Whitney Wolfe Is Empowering Women

Whitney Wolfe, the chief executive officer and founder of Bumble, did not bother pulling punches on stage at the annual Founders Fair that Vanity Fair held for the second time. The event took place at the New York-based Spring Studios. Wolfe stated in a conversation with Radhika Jones, who is the editor in chief at Vanity Fair and California Baby, who is the CEO and founder of Vanity Fair, that she thinks traditionally, power is regarded as something belonging to men, and it’s an excuse of behaving in a disempowered way.

Whitney Wolfe thinks they have been conditioned to believe that there is only a single seat at the table; she loves that more women are saying that they will build more seats. Wolfe, a Tinder co-founder, knows very well as everyone about the obstacles women are facing. She was involved in a lawsuit related to discrimination and harassment after leaving Tinder to start her matchmaking company. Then, Match Group (owns Tinder), sued Wolfe’s company for violating its trademarks and patents. Bumble was fast to fire back and published an open letter to the company Match Group. Read more :Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit

Wolfe Joins Imagine Entertainment Board

Chairmen Ron Howard and Brian Grazer added Whitney Wolfe Herd as a non-voting board of directors member of Imagine Entertainment. She joins Richard Rosenblatt, Michael Lynton, Jeff Sagansky, and Tom Freston on the board. Grazer said that he deeply admires Wolf as a visionary and original thinker. She’s a brilliant, young businesswoman who created a magnificent global company and an empowered, strong community.

As they are continuing to evolve and grow Imagine Entertainment, they wanted to add another person to the board who is going to bring a fresh, original perspective. They wanted someone who has a completely different thinking than them but understands the human connection value and storytelling. He continued saying that Wolfe brings a fresh perspective and relevance to their business. They were honored that Whitney Wolfe agreed to join their board.

Whitney Wolfe created Bumble app as the only location-based dating application where women make the first connection. Bumble launched Bumble BFF in 2016 as a feature for finding friends and in 2017, they launched Bumble Bizz, which is designed for professional networking.

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Beto O’Rourke And End Citizens United Seek To Shape Texas.

The November 2018 Midterm Election cycle is in full swing and that means politicians all over the country are campaigning heavy and hard in order to get the word out about their politics. With the election of Donald Trump and his corresponding madness in office, the 2018 Midterms are being looked at as, potentially, the most important election cycle in recent memory. For Republicans, the fight will be all about preserving the House so that they can continue protecting President Trump from investigation. For Democrats, taking back the House could be the first step toward fixing the country. In Texas, a state that nobody ever thought could turn Blue, all eyes are on Democrat newcomer Beto O’Rourke as he tries to take Ted Cruz’s formerly solid seat out from under him. Find out more about End Citizens United at indeed.com

For Beto O’Rourke, 2018 has been an incredible year for his national profile. O’Rourke stands as a humanized counterpoint to Ted Cruz and his natural charisma has won him support all across the political spectrum. Still, O’Rourke is facing an uphill battle and he’ll need all of the support he can get, including that of End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is dedicated to, and focused on, helping progressive politicians connect with their supporters. End Citizens United typically endorses candidates who are willing to fight back against political corruption, most commonly by attacking the biggest issue assaulting politics: dark money.

Since the 2016 Presidential Election, progressives have picked up over 30 seats, taking them directly from their Republican opponents. A year ago, it wouldn’t have seemed possible that O’Rourke would even be slightly competitive with Ted Cruz in the notoriously red state of Texas. However, with End Citizens United by his side, O’Rourke is actually pulling into punching distance. Only a year ago, Cruz was slated to be the favorite by +18. Now, the difference between O’Rourke is down to just +8 points. Anything can happen this November and with End Citizens United by his side, O’Rourke could be looking at one of the biggest upsets in recent political history. All eyes will have to stay tuned to the upcoming election cycle.

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How Sussex Healthcare Continuously Grows To Meet The Needs Of Their Senior Residents

As an organization that has a focus on helping senior adults improve the overall quality of their lives, Sussex Healthcare is always looking for new ways to meet the needs of their residents. They recently opened a full-service gymnasium. This allows them to better address both the physical and neurological needs their residents might have. Equipped with an array of treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and free weights, this gym is able to help senior adults maintain better flexibility, while also helping to increase their range of motion.

To further benefit the development of healthy joints and muscles the team at Sussex Healthcare included a full size swimming pool as well as a hot tub in their new gymnasium. Studies have shown the health benefits relaxing in a hot tub can bring about. These include the release of chemical compounds such as endorphins, which help soothe sore muscles. Additional studies have also shown a link between exercise and increased memory. Senior adults residing at any of the residential care facilities from Sussex Healthcare could enroll in water classes designed to improve the strength and endurance of their muscles.

As an organization that has been servicing the needs of senior adults since 1985, Sussex Healthcare has grown to where it now operates over 15 living facilities throughout the region of Sussex. Some of their main residential homes are staffed with professionals capable of caring for individuals with specific needs. Their Clemsfold House is a quaint country home nestled in West Sussex. Offering residential living with both private and shared rooms this facility caters to senior adults in need of general care or who have dementia.

Horncastle House is another residential facility within the Sussex Healthcare network. This residential home lies close to East Grinstead and is equipped with areas designed to help senior adults who are handicapped. As with the majority of their main facilities, the staff at Horncastle are skilled in working with seniors who have cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. This living facility also caters to the needs of young people with neurological disorders or multiple learning disabilities.

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Life Behind the Sport of Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry was born and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica. He did not grow up with a father around. At an early age, Gareth Henry was already aware of his sexuality. It marked the beginning of the awkward stage of life, though he did not feel the need to come out as gay in his hometown with the fear of being intimidated because oppression and abuse of gays were very high in Jamaica during that time. So he was mum about his attraction to the same sex.

A few days before Gareth Henry celebrated his 16th birthday, with the help of his uncle, he decided to run away from home. He gained more confidence to come out in the open and be himself. He worked hard for his education at the University of the West Indies where he finished Bachelor of Science in Social Work with a master’s degree in Communications for Social and Behaviour Change. In 1997, Gareth Henry offered his services as a volunteer to Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL), a non-government organization in Jamaica that supports HIV/AIDS and human rights victims.

In 2007, he was all over the news in Jamaica because he was attached by authorities in a mob of 200 people. The prevalent homophobic attacks and the violence he personally experienced led him to more vocal about his rights as part of the LGBTQ community and become a social justice activist and moved to Toronto, Canada.

Besides Gareth Henry’s advocacy to help the LGBTQ community and people with HIV/AIDS. He is also a household name in the sport of badminton. He recently competed at the Pan Am Men’s Team Championship where he won a bronze medal. He also bagged a gold medal for men’s double with Samuel O’Brien Ricketts at the Central America and Caribbean Games.

For details: www.flashscore.com/player/henry-gareth/tp2wViP1/

Paul Mampilly And Making Investment Decisions On Research And Facts

Separating Emotional Appeal From Facts

Paul Mampilly says the media has many people riled up and worried because of the predictions of the stock market plunging 50% or more. Paul Mampilly says that these kinds of headlines can be found in the mainstream media daily, but they are often driven by inaccuracies that cannot be validated. Usually, there are huge discrepancies between what is reported to be the case and what careful and diligent research shows. He uses one example that causes most people to worry, and that is the current debt accumulated, but thorough research shows that debt is actually at an all-time low now for several years. Going further, he explains that the economy is strong due to people’s income being also at a high. For these many reasons, Paul Mampilly predicts that people are experiencing strong economy leading them to invest. He is confident there will be a surge of growth leading to new highs in the financial markets in the second half of the year. Paul Mampilly used several charts covering debt, income and the housing market to show that often perceptions are not led by string research.

Grounding Investments On Facts

In short, Paul Mampilly summarized his findings by showing that the persons who follow the negative media coverage, which is not based on real research of the facts, are setting themselves up for a loss. The facts show that homeownership is at a low, personal income is at a high and getting better; lastly, private debt is lower than it has been in years. He showed that all of the things that negative media says are not according to what solid research indicates in the facts. It is essential for investors, to not allowed to be carried away by over-emotional reactions of investors who do not have a grasp of the facts. When investments are backed by solid research of the events and not on emotional guesses or opinions, it sets the ground for seeing clearly into the market and making right choices. On the other hand, if we allow emotion to blur solid research and reading it can lead to an unfortunate outcome in our investment decisions, tainted by fears and opinions.

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Get Through Your Upwork To-Do List With These Tips

If you are like many freelancers, you spend a lot of time completing tasks on Upwork. You may even have a client who sends you work regularly. Upwork is a great place to show off your skills, from copywriting and editing to illustration and animation. You can even find work in interior design, customer service and human resources through Upwork.

There is a good chance you have an Upwork to-do list to keep track of your tasks. Your to-do list is your guide to meeting your deadlines. However, looking at a to-do list with task after task can feel overwhelming. You can get through your to-do list by keeping the following tips in mind.

Break Your Tasks Down Into Categories

A little organization can go a long way when you are creating a to-do list. One idea is to break your tasks down into categories. Your categories may include emails, phone calls and blog posts. Once you answer your three new emails, you can cross that entire task off your list and move on to the next category. You are going to be crossing two or three tasks off your to-do list before you know it.

Create Sub-Tasks For Each Task

There is nothing like breaking each task down into sub-tasks to get you through your to-do list. Are you creating a logo for a local pet store? Your sub-tasks may include talking to the store owner, creating a rough sketch, making the necessary changes and creating the final product. Every time you complete a sub-task, you are one step closer to crossing that task off your to-do list.

Assign An Energy Level To Each Task

Whether you are building a website from scratch or writing a lengthy article, some tasks require more energy than other tasks. It is best to schedule those tasks during the hours you feel most productive. You can create your schedule by assigning a low, medium or high energy level to each task. Are you most productive in the morning? Use this time to work on the task with the highest energy level.

When you organize your tasks and assign energy levels, you are sure to have a productive work day.

Stream Energy Launches “Stream Cares” Giving An Official Title To Philanthropic Efforts Conducted For Many Years

Stream Energy is one of the newer utility companies, having only been around since its inception in 2005, but that hasn’t stopped this company from making big waves in community assistance and outstanding acts of philanthropy. Stream Energy generates over $8 billion dollars in revenue between its energy, home and protective services, and wireless offerings.

The company prides itself on being an ethical employment opportunity with a business model that provides abundant options for those wanting to not just have a job, but work toward building a better life. Their Women of Power organization creates a special connection for female associates to grow, share, connect, and empower one another.

Stream recently made its charity foundation “Stream Cares” official after years of dedicated service. Corporate philanthropy is a theme that runs deeply with Stream Energy and it can be seen in the assistance they have given the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, as well as local non-profits such as Hope Supply Company which focuses on the needs of homeless children. Stream partnered with this company to give 1,000 families admission to a local water park and meals for the day. For many, this was an experience far from anything they had been a part of before.

It is easily seen in the way Stream leaped to the task of assisting those affected by Hurricane Harvey in the Texas area. Plummeting over 56 inches of rain on areas such as Houston, Hurricane Harvey was catastrophic in its destruction. The damage was astronomically costly with families losing loved ones, their homes and possessions, their vehicles, and their pets and livestock.

Stream Energy is not new to lending a helping hand. They diversified their altruistic efforts and began helping in the North Texas area right away following the series of tornadoes that wreaked havoc on the area the day after Christmas in 2016. They worked alongside the Salvation Army matching contributions and seeking donors.

The American Veteran is near and dear to the hearts of the Stream Energy family, as well. In a joint effort with Operation Once In A Lifetime, Stream Energy facilitated transportation for veterans and their families to a phenomenal Texas restaurant where they feasted upon ribs, burgers, steaks, and more. The following day was a ‘Girls Only’ event where 10 daughters of military members were selected to travel to the American Doll store where they chose their personalized doll and followed the experience with dining in the American Doll Café, all expenses paid by Stream.

David McDonald is the leader behind the success of OSI Group

The food industry is competitive, and it is not easy to become a leader in the global arena. But OSI Group is one of the largest organization providing quality food products, and it has also established its plants in different countries. Since the company started, it has been experiencing steady growth to cover different parts of the world. It is undertaking significant expansion using a unique strategy to enjoy the current success in the food industry.

The strategy to succeed has been there because of the proper management that has enabled the OSI Group to become a world leader. Today it is recognized at the international arena and is competing with other organizations. The clients of the company are happy with the kind of services they have been getting from the coveted food company. The best part with OSI Group is that it has been growing its client base by providing them with what they need. They deal with quality products only, and the products include protein products like sauces, fish and meat among other food products.


OSI Group is a company that has been growing over the last several decades. A Germany immigrant who had vision founded the company. The company’s success can be credited to great leadership from people like David McDonald. At first, the company was supplying protein food products to the local market, but with time it grew and now covers the international level.

Proper leadership from David McDonald

The company is led by able leaders like David McDonald who is the president of the firm. He has the experience required to lead the company to the next level as it continues expansion. Sheldon Lavin serves as the CEO for the company, and they all work hard to ensure the company continues excelling. The two leaders have been in the market, and they know how things work in the market.

David McDonald is credited for working hard to ensure the vision of the company is achieved. His goal is to make the company a world leader when it comes to the processing and supply of meat products. Their primary focus is to provide products that are of good quality, and they are also healthy. They have come up with several projects to improve their services.

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What Dr. Saad Saad Can Teach Us About Life

Dr. Saad Saad, one of the most experienced and well-known pediatric surgeons left behind a tremendous legacy. Everything that he based his career on as a pediatric surgeon, was a great lesson for everyone, including his own family. These simple life lessons can impact everyone’s life in a dramatic way. Retiring after practicing as a pediatric surgeon for 47 years, an interview was conducted by Stephen Callahan with Dr. Saad Saad. What Mr. Callahan learned about this highly acclaimed surgeon was more than he ever imagined.


The very first question Mr. Callahan asked was about what motivated Saad Saad to become a doctor. Born in Palestine in the 40’s, he was subjected to a time of turmoil in his home country. When the state of Israel was solidified, it caused many Palestinians to be relocated. While his father was away at work, Saad Saad and his mother and siblings were asked to board a boat quickly. They were taken to the West Bank, and later they were moved to Kuwait where his father would be able to get a job as a petroleum mechanic.


Once Saad and his brother were old enough to work, they found jobs in construction in the city of Kuwait. Working in the heat and sun, he was unable to withstand the brutal temperatures. As a result, he suffered a heat stroke, and considered that the only place he could work with air condition in Kuwait was the operating room in the hospital. It was then that he decided he would become a surgeon, and he began working toward his goal upon graduating from high school.


Saad Saad was determined to become a pediatric surgeon, and set his sights on a profession he most likely never thought was possible. He came from a family that wasn’t wealthy, and at the time, he had no idea or prospects of any high paying jobs. He ultimately graduated from medical school with honors, making his family proud.


The conversation that Mr. Callahan had during the interview, regarding Dr. Saad Saad advice was enlightening. One day determined the course of his career, and the good doctor also told Mr. Callahan that if you want to do something you shouldn’t wait until tomorrow to do it. He believed this fully, becoming extremely efficient with his time. His strong work ethic and time management skills were beneficial for his career in medicine. Learn more : https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad

Neurocore: A New Alternative for Treating Mental Health

When it comes to treating mental health, there is no such thing as a one size fits all treatment. And Neurocore, a brain performance center headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, fully understands this. Having said that, what is the difference between Neurocore and other facilities that work to treat mental illnesses/disorders? Well, unlike other treatment centers, Neurocore uses brainwave frequencies to help determine the best course of treatment for their patients. This unique protocol has been shown to be effective for those struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, maintaining focus, and other disorders. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

So, what does measuring brainwave frequencies entail, exactly? The brain-based assessment, along with tests used to measure a patient’s heart rate and breathing, allows Neurocore to create personalized treatments for their patients, which are based on neurofeedback, repetition, and positive reinforcement. These combined assessments can also identify unusual brainwave patterns, which often lead to stress, lack of focus, anxiety, and other disorders. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore is 100% committed to helping their patients restore a sense of normalcy in their lives and continuously work to streamline their processes, which includes keeping patients abreast of any changes relative to their treatment. Additionally, Neurocore routinely monitors their patients to confirm that prescribed treatments are working effectively and, most importantly, the facility is one that believes in practicing good bedside manner, especially amongst those struggling with anxiety.

In summation, Neurocore is a great alternative for those who either have an aversion to prescription medication or for those who have found previous treatments like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to be unsuccessful.

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