mid-2011, the gold price has plummeted by more than 40%. Now the price hovers around $1.118 per Ounce, this is considered as dangerously low price for gold miners on As a result, many smaller miners will be wiped out during the price slump. Finally, it will lead to supply contractions that will spark resurgence in gold. Billionaires, among them George Soros are aware of that.

According to the 13F filings, it is revealed that Soros Fund Management continues holding its $13.5 million stakes in Market Vectors Gold Miners EFT, an EFT that focuses on gold industry.  George Soros bought 1.9 million shares of Barrick Gold, valued at $20.1 million and 1.05 million shares in SPDR Gold Trust, a firm that tracks the price of gold. Moreover, Soros has cut his U.S stocks by 37 percent to 3.5 billion.

Soros built his $24 billion fortune through markets speculations, earlier this year he warned of risks from China economy. According to Soros, China, debt- fueled economy resembles the U.S 2007-2008 financial crises. He explained that China hard landing was practically impossible, and it will worsen global deflationary pressures, drag down stocks, spur a global recession, and boost U.S government bonds. Read more on

Soros is not alone, a billionaire investor Stan Druckenmiller also reading from the same page. Earlier this month he stated that gold is his largest currency allocations. Others investors have followed the suits, and it explains why in the first three months of the year Gold for immediate delivery jumped 16 percent. It is the biggest quarterly surge since 1986.

They vow: “To serve and connect!”

In early February of 2016, PR Newswire published an article on the new mobile app, Securus, developed and created by Securus Technologies. The new app is now available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Within its first six months following launching on Google Play, Securus averaged over ten-thousand downloads per month.

I downloaded Securus a few weeks ago and I have been pleasantly surprised by its fluent functionality. Securus ( offers users a new, cutting edge method of communication with incarcerated friends and family through scheduled video call visitation.
Physically visiting loved ones at a jail can be “logistically inconvenient”, according to Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies. And I have to agree! I work constantly and my schedule just refuses to allow me to plan physical visitation with my best friend who is incarcerated over an hour from my apartment; however, Securus has been fantastic and I have been able to schedule video calls with him consistently at extremely low rates, it’s unbelievable.
PR Newswire‘s article introduces and explains the purposes, usefulness, and functionality of the Securus app and includes quotes from leaders at Securus Technologies and closes with a brief explanation of what Securus Technologies is, exactly, in a short “about” blurb.
Securus Technologies boasts working with over 3,400 facilities in North America, aiding over one million inmates so far and holding themselves to their promise: “to serve and connect”.
The slogan used by Securus Technologies: “To Serve and Connect.” is an example of word play in which they swap the word “protect” from the creed of North Amerian law enforcement: “To Serve and Protect”. Securus Technologies works within public safety and public services; therefore, it is natural and memorable that, due to specializing in communication, the word “protect” is exchanged with a eloquent symbolic nod to their focus: “connect”.

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Wen By Chaz A Big Hit

Have you ever been up late at night and caught one of those late night infomercials? Have you ever dreamed of having gorgeous hair? Have you ever wished you could walk on the red carpet and ask the celebrities how they got the beautiful hair they have? We all have. I mean where do you think girl crushes come from? They come from having crushes on girls who have beautiful hair? Maybe not. I probably made that up but in any case we all love seeing beautiful hair and dreaming about having our own beautiful hair. It’s to die for(no pun intended).
Recently, a Guthy-Renker beauty blogger shared on facebook her experience with readers about her experience with WEN. Wen By Chaz is a 3 in 1 hair care system designed to help those women who struggle with thin hair.  After trying Wen we instantly saw her hair transform and this is the best part, she didn’t even use the product correctly. Imagine how different her results would’ve been had she actually followed the directions in it’s entirety.
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Sailing into History: Dick DeVos

Started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 13th, 2016, outside the strong wind field, which required exceptional navigation skills, nothing else could have prepared the 32 sailors of Melges for the 2016 Gold Cup, which the Lauderdale Yacht Club hosted. On the second day, the waters were rife with racing action as three additional races were added to the scoreboard.

On those three races, we saw how Dick DeVos, leader of the Volpe, led the race with just a single point. Alessandro Rombelli, the world champion for STIG took second place because of an altercation during the fifth race where Ben Schwartz and Richard Goransson pushed him out of the lead. This led Dick DeVos to complete within the top five. What made the biggest headlines that day, however, was not who won. Instead, it was how many youth sailors took part in the activity. On every ship, there was a junior sailor, and he shared the experience and learned the thrill related to grand prix sailing. Meanwhile, they helped to compete against some of the world’s greatest sailors.

When the day’s first race took place, it started with a volatile breeze, calm sea and sunshine. Jason Carroll on the Argo, Benjamin Schwartz, the Pisces head, and Chris Wientjes for Stormvogel pulled the trigger a little too quick, and earned an OCS each. Contrasting that with Rombelli and DeVos, they had a more clean head start that went left for the best pressure. With that breeze, they came to a speedy 12 to 13 knots during the first round, where DeVos took charge. Nevertheless, a shifting breeze gave Rombelli the opportunity to race past, and on the final run, Rombelli overtook and outpaced DeVos for the win. DeVos finished in healthy second and Schwartz finished in third place.

Devos has always been an avid competitive sailor, and he has even won two national titles with multiple regatta victories that could be added to his credit. One of Dick DeVos’s regular competitions outside the competition in Fort Lauderdale is the Chicago Mackinac race. This is the world’s longest freshwater sailing race, and he has even taken home the gold trophy for this race. Along with a love of sailing, DeVos loves to fly airplanes, and he has been type rated in the EC 130 rated helicopter and Cessna Citation CJ4 pilot.

Born in Michigan on October 21, 1955, Dick DeVos is the son of the Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. From 1993 to 2002, Dick served as the CEO of the consumer goods and distribution. In 2006, Dick ran for governor of Michigan, but he lost to Jennifer Granholm. He has been listed in Forbes as the 67th richest person in the United States, boasting a net worth of around $5.1 billion. Even as a child, DeVos was deeply involved with the family business, and he says that he remembers being in the basement where all the offices and people were work. He and his brother Doug DeVos were called the mini-hosts, and they were supposed to greet the attendees at the convention for Amway.

When Dick left the firm, he wanted to start a new business called Windquest Group. This company works with marketing closet and storage organizers. Dick married Elizabeth Prince, and she is the daughter of Edgar Prince, the CEO of Prince Corporation. They have four children together who are named Elissa, Andrea, Ryan and Rick.


Style your hair with Wen Hair Conditioner

Dressing your hair could be a source of a headache to you every morning, could be you have virtually tried and almost exhausted every hair care products like shampoo and much more but still got wary and disappointed about the look of your hair. Your dream to have incredible hair that gives you a perfectly beautiful look has come to pass. Wen by Chaz Dean ( provides a unique product to give you your desired hair outlook and fashion.
Wen Sweet Almond Hair Conditioner

Sephora’s Fig Cleansing Conditioner is uniquely designed to provide your hair with a beautiful, shiny and healthy outlook. It is a five in one formula that eliminates the need for you to use the ordinary shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, rectangular and leave- in conditioner. Sweet Almond Hair Conditioner gives your hair strength, moisture, shine and easy manageability.

Why choose it?

Wen provides a perfect opportunity for you to simplify your daily hair care routine. It gives the right ingredient, moisture and the natural oil your hair could be missing to get that great, shiny, smooth and healthy looking style.

Having side said that, it is good to note that WEN Sweet Almond Hair conditioner can work with any hair depending on the type you choose. The Fig version for example is commonly known for giving your hair incredible moisture, shine and bounce. Wen cleansing hair conditioner therefore, best suits people with soft hair who desire to shower and style their hair in the morning. Your look will certainly be fabulous and you will have confidence and get those positive comments about your hair everywhere you pass. It is available online on ebay and on supermarkets nationwide.

Ross Abelow is a Top New York Lawyer

Ross Abelow currently practices law in New York and he became a registered attorney in New York in 1990. He graduated from Brooklyn Law School. He works in the areas of family law, matrimonial law, and law for entertainers and athletes. He helps many people set up living wills. These documents make life and death decisions a lot easier for families when a loved one becomes very ill. Ross Abelow also works with many people with career contracts. He can look out for your person interests when It comes to complex legal terminology.

Family law cases have become very prevalent with parents owing millions in support payments to dependent children. In West Virginia, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the State Bureau of Child Support Enforcement, claiming they have been lax in punishing parents who ignore court orders to pay up on child support.

Ross Abelow has worked with many families who are having difficulties collecting child support payments. This is just one way he helps his clients in the area if family law.  Do you need a lawyer experienced in contract law, employment law or family law? If so, call Ross. Sit down and talk to him about your issue. He can help you decide if you have a case and how you can win your case.

Ross has launched the Go Fund Me campaign to help raise money for animal shelters in New York City. The funds are used to provide shelter, food, blankets, vaccines and other needs of homeless animals in the area. Mr. Abelow is not only a leading attorney in New York, but an avid animal lover. This is an ongoing campaign to help relieve the burden of many shelters where space and resources are lacking.

When it comes to hiring a good lawyer in New York, Ross Abelow is at the top of the list. He has had over 20 years’ experience and can help you with your issue. He is a professional and will do his best to win your case.